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  1. AC/DC Back in Black and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon not in the top 10??? What had Rolling Stone became? Now I remember why I stopped getting that rag years ago. When they put Dire Straights Brothers In Arms in the 400's they must have been high on something.
  2. I agree what has already been said Gareth . This car looks good. Very close to the same color green as my brother did the Ventura kit in back in the 70's.
  3. My brother had a 79 Chevette ( I think that is the year it was) that was a low mile car around 95 or so. It would be all the rage today as there was not a shiny spec of paint on it. No rust what so ever but it ran great and got him to any place he wanted to go. That is until a Jeep ran through a light and totaled it for him. He had full coverage and the insurance company wanted to give him 500 bucks. He had replacement value. They told him that is all it is worth. He said no it is not and you know it is worth more. He told the agent we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. Go find me one, not a rust bucket, not a drag car, Just what you insured. They found one that was more than what he was asking for.
  4. Larry it is not just you. Everyone wants you to join their points club or down load an app. So sick of it.
  5. I Like it. Around here the Pizza Huts used the Pinto wagons with port holes in the back.
  6. Pete hit the nail right on the head Bill. Also if you buy an off brand, when you go to unload it for a better one you might be stuck.
  7. Nice work. The red glass works good with the black paint.
  8. Not a MOPAR guy but I have a few friends that are. They have always ran the 440, even when you could afford to run a Hemi in the late 70'S early 80'S. The one guy was even a street racer, he liked the reliability of the 440. He would say, I don't make money wrenching on my cars.
  9. Jonathan you are not alone in thinking about rodding one of these classics. You already have better advice than I could give. Just think of it as a long term project.
  10. Prayers for you and your family. If you need someone to talk to we are here. Not an easy road for your family.
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