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  1. So contrary to what you might think I have been busy…completed a few cars since the last posting…but this is an important one for me…and a challenging one too. It’s the Assassin AA/FD! I attended my first drag race in September of 1968 in Saskatoon and at that race there were five AA/Fuel Dragsters and one funny car. This was a really big deal. One of the dragsters was Jim Crooke’s Assassin from Seattle. It was a beautiful full-bodied car designed by master builder Tom Hanna and it’s always been my ambition to recreate the car in 1/25th scale. There were plenty of road-bumps in the way such as not having the right body style, not having the decals, not having reference photos and perhaps the scariest of all not having the adequate model building skills. Over the years each of these “road-bumps” disappeared. The re-released Tommy Ivo kit allowed for a pretty close proper body, Slixx released their gasser decal sets and two of them by chance had the right decals, they restored the original car so I had lots reference material including dozens of my own photos. The weakest link continued to be my building skills but we soldiered on. I used most of the Ivo kit as far as chassis and back half of the body. The front nose piece comes from the Altered States resin high-back body and the motor is a Ford 427 SOHC from my parts box. One of the big challenges for me was painting. It took me quite some time to figure out the easiest and safest way for me to replicate The Assassin’s colour scheme. I laid down the gold base, masked it off and shot it with transparent candy-apple red and then used white decal film to put in the white accents. It’s not perfect by any stretch but it turned out not bad. From a distance it actually looks pretty good. The engine was plumbed with fuel lines and ignition wires, using Detail Master fittings and MAD prewired ignition. All in all I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It will find a celebrated spot in my dragster history shelf. Jerry Lucky
  2. Hey Guys I was just about finished my Beebe and Mulligan dragster and then damaged the cowl decals. I realize this is a longshot...but anyone out there have the Slixx cowl decals for the Fighting Irish dragster sitting around? I don't need the whole set...just the bits for the cowl.
  3. Drag Racing Garage Diorama Built

    Hey guys...thanks so much for your encouraging responses. Much appreciated. As for the skeleton...well that's a diet program gone wrong.
  4. Drag Racing Garage Diorama Built

    Hmmm...that's a good question....as I said I've been holding on to stuff for years...so I'm not exactly sure. I want to say they came from the AMT Engine packs. I KNOW that's where the cam shafts and crackshafts came from...so I'm just taking a stab at it because they were already in my loose parts drawer and painted...so that's the best I can do. Sorry.
  5. Greetings Once Again, Just thought I'd show off one of my most recent projects...a drag racing garage diorama. As the announcer at the local drag strip (MIssion Raceway) it's always been on my list to build this thing. I've hung on to parts, pieces, kits and so forth for decades just waiting to get this done. Well it's done now...I'm no pro-builder but I sure had a lot of fun putting it together. All comments are welcome. Take care, Jerry
  6. Greetings, Everyone here has been so helpful with my other posts I hope you can shed a little light on my building dilemma. I was about to build the Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen Rail Dragster but noticed it's 1/24...while all my other cars are 1/25. When I compare the unbuilt parts the chassis looks thicker, the tires are certainly too large...and even the wing seems larger. Am I just imagining this...or will a 1/24 scale car be noticeably larger sitting next to a 1?25 scale car? Input please. Thanks in advance.
  7. Greetings, I may have asked this question some time back, but I'm asking it again. Is there ANYONE out there who makes decals for the front engine Smirnoff Dragster? I have the Altered States resin body and would love to get building, but really some or all of the decals to make it work. Let me know. Cheers
  8. Thanks guys, Hakan, I appreciate the tip about the parts Box in Australia...I placed an order and while it took a while to get to Canada...they are great folks with some really nice resin pieces. Besides the front wings I picked some new TF fuel pumps and puke tanks and a few other bits and pieces. As I said...great folks I recommend them. Thanks again for the tip. Now I need to find someone who makes a DSR Top Fuel canopy. Any tips?
  9. Greetings...just wondering if there are some out there who might be able to point me in the right direction...Over the years I've collected lots of bits a pieces for a drag racing diorama/garage that I'd like to put together...anyone know of a simple open garage style diorama on the market that I could easily adapt to a garage housing some drag cars? I'd like it to work with a wide variety of rail cars. I'm all ears.
  10. Hey guys Thanks for the tips...great photos of the frame rails...that will take some time...but also great tip on The Parts Box...I've been in touch with them already. Not only do they have the front T/F wing...they also have resin zoomie headers! I've been looking for those for ages. Really appreciate the help.
  11. Greetings, I hope someone out there can help me. I build drag cars and I'm wanting to add to my Top Fuel dragster collection, but none of the kits have the correct front wing assembly. I'm referring to the current set up that has the wide one-piece front wing sitting out front of the wheeIs. Is there anyone in the after-market that makes this? That would be the easiest. Barring that has anyone out there made this set-up from scratch? I appreciate any help that can be provided. Cheers
  12. Greetings, Just finished a couple kits (Miss Deal customized and Polar Lights Gas Ronda funny) and it would have been helpful to pre-fit some pieces...I notice that some of you pros put together the whole kit to test fit everything. You must be using a special kind of glue that allows you to take it apart cleanly. What's the best way to go about that? What kind og glue works best? What kind of care will I need to take? Your help is much appreciated.
  13. Tommy Ivo F/E Dragster

    I am not worthy! Wow...That's just fantatsic...I look at the work you guys do...and it's hard not to get a little discouraged...fantastic stuff. I hope to learn a bunch reading about the build-up.
  14. Thanks John, What a great site...I'll have to see if I have anything they need. Thanks again.
  15. Greetings, Does anyone out there have the kit instructions for the L.A. Dart you could send me in a pdf file? I have the Hemi Hunter kit and want to build it up as the wheelstander. Got the decals, but I need to see what the instructions say. Any help would be appreciated.