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  1. All very impressive. I'd say the builders all seem to be imaginative. I think it also takes some courage to make such modifications. I know, from experience, it can be disheartening to spend a huge amount of time trying to scratch-build something only to have it not turn out well. I believe practice is the only way to get good at scratch-building though. Bryan
  2. As far as I can tell, the suspension on that trailer looks like it'll be good for a variety of subjects. I'm a fan of Moebius!
  3. I think Moebius Models has the ability to reinvigorate heavy-truck modeling by itself. This is great news!
  4. Looks good Ron. What's your opinion of that cordless rotary tool? Do you find it powerful enough and the battery life sufficient? Bryan
  5. I know a little about machining and guestimate you'd be looking at between $50 and $75 per wheel. Also, at that rate, the machinist would have to agree to do the job for love of the hobby or a personal challenge. After I realized how expensive it is to have custom machining done, I bought my own lathe and mill and derive a great amount of satisfaction producing my own metal parts.
  6. Very nice representation of a TMC truck Tim! Love the wide-base singles and you did a very nice job with the black paint. Bryan
  7. I drove past a Titan the other day. There's something about the height of the cab and their hood that makes them seem extra huge.
  8. Wow! Excellent work! Are these the Bridgestone M843 and R194 tires by chance? Bryan
  9. Superior work Dave! Did you create drawings/plans before beginning to shape materials? Bryan
  10. Very nice Tim. How do you approach paint polishing around rivets? Bryan
  11. I agree. The combination you described would be fantastic! Bryan
  12. Some things I noticed: Great looking wheels Modern north american fifth wheel Tool box is going to get used on several projects U-joints appear very well defined Great looking rear suspension The engine? Oy! Bryan
  13. Very impressive Tim. What size plastic strip did you use on such a long frame? Bryan
  14. What a nice job, Tim! That looks to be a TMC truck. Bryan
  15. Interesting project Dave. I suspect many would like such an engine considering its use in the vintage of trucks represented by available kits. Were there significant physical differences between the mechanical version and electronic version of the engine in question? Bryan
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