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  1. I hope it comes with a few extra's. I will purchase one. If it makes the company money they will keep doing it.
  2. Looks great Ray! Do you sleep ? That was fast.
  3. Nice work again. Nice to see something a little different.
  4. They had them in older kits from the 60's. Not sure any of the kits from the 80"s had them. They were all square if I remember correctly anyway.
  5. Looks good Wayne. Those wheels look good to me.
  6. I guess my point of the local auction was missed a little. I was talking about any auction, not just automobiles. Every piece of wooden furniture is described as a 100 year old high dollar piece. Hard to believe any auctioneer sometimes.
  7. Ever been to a local auction? They talk up everything they sell, they make a commission on the end price. How much would you bid for a car if they told you what was wrong with it. Buyers responsibility to look over the car.
  8. This looks nice Dave. Good idea to polish the plastic.
  9. Had a great trade with 89AKurt smooth as silk.
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