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  1. If they catch the person or persons I hope they lock them up for a long time.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Master-Box-24045-Truckers-series-Joni-Lookout-Johnson-her-dog-Maxx-1-24/113056537413?hash=item1a52b1db45:g:HK4AAOSwwDJcWUJk not a poodle but with your skills Tom it could be.
  3. I am for it. Dan could you post the cheapest way to ship to Canada? Someone posted the answer before a few years ago. I think that would help us all out for shipping over the border.
  4. There is a picture in the workbench section. See below pic, i figured it out. LOL
  5. Looks good. You don't see these everyday.
  6. To, try a company called Master Box LTD. they do a bunch of different subjects. Mostly people but they are branching out with accessories.
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