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  1. I found this to be an interesting ramp truck. Listed in a small town not far from Toledo Speedway Or Flat Rock Speedway.
  2. To clarify Mike you will takes any version of the Pro stock Firebird kit? Not sure If I have one but I know I don't have the pictured release.
  3. Tim this is still awesome as always from you. For the record I am busy the day you are bleeding the brakes. LOL Have you tried WD/40 or any light oil while cutting with the small endmills?
  4. Bob check with your local VFW or American Legion hall. They should know.
  5. Yesterday Greg's ( NOBLNG) picture did not show up but today it is here.
  6. BTW , anyone that uses nail polish for paint check out the Halloween selection for colors. There was even a glow in the dark color bottle.
  7. Went to the store in Holland OH today. Just before close and a nice girl asked if I needed help. I asked about models and she told me they are in the warehouse of the store. should be out tomorrow. Well normally I am a day late and a dollar short, not a day early. LOL
  8. For the rear view of you truck. I don't think you are to far off.
  9. That should work out nice as a 2 wheel drive blazer. You won't need a transfer case for that. Good luck finding a hood.
  10. They are an outlet store, but they seem to get toys and other Christmas gift idea products every fall. Keep an eye out in there adds in the next month or 2.
  11. I also built that as a kid. Picked up another as an adult that came up missing when the ex took her stuff and left. Worth it
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