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  1. Snake some you can tilt up some you can not. We have a couple of internationals at dads house. Both smaller than that one.
  2. I just noticed the seat was up to keep the dew off of it. I think it is still wet.
  3. A Raymond Loewy Design beauty that needs to be topside once again.
  4. Tom I was told that the little Mullins trailers had these wheels also.
  5. A day late but Happy Canada Day to our brothers to the North. !
  6. The Toledo store is open. I guess it could be located in Slyvania as the line is close there. They had the 67 but it was not on my wish list. I gave my coupon to a guy there with 2 kids in tow. I don't really need a new kit, I just wanted to get out.
  7. This is still getting better every time you post Dann.
  8. Ron do you remember the Nomad that sat on Secor that was sitting on a Dodge 4x4 chassis.
  9. This turned out very cool Rodger.
  10. I like his more than I should.
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