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  1. The Corvette Tin is up here but have no interest myself. I did find one of the Raptors for 6 bucks on clearance.
  2. I like this project. I had a white 76 , the first car I drove that I paid for.
  3. This is still looking killer. Taller is better than skidding on your head for the roll bar. . LOL Do you have a driver figure for this?
  4. The green is cool. It would make some interesting rims because of the color.
  5. I like what you did with this. I was eyeing up one of the consumers power trucks because they have this cab.
  6. What a beautiful car Bruce. I would not walk away from buying that one at a reasonable price.
  7. Sure looks like the real deal to me. I like this, well done.
  8. Nice Video to watch. They are using some very small cutters to finish with.
  9. Had time to stop at one of the Local Hobby Lobby stores here. The only clearance items there were 2 of the Porsche Tractors. I picked them both up.
  10. Here Mash is on METV ( free with antenna ) every night last I checked. Not home at the time it is on so I don't know if it still is. I can watch that show every time I see it on. Great Show.
  11. Empty hole at the Monroe MI store. Looked at the stickers and they had a D written on them. It was a Saturday afternoon so I did not expect to see much there.
  12. Sam Thank you for posting this link. I found 2 of the Model A's on the List of Henry awards that a Late friend of Mine worked on. 1997 Dayton 479 Lyman Elliott 1929 Sport Coupe 474 Donald Wenz 1928 Stake truck
  13. Congratulations Dan. After number 5 you better start building station wagons or minivans. LOL
  14. So no shark bite out of a board? Nice work Mike, I am wondering where you were picking up the waves in Pennsylvania. LOL
  15. It is plain bad management. The people that make the ideas up don't care if the ship sinks, they have a golden parachute. Example, lets ship all of northwest Ohio's mail all the way to Detroit to sort and then send it back. Stupid. Mail that is local does not even stay local anymore.
  16. Good luck with this as finding the older body is hard.
  17. Here is a pic from the Internet of a 1977 . not my photo
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