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  1. The above photos all are from the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum facebook page. The museum is in Auburn Indiana. 2181 Rotunda Drive, Auburn, IN 46706
  2. Good question Mike. First I seen this myself. He was a good driver.
  3. Buying this car is like buying Art. Some like it some of don't. But if enough like it, this price goes up. Strange how many auto's have become to valuable to do what they were created for.
  4. I agree with Micro Mark also. Shipping to you guys up there is killer anymore. To ba you can't take the spring from one and put it on the other one.
  5. Yes that is an Automatic trans. The rear brake lines run to the center of the rear end normally with a rubber line dropped down then out to the rear brakes with solid axle cars/trucks. I could be wrong but every wheel cylinder I have seen were all on the top, so I say top for the brake lines.
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