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  1. The models fender flares are not the same as a real 79 Capri. The flares on the real one are more flat and narrow than the model. I have a real 79 Capri and had to change the fender flares on the model to look like the ones on the real one.Just look at the car that is posted real close and you can see the flare and how narrrow and flat it looks.
  2. Looks like it could have been used as a sand drag race car at one time. Maybe some kind of truck pull type car.
  3. You Will never stop it from happening. Just look at the Drag and race cars in Under glass . Harry even you posted in the one race car post in Under class. Where do Race cars go Harry? Mercedes Race Car is the title of the post.Just wondering where race cars go on this board?
  4. Jon you just get better with age. Keep on building buddy. I wish we could build together like when we were kids.
  5. You could just cast the bed sides for those that already have the bed floor. Someone needs to make the tailgate that says Ford and is different then the one on yours. That is a hold up on my 1/25 scale bed. I used a 90's ford bed and sides with the 79 bronco 1/25 scale for the right wheel well shape.I also used the Bronco body for the cab.
  6. I have been working on one myself only 1/25 scale. I like yours very much. What is the red cab from and is the grey cab made from the Bronco?
  7. My son had very short talk with one of those black smoke pumping trucks . He was on his motorcycle when the guy covered him with his black smoke. He made him pull over at the next stop sign. Needdless to say the guy was scared to death after the little talk.I think the guy will think long and hard before he ever does that to another motorcycle rider. Why the law lets these truck get by with it is beyond me.
  8. Looking forward to more of this build. You are just getting better with age my friend.
  9. I would have to say if that is all they did was dig out a line and replace it you were rip off totally. I had a complete septic tank and and all lines put in for only $3000.00 and that was with the health inspector watching the whole time for ywo days. That took a track hoe, dump truck plus the truck that delivered the tank and set it in the hole.
  10. The government will make sure we will never get new car for $3000.00. This type of car is all most people need for around town driving.Most of the time you see one person in a full size car or what we call a full size. I see more Suv,s and trucks with just one person in them.We need small cars that are more fuel efficient and cheep to buy.
  11. Jon you have done it again .You just keep getting better my friend.
  12. The France family controls everything. Get rid of the mulitple team owners.One car one owner one driver. You just can not compete against those teams . You have a field of 42 cars how many of them really have a chance agains the mulitple car teams?How many do they ever talk about duing a race? They only talk about the mulitple team owners most of the time.The rest of the cars are very seldom if at all talked about.
  13. What is up with the little print in your post? I see this small print in several post at times here .I wonder why and how it happens?
  14. Why we do not see more of these old models redone is beyond me. You have prove they are well worth the effort . Save old plastic when ever you can.
  15. If a digtal magazine works like free one I would never subscribe. I do not know if it is my computer or what? I turn a page and it skipped two or thee pages. I enlarge to read and it is to big to see but part of the page .I wish I could subscribe to the magazine but like alot of people now days just do not have the cash to do so. I'am just glad you have this forum to come to.
  16. I remember my grandma getting the grit paper but do not remember anything about getting prize for selling them. Jon I know you and I were lucky to get the amout of models we built together in the 60's.I still have a few from then.I wish you would rebuild the Corvair V8 you you built back then. It was way ahead of its time for back then. Keep on building my friend.
  17. You are very wrong that is not a die cast. You are just seeing what he does with plastic models.
  18. He has some great looking builds. I hope he shows alot more of them here. More pictures next time Jon old buddy.
  19. Harry what you big city folks do not understand is that in some areas of the country. We do not have all the choices you have.We have few and far between cell towers plus hills that block signals. So you can have cell phone but that does not meam it will get a singal..Some people only have one internet service and it may only be dialup or a very poor high speed service. Yes it is 2012 but country folks are left out because of the cost, not enough return on there investment..You can not get cable tv everywhere just satellite tv.For get about buying converter box to get over the air free tv the do not work here the singal is to weak.Welcome to country living it sucks for high teck things.
  20. Nice to see these are out and people are building them .I like what you have done so far, I want to get the stock body when and if he comes out with it.
  21. You may want to read Gregg's post on July 29 2011 about the use of emoticons. The title is Replies to post, topics, threads with nothing more than a icon or smilely face.What really got me was your post with just an icon. What was it suppose to add to this thread?I have no hard feelings about you at all.
  22. I thought we were supposed to use our full name where it says Full name? So now I know We do not need an name there.
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