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  1. davysmodels added a post in a topic Airbrushing   

    First, return the ab and compressor to Harbor Freight. It is a cheap setup. The return time is within 90 days?
    Visit the web site for TCP Global (Tri City Paint). Lots of great information and airbrush/compressor packages. Something to give you an idea of what to buy.
    This is the Paasche VLS dual airbrush  system I have.  Been using it since 2006. The compressor includes the air tank. It is QUIET and kicks-in (cycles) at long intervals.
    Also visit the Paasche web site to research airbrush's, compressors, accessories.
    Airbrushing takes practice. Lots of great advice in the previous posts.
    Harbor Freight return policy 
  2. davysmodels added a topic in General   

    New/Reissue kits I would like from Revell
    Just a few kit suggestions for reissues or new tooling. 
    Monogram Uncertain T
    Revell Dodge Revellion Funny Car
    1960 Dodge Lancer 
    1960 - 62 Plymouth Valiant 
    Revell 1966 Bel AIr 2-door sedan (modified 1966 Impala tooling)
    What are you suggestions?
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  3. davysmodels added a post in a topic Model cars mag - current issue   

    Thanks. Just purchased the #196 - July 2015 issue.
  4. davysmodels added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted - AMT Tempest fender skirt
    Need the left side fender skirt for the AMT 1962 Tempest Convertible #K6012. Or left & right set.
    Must be from the Convertible kit. The hardtop kit has a different design skirt.
    Appreciated. Thanks.
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  5. davysmodels added a topic in General   

    Model cars mag - current issue
    What month/months is the current MCM issue available?
    Last issue purchased was May/June 2015 - #195.
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  6. davysmodels added a post in a topic El Ponchomino (Update 10/4 - finished)   

    Steve, The 62 Catalina project looks great. What glue are you using to attach the brass to the resin.

  7. davysmodels added a post in a topic Need '68 GTO Dash   

    Don, DO you need the 68 gto dash for the MPC kit (1/25 scale) or R-M (1/24 scale).
  8. davysmodels added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Current MCM
    Hello, What is the current month available Model Cars Magazine? (and what info/pics are on the cover)

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  9. davysmodels added a topic in Wanted!   

    Gregg, missing posts for 'WANTED' section ?
    Gregg, just viewed the WANTED posts and the posts from Feb 28 thru March 5 do not display.

    Have they been deleted or a possible server database issue.
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  10. davysmodels added a post in a topic Very Sad News from ModelHaus Today   

    Dear Don and Carol,
    My sincere condolences to you and the Holthaus family.
    Sincerely, Larry

  11. davysmodels added a post in a topic PRIMER Shootout: Plastikote T-235 vs Dupont Nason 421-24   

    Visited NAPA the other day. They will not order Plastikote. Duplicolor only.
    Contacted Plasikote (Valspar), but Lowes does not have any requests to carry the 'PK' paints.
    Finally decided to order a few cans online from Amazon. Will replace the spray-nozzles or decant the primer (if needed).
    I found one location in National City, Ca that carries Plastikote, but it's a 90 mile drive.......TOOOOOOOO far. Amazon is closer and Free shipping.
  12. davysmodels added a post in a topic Mpc 1968 Gto   

    Hello Ron, Beautiful rebuild of the 68 GTO. Any chance you could post a copy of the instructions sheet for the 68 GTO. I am also in the process of a rebuild. Thank You.
  13. davysmodels added a post in a topic PRIMER Shootout: Plastikote T-235 vs Dupont Nason 421-24   

    In my search to find Plasti-kote primers (T:235,236,237 and red oxide), i found this old post. If you live in the SoCAL area, Car Quest NO LONGER sells Plasti-Kote paints. New company owns CQ and now they only sell Duplicolor. I contacted Plasti-Kote and they had no retail referrals. Duplicolor
    must be offering all the auto parts stores a penny on the dollar to buy their paints.
    Plasti-kote is a great primer and it's a huge loss that it is not available.

  14. davysmodels added a post in a topic R&R 1970 Impala Wagon   

    thanks for the info. Yes, all sold-out already. I did find one picture on the internet, but it was more of a angled front-to-back view. Need the straight-on side views. Hopefully someone has the model and will post a couple pics. Thank You.
  15. davysmodels added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    R&R 1970 Impala Wagon
    Anyone have/built the R&R 1970 Chevy Impala wagon? Please post pic's (left/right side views ) of the body. Thank You.

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