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  1. My brother had that train set also. We used it for long hours in the winters.
  2. A 68 or 67 Camaro out in the wild in December. Nice looking car you just don't see them out in Michigan this time of year.
  3. He can only get 1 lady with him at a time? If you can afford that , you can afford to get things dropped off at your place. LOL
  4. When was that even issued? That price seems cheap for their current pricing.
  5. Sad news for sure. She will be missed greatly.
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That website is just about as awesome as THIS website! I post a request and 20 minutes later I have what I need! Thank You again!!!!


  7. Tracy try this . https://www.round2corp.com/mki/
  8. Flyer shows some kits are headed to the stores again. Bunch of the quick builder revell kits in the picture for the 1/25th and a tri5 chevy for the 1/24th scale. We will never know what is going to be there until we take a look.
  9. Michigan Beat Ohio State in Columbus for the first time in 20 some years.
  10. My old High School won the State Championship in Division 8 here in Michigan.
  11. Thank you for posting this. Looks like the NO. 1467W is the set my dad got. About the right time for him to get his trainset.
  12. Yeah they don't give long term customers a break. It is getting old. T Mobile has a 55 and older plan that seems good on paper. The service with Verizon is getting poor around here with large dead or near dead zones. I don't know where this "Location:7th circle of hell " is at on earth but I assume there are a few different companies to get a price from. If we don't start to leave in droves they will change nothing.
  13. Ken there is another Pined thread on 3d printing. you might get more answers there.
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