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  1. He was a great man. He may have had way more home runs had they not pitched around him like they did often.
  2. I think the biggest problem is not enough sorting locations. I know they were trying to copy the fedex way.
  3. Charlie I have no idea what the cost of the printed molds would be. But Machinist cost to clean them up will be a lot more than a few hundred dollars. Just as you said still cheaper than cutting steel molds for short run subjects. The bodies alone for use on existing chassis would be great Cabs for Semi's
  4. 3D printing is still heading tin the right direction for sure.
  5. Short runs of a 1000 makes this an interesting option for some subjects. I wonder what kind of tolerance they can hold. A station wagon mold of a 70's car or other low production models would be good for this.
  6. Maybe figure out the peg you would need to use and paint them with a color code. Then with a piece of paper give yourself a step by step plan before you start. That way when you have to go help your wife you will know where you are at. I would have to do this if I attempt it.
  7. I have done what David (ESPO) has aid. Filter out the paint chunk's and poured it back in the bucket. Same stuff for 3 or 4 years now. I have stripped more than a few glue bombs and a lot of parts in the bucket. There is Purple Power and super clean along with Zep brand degreaser in the bucket. It is a 3 gallon bucket with a Gama Seal on it. It is a screw on lid with an o-ring seal on it. (I picked up the Lid at Meijer but they also are sold from Duluth Trading) Snake the fastest a body ever stripped for me was about 3 hours in the bucket. That was a warm day 90 degrees plus that day and I did not have an air conditioning at the time. When I want to strip something I bring the bucket out of the basement for a couple of days to warm it up.
  8. If you take them apart it would just be gears.
  9. Tom I think the closest you can get would be the 37 ford truck wheels in the revel kit. There is a delivery kit also.
  10. very cool t bucket. I like the grill
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