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  1. Hi everyone, it have been quite some time since my last post. This is my most recent build. I bought this one without decals, so i needed to improvise....
  2. Hi everyone. Not a full car, But is a '49 Merc hood.
  3. 1930 Ford Model A P-51 Inspired....
  4. Thanks everyone..... i appreciate your comments!!!!!!!
  5. Just finished...... P-51 inspired 1930 Ford. Also used 1/25 P-51 seat belts.
  6. Is 4650 and clear coated with AK Interactive Gauzy Agent.
  7. I used 4012 High Performance Reducer from Createx. Air pressure between 10 to 15 psi. I primed with Ammo Mig One Shot Black primer. I base coat the body with Createx Quiksilver Chrome. The Name of the color is Blood Red from Createx Candy2o.
  8. Hi everyone, I finished this project last Friday. I did a different paint job.... like 2018 custom candy paint job. For this project i used Acrylic paints. The body is p ainted with Candy2Os Blood Red over Createx Quicksilver chrome. For the hood scoop i used Alclad II Spectral Chrome and Lace........
  9. Hi, sorry i didn't reply earlier. this color is from Createx. this paint change from blue to light purple...... and yes the picture doesn't help.
  10. Hi everyone, i finished this one a few month go.
  11. Hi everyone..... it have been quite some time from my last post. i just finished this project yesterday. 57 Chevy Funny car.
  12. Hi, I use Candy2o from Auto Air Colors. Is acrylic candy paint.
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