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  1. Scary Jerry's Sightseer II

    Good Idea. Looks the good.
  2. 72 cutlass

    Very nice looking Model I like this.
  3. Paint stripper

    So I did a non scientific study here in my house. I had a tub of old degreaser in my basement that has a few different brands inside it. Zep brand, Super Clean and some Purple power. It looks like chocolate milk mostly. So I purchased some parts on Ebay that had some thick paint build up on them. Like 3 or 4 coats of brush paint. I had an idea of what they were but not sure, because of the paint build up. I take a small to go tub poor it full of NEW Purple Power with many various small parts and a hood. Some of these parts had chrome on them and it did not just fade away as it does with the good stuff. I left them sit overnight (all chrome gone)and scrubbed them and paint came off but it was work scrubbing them. So uncleaned parts back in for another 24 hour soak. Pulled them out and scrubbed them with paint still on them and a dash that had hard as a rock black paint on top still. Poured the Purple Power down the drain and replaced it with the OLD mixed stuff and let parts sit for the next day. When I pulled out the dash there was no black paint on the top of the dash it was gone everything else I did some hard scrubbing and they cleaned up well. It does not remove glue after all. So I will not use the Purple Power for paint stripping anymore as even new stuff does not work fast enough or at all on some. Turns out the parts that I did not recognize were 63/64 Riviera heavily sanded and cut up body, heavily sanded hood, interior bucket and dash no front seats, I need these parts. I only bid because there was a Wild Dream body in the pile with no paint.
  4. A100 Super Gas....Updated 12/09/18

    This Dodge came out nice Wayne.
  5. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    I forgot about the wheelbase difference. But my point was about different uses for the tooling. The no agreement with GM about the Nova's/ Chevy II was right from the horse's mouth at the Detroit NNL.
  6. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    If they do a Maverick. Stock with a 6 or a 302. Regular driver 2 and 4 door. Grabber and the different size bumpers for different years. I just want a small bumper Grabber with a 302. Then you could do the race versions, Gapp and Roush did run a 4 door maverick. The Power wagon could be done in so many ways as a truck and also as the Military versions. Good use of the tool. The Vega no interest. But they also do not have an agreement with GM and that is why the Nova's/ Chevy II's are dead in the water.
  7. Dodge A100 pickup

    This sure is nice.
  8. 50 Ford Pick Up .

    That truck is looking good.
  9. Paint stripper

    I have used Zep degreaser from Menards (yes it is purple) it also works. I will say that sitting on a cold basement or garage floor in the winter it works slow, every brand I have tried. In the summer when it is above 75 they all work better. I have no air in my house so in the summer it is normally well over 75 in here.
  10. Hello I’am French

    Welcome aboard, Philippe. My family came from over there around the german border.
  11. Help! I need a car shipped!

    That is cool looking.
  12. AMT Sunbeam Tiger

    Looks great. I bet agent 99 would jump right in.
  13. Paint stripper

    I have and it is not as good as the purple pond.
  14. This is a good reason for the enclosed type. But I think the gloves will be a problem. You could makes covers for the hand holes after you are done to try to keep the smell inside.