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  1. I feel your pain, my fathers barn is 40 by 75 with a 10 by 35 loft that I wish it was only 2/3 full. There is a path.
  2. He was a joy to watch him and his wife. Sad this has to happen to any one.
  3. That is a great question about what they would charge. I have talked to a few of the Artist in the basement at the Detroit Auto Rama about this. None of them gave a price. Yes I understand why. They were are interested at the time and gave a card with contact info.
  4. Many People are working long hours with little relief in sight. 10 to 12 hours a day is becoming the norm. Tired employees make more mistakes than well rested ones do. The stress level is getting higher by the day.
  5. I have purchased from him the past with no problems. Yes he is a little slow.
  6. Several years ago I was at the Old Toledo Toy show. Right by the front door there was a Falcon Promo that was in nice shape. I walked over to Ron Cash's both and said something to him about it. He popped up out of his chair and was gone in seconds. And yes at the next show I purchased a Resin copy from him for my brother.
  7. I agree with Snake, send a polite message asking what is going on. First go back and read the original listing to see if it mentions how long it takes them to ship. Maybe save a little embarrassment first. Yes I have had people that send the next day and other that take a week to sometimes 10 days. Very frustrating when it takes a long time.
  8. Sure looks better to me. Nice work on a bad kit.
  9. Nice save on the Best looking GM of the 60's. Love these cars.
  10. I was filling up the gas station and a new Bronco was on the other side of the Pump. Looked nice. too busy for a picture. On the way out there was a truck load of new Vettes on a car hauler, parked in a hotel lot.
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