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  1. If you like the box art it can become cheap Art for the shed or back drop for the shelf. I agree with the instructions mailed to Casey.
  2. I went to an estate sale on the last day. I am not sure what was there before I got there for the start of the sale. I seen a 3 car garage with radios everywhere you looked on the shelves.
  3. I don't think that is possible anymore.
  4. Wood brothers cars are great, and you did a Fine job.
  5. What if you tried to make the headlight look like a modern headlight? Like the headlights on an F150. Chrome reflector back with clear front and a single light in the center of the square.
  6. The color, engine and the long low and wide are in full play. sure looks like a car from the future that would have been drawn in the 50's or 60's.
  7. I like it. Wide tires out back, and my favorite grill from the mid 50's Fords.
  8. Being that Kevin VanDam is a Michigan native and was at sport shows I went to around this time I wonder why I have not seen this before.
  9. Ron you could also ask if they are attending any shows in the future. Face to face is always better.
  10. Daniel just remember this guy is not a pro. So some of the video's are hooky, but the info is great. Spent a lot of hours watching his video's , LOL. The Mel Kenyon story is very cool also.
  11. Daniel here is a link to a guy that interviews old sprint car drivers and builders from my area ( MI, OH, IN) about the era you are building now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7pO5PTZEaI
  12. Welcome aboard from the bottom of the state. There is a nice model show and swap meet in Macomb twice a year. You just missed the spring show. The next one is in November 13th at the Macomb Community College.
  13. Welcome aboard. Nice intro. Your Blue truck looks nice also. I like the idea of bolting the fenders together to paint.
  14. Mike what if you try one of those tiny magnets I have seen used on here before or a couple of short posts on the hood that catch the front fenders?
  15. Hobby Lobby still has the fast back and next week is 40% off also.
  16. That is very narrow. the rear axle does not even have springs on the real car. Tom Let me look I may have the 55 Chevy Kit above. No Decals if I still have it though.
  17. You will all be surprised and scratching your head within seconds. I bet the thread is locked within 4 pages.
  18. You have some very good ideas for models Pat. This is another one.
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