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  1. Welcome aboard Blake. There are no Silly Questions when it comes to this hobby. You might want to spend some time reading in the Tips and Questions and answers section also. A lot of people here use white glue for the windows when you get that far. Another thing, if this is your first model , nothing says you have to paint it. The first model and everyone after is a learning tool.
  2. It is good to see he is improving even if it is slowly.
  3. The biggest problem with these cars, was that the company that put all of the police packaging into the trunks used fasteners that were to long and they would puncher the fuel tanks when rear ended. A former officer has told me this. He said , yes they are looking out for us?
  4. Keith we are all glad nothing went wrong.
  5. Nice project and it is coming along nicely. You can even knock down a mailbox with a tractor and a big plow. My farmer friend did it one year while cleaning the roads for a new years party. That road was the cleanest I had ever seen after a show. LOL He came back and said I should not have went around the block, it just caught me a mailbox.
  6. Yes Steve The bad wrap because of the gas tank is well deserved. Just don't forget more people were killed by the side saddle tanks on Chevy and GMC pickups. But everyone forgets about that. Funny how that works. I have found it very strange how GM always gets a pass that Ford And Chrysler are never given. I guess that old saying still exists, If it is good for GM it is good for US BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH.
  7. The only reason for that is the fuel tank issues. No they were not great cars but they were not the worst cars either. We had 4 at our house that had over 100,000 miles. Vega's were far worse cars over all around here. When I was in high school in the mid 80's there were more than a few Pinto's in the lot. Not a single Vega still around. While I worked at the gas station in Toledo after school rarely a Vega came in. I worked within a mile of the Hydro-Matic plant. When a Vega would pull in at night, it had a small block under the hood and you never seen that car in the winter or the rain.
  8. Unlike the Vega, Pinto's were a good little car you could beat the stuffing out of and they took it. Just don't tell my parents. LOL
  9. There have been more than one but I think we scare them off.
  10. I checked the Monroe MI store and nothing.
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