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  1. https://www.macsmotorcitygarage.com/video-tiny-porsche-911-engine-screams-like-a-real-one/?fbclid=IwAR2Z8Ckwbao1Ulx03jq4fpHtPTyp2baLwmslJKMAcrcpD7P2kigg196fUFQ
  2. Nice looking truck. I like to see a day cab built around here once in awhile. We called those a city truck.
  3. Nice work Chuck. I liked that trim package. I purchased a new 1990. Before this cool package was out. For once is was not a day late and a dollar short, I was early.
  4. If you try something different please post results good and bad. Good information on what to do and what not to do is always welcome on here.
  5. Ron maybe you could make one big door and use the rear door from a different kit as a start.
  6. I don't know If I would use a fish tank heater. That requires motion to heat the tank properly. I wonder if adding an air pump might work? As long as you are at room temp it works fine. Someone mentioned using an ultrasonic cleaner to strip parts on here a long time ago, and some of those have heaters. Don't over think this to much. I do all the time and it just slows me down. BTW If Steve says they look fine and paint away. Do just that, His work is awesome.
  7. To find out what Walmart had models here, I had to go to each stores website to do the search.
  8. I don't think I would mix the lye. Just me If the super clean is used straight it should be good for a long time. I have used an old t-shirt/rag at the bottom of a strainer to clean out the old paint flakes. If it was cold when you tried to strip the paint or chrome off the parts it does take longer. at my house (in Michigan) the jug stays in the basement until I need to strip something. I like to have the jug around 70 degrees or warmer for better action. Looks like you live in a warmer area though.
  9. Great color choice. Looks very good.
  10. Prayers for his friend and Family. We lost another friend here on the forum, more of you lost a personal friend through connections here and from shows.
  11. Greg if you have ever sharpened a knife you can sharpen these. Now if you have nick's in the edge, it will still work but you might as well just buy a new pair.
  12. Rodger this is looking good. I like the box top roof. They are hard to find, and plenty of the vert's are out there so you can build a his and hers.
  13. Could the Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires be from the AMT 67 Chevelle pro street kit?
  14. Thank You Lee. My late brother built the 4200 back in the day. So far it is lost in time, unless my other brother has it packed away at his house.
  15. Not a bad showing with all things considered. I didn't get there until it was 11:00 2 hours into the show.
  16. If you are trying to see if your local Walmart has models, you will have to go to the website for that store. Then look under in store only.
  17. What is the point of a cap without a gasket? That is like a car with no rims and tires, a house with no roof...........
  18. The Holland Ohio store has a few left. Not worth the drive for you unless you stop on the way to the toy show on the 9th.
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