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  1. Looking forward to this . Not easy to find one in this good of shape.
  2. The picture above is why I am happy about the new Camaro release. My friends Car and his brothers car. He has been asking about this every few years. Now he can do a what if Pro-touring version, at a fraction of the cost.
  3. To bad about the paint. this was looking great. The interior looks awesome. Not to nit pick but this engine is not like the SBC, it is the other way around as these were out before the SBC was. The Chevy is the copy.
  4. Have no fear Tim was there taking pictures and they will up later this week at the latest.
  5. I know very few NASCAR fans that still watch like they did in the eighties and nineties. The cost and the France family is the biggest reason. The late yellow flag was such a joke we started calling it the close the gap flag. I am not sure the matched bodies and chassis will save the sport but it should save the teams money.
  6. Back in the day most of the builders were kids. These parts packs seem to me to be over the head of the kids they were marketed to back in the day. I was not around when they were first on the scene and I do have more than a couple of the latest release engine kits. I even picked up a few Chevy packs. I get that I am a little younger than most here, so I am chasing the older kits and parts. I never had the chance to get them. Do I think they could sell 20,000 of these no. But there is only a few parts to the Pack so they should not require the higher costs to break even.
  7. If the molds still exist for any of the parts pack it would be nice to know what the condition is. (Yes I know they don't have to tell us anything.) They are a low parts count / very few spurs if there is even more than one so repair would be much less.
  8. I think this would be a good idea for the companies to look into. Like the Blueprint series from back in the day.
  9. After the chrome engines did not sell I don't think they did know what sells. I personally think they dropped the ball on the marketing and the chrome plating of the engines. They would have saved money on the plating because the ones that people have used 90% seem to say they strip these parts anyway.
  10. Charles you will figure this out, sometimes it does get a little tricky when something goes wrong. No big deal it will all work out. Welcome aboard to the forum.
  11. Mike read that again mine was 15% off the entire purchase. So I picked up a few extra things.
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