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  1. In the above quote there is a link to a buildup/ review on youtube. Well worth the watch. spoiler alert, no extra frame rails.
  2. Have they given a release date for the coupe at all or is this just reckless speculation it is coming back? The Coupe was damaged while running it, we were told. The roadsters were around for at least 8 to 12 months after the Coupe came and went. Why would they release the kit that is not higher in demand?
  3. He was only 61. Older than I am, but still too young.
  4. My buddy next door is a bread guy so he see's the same delivery guys at the same stores all day. When Hostess came back we found out fast they are not the same. They are flash frozen so they are no longer fresh. Less bakeries and we lost our outlet store down the road. Little Debbie snacks are in the fridge here most of the time. My favorite Hostess story is their naming of Ding Dongs that changes. Some times they are King Dons and some times they are Ding Dongs. LOL
  5. Girl scout cookies will be the death of me. My niece has 2 or 3 girls selling them. Depending on the year. LOL I put Thin Mints in the freezer.
  6. Yes Kurt I just looked at mine. There is a plastic (wedge of cheese shape) that is put in when the top is up.
  7. I like this also Rodger. It reminds me of the Hudson Pickup's from that era.
  8. I agree with the others, Very nice.
  9. Personally I think that a new 67-72 Chevy is needed bad. These are the TRI5 of the truck world for the Chebby guys. Done just like the latest Fords from Moebius would be a great seller.
  10. So in my family I have 3 at home working, the other 7 of us are still going in everyday. I have no idea what the outlaw's , oops inlaw's are doing for work. LOL
  11. Carl you can get Frank N Berry and Count Chacula around Halloween here at Wall Mart. I know a guy that buys a stash every year. LOL
  12. Grape-nut flakes are my go to most of the time. Out of High School I worked at a gas station that was down the road from General Mills. I used to love it when they made Cheerios the smell was awesome.
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