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  1. http://motorcityresincasters.com/63falcon.htm
  2. Hello, Anyone in the San Diego, Ca area receive the current issue of Model Cars Mag yet. Thank You, larry
  3. Thank You for all the replies. I purchased the Coca Cola version (the price was right !!!) Included are five sets of wheels. 2 sets of 5-spoke mags and 3 sets of dog-dish caps. In comparison to the original IMC VW, the PL is 1/8" wider and 3/8" longer. Everything looks correctly scaled. Will be making a 1962 VW Convt from this kit. Thanks.
  4. is the polar lights DC Comics Harley Quinn VW Beetle the same scale as the Polar Lights Coca-Cola VW Beetle Are they both 1/24 or is the Coca Cola version actually 1/25 scale. Appreciate your replies. Thanks
  5. Anyone have the stock version of the 1972 AMT or MPC Vega Wagon kit . Need the length of the body. Appreciated, larry
  6. The testors PHOENICIAN Yellow is almost the same as GM Butternut Yellow. Many Chevy's (65 thru 67) are this color. I always use a white primer under the P-yellow. Color reference charts http://www.autocolorlibrary.com/
  7. Tom Rat-T, The Testors PHOENICIAN YELLOW TEStors #28102 is available at any hobby shop that sells Testors paints. If it's not on the shelf, just ask to have it ordered. I order the Testors automotive lacquer paints from Hobby Town. Hobby Lobby also sells the lacquer paints (use the 40% off coupon to save some $$$). Testors web site : https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/auto-lacquer-paint/sprays when the color chart displays, just place the cursor on the color for the specific name. I have painted with just about all the colors and they are all great. They do require a clear coat for a modern finish. Testors high Gloss lacquer clear # 28139 – Ultra Gloss Clearcoat 3 oz Spray Also have used Duplicolor Clear. larry
  8. Jordan, Thank You for the color chart. GREAT. Appreciated, larry
  9. NJ Taylor, what is the process to purchase the decals and do you have a website with a price list or ? thanks, larry
  10. Looking for the MCM (what month/year/issue#) that has an article on how to build a Funny Car chassis. Thank You, larry
  11. Little Motor Kar Co. still in business? If yes, need an email or web site to get an estimate. Thank You, larry
  12. Del, the 4-dr chevy looks great. After your modifications, what are the widths of the front and rear doors. Thank You. larry
  13. Hello am73grand, great project. Is this resin kit pontiac still available ? Appreciate a link or contact info. Thanks, larry
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