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  1. Amazing builds lately. Thank you all for the eye candy.
  2. Wow, this thread is still being fed lots of great eye candy. Thank you all.
  3. Discovered recently these make great weekend projects and they are a lot of fun. The possibilities for dioramas are endless. I made this base using scrap styrene and a peanut butter lit.
  4. Thanks, Harry. I came very close to doing just that and adding a guitar but took a different turn at the last minute when I thought about the base I wanted to display this Prince on.
  5. This kit is extremely versatile and just plain fun. I hope everyone puts it through the paces and enjoy the styrene journey with this one.
  6. LOL, that symbol is close. It just cracked me up.
  7. Here's THE PRINCE, the companion to THE PAUPER. In the story they end up switching places. Enjoy.
  8. Thank you, fellas, and please keep an eye out for THE PRINCE coming up.
  9. Here's THE PAUPER, the first half of THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, two versions of the 29 Ford Special Edition out from Revell.
  10. You will be glad you did. You will love it.
  11. Wonderful. I had not seen this one before either.
  12. Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I really think this kit has lots of potential.
  13. Thanks, Tim, I realized both of those issues although I was able to finagle the interior without too much of a struggle. I am sure I threw out the exhaust, but I have 11 more of these kits to go (I'm going to try and build one every month) with plenty of exhaust tips.
  14. It's a real joy to build, and it builds up fast.
  15. Here's the first of many such builds using the wonderful Revell 29. It's a weekend build, and it's a blast to build your way. Great kit to personalize, so I highly recommend it.
  16. This indeed was built stock for the most part. I noticed the kit did not come with exhaust tips (mine didn't) so I cut a couple out of aluminum tubing.
  17. Here is how my first (of many) 29 FORDS has turned out. I want to say that there were indeed a few fitting issues with the floor and side panels, but nothing I could not work out. Overall, I think the fact that this kit is available and with so many alternate parts it's great news for those of us who love early Fords.
  18. I would imagine those colors are more like candies. My advice then is to leave enough clearance so that the doors don't stick shut. You also don't want to make the paint look out of scale. Not an easy thing to do.
  19. Why is your paint job going to be thick?
  20. Been very busy with work, life, building, etc . . . I still lurk in the background over here though.
  21. Thanks, Wayne. I think this kit is going to serve us very well, and it will be an extremely modifiable kit. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will do with it.
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