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  1. It just shows they are overwhelmed, understaffed or just don't give a rats behind. That is way to far their promised shipping time.
  2. Not that I have found in a few years. Try ebay for listings.
  3. 1930fordpickup


    "But I want to know how they fit 5 lug Cragars in a car that only came with 4 lugs?" Patrick this kit like others of the area where cut in the molds from a Pattern/model. They just grabbed the Pattern from the shelf and if it fit the bill and cut it in the mold. Sometimes they would us a tracer or even an engraving machine ( A pantograph ). Yes I am with you, it should have been a 4 lug wheel. MPC had 4 lug slots in a Pinto kit at one point just not sure when it came out.
  4. There is someone on Shapeways that sells different grills for the dodge trucks and ramcharger, so watch the scale.
  5. A question for someone that understands what it takes to charge one of these trucks. How many kilo watts does it take to charge one ? I read they have a 130 kilowatt battery with an optional 180 kilowatt. Is this good info? I guess my question is if it has half of a charge do you just divide the 130 kilowatt by half for a cost? If this is how it works shouldn't they have to add more line into or neighbor hoods for charging? They are already calling for brown outs here in Michigan this summer. Again I am asking to learn something, not trying to start anything.
  6. I like you color choice, looks great. To bad these are not all over the place anymore like they were here.
  7. The more I look at this the more I want you to put a roof on it. I know this is your project. Get well soon and drink plenty of water. I thought I had a bad sinus infection when I tested positive, very early in the process.
  8. Kurt this is awesome. Maybe even Bare Metal Foil the 1960 letters that are on the bottom.
  9. Any rock not mainstream is all I could find for a definition. It is still just rock and roll. While it is funny that many had become mainstream ( like Yes) so I they still Alternative ? LOL
  10. Sorry to see this Joe. After 14 years they are family. Good to see the pictures with the kid. HIs smile says it all.
  11. You can even use a garage sale, keep out or any other thin plastic sign.
  12. I agree not bad for your first casting. Very interesting car.
  13. We had a used color tv for a couple of years when Grandpa moved to Cali. So from 75 until 83 we had a 21 inch black and white at home that did sit on the old TV. I was one of 11 children. We were not rich cash wise, but we were rich with family then.
  14. The shows that are from that era are great for watching or looking in the back ground. Not bad shows but times have changed with television and it makes some older shows cheap or hokey to some.
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