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  1. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    Throw it on ebay before word gets around about the rerelease. Unless you want to build it then do it up.
  2. Autolite inline carb pictures

    NO darn it. LOL He started in 67 , may have not been brave enough. They did rebuild the carb for our 55 Ford bus up there. He talked to all the right people to get the OK. The engine was rebuilt he put the rebuilt carb on and it was smooth running after that. The lathe he ran for 30 years was old when he got there and still there when he retired. Right around the corner from heat treat and the white metal furnaces.
  3. Autolite inline carb pictures

    They made these at the Plant my dad retired from. He said they had those 4' by 4' crates full of them sitting around. Sure wish a few would have followed him home.
  4. '57 Ford Del Panel

    Wow that is nice.
  5. Sealed or open?

    I open everything . Bag tires wrap chrome in paper towel and try and give the kit a good look. I have 2 AMT kits that do not match the box and bodies are mismatched to the parts. I have a couple of revell 57 ford kits with short shot parts.
  6. Built another cheap wooden boat model

    NIce work Ray. A yes vote to add MaryAnn.
  7. Flathead

  8. Mom passed away

    Sorry for your loss Greg.
  9. '55 Chevy Nomad 4x4

    This is cool and takes me back to the early 80's. A local guy had a Nomad sitting on a Dodge 4x4 running gear.
  10. How Old Are You

    I will be 52 this fall, if I make it. Picking up bottles was a good way to ride to one of the stores around my house and get candy bars, gum and Pop ( we didn't call it soda back then). Well growing up 1 mile north of the MI OH line was a problem sometimes. We didn't know as 11 and 12 year old kids the difference between the 2 different bottles so you would ride to the store and grab as many bottles as you could in the mile plus long ride to cash these baby's in. On a good day you could get 2 or 3 bucks between all the kids but what do you do with all the OH bottles. We were not allowed to ride into OH from our house, so in the garbage can in front of the store. Once the 10 cent deposit hit (Dec 78)the ditches were clean of MI returnables only the Art Magazines and garbage could be found.
  11. Wheel source for a 1937 wrecker

    Tom I found a similar one of those trucks.
  12. Posting photos to the forum

    I just use photos on/from my computer. On my screen there is a choose files on the lower left that I click. Then I find my picture to upload double click and here it is. Park N Shine 2014 Hydromatic park annual car show. It let me add these 2 photos. That is me by the Futureliner all 5'6" of me. That is a tall truck. The 36 Ford is a car a late Friend did a lot of metal work on.
  13. Micro Balloons questions.

    Mark, The Micro-balloons are just filler. You just add it to the glue to thicken it up. For small lines some guys just use super glue gel and sand it down. Stop into the local parts store and pick up 2 part Bondo for the bigger sink marks.
  14. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    That looks great Carl.