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  1. I was just wondering why Adults would put an Aprils Fools joke in a magazine that people paid money for to learn and enjoy the hobby ? I do not want to be the fun sponge or fun governor but it is a paid subscription to a Model Cars Magazine not Mad Magazine ! This post is a good reason .
  2. The no review mirror is so you do not see the camera sitting in the back seat.
  3. If you checked how many Olds they sold during this time frame you would see that they were well liked cars. They are still in demand in the USA .Try and find a used one cheap. They would sell these kits , just wondering how much GM would charge to let it happen.
  4. I think that all 4x4 Chevy trucks/Blazer's from the 70's and 80's had the 6 lug wheels . The 5 lug wheels were from the half ton trucks that were 2x4 and vans also.
  5. You could try a local swap meet at a car show . The spaces are not always cheap but if you could make it to the dates they have it would get ride of the shipping problem. I have seen many people selling a couple models at car show but few who sell this many at one time.
  6. Do the rules in the gasser class say the seat has to match ? Just put in a different seat.
  7. You must have had a very nice model for the prize's you won!
  8. Nice work ! I just need to quit flapping my gums and start gluing more so I finish something !I just hope my first finished model in 25 + years looks this good.
  9. This body looks better than my flintstone body .
  10. I was wondering about those covers in the book . Now we have the rest of the story . LOL This a great issue .Showed up here today also .
  11. ( Just search paint stripper in the forum and you will get an idea of what to use. )
  12. This is awesome ! The wait for the USAC sprints coming to Toledo just got longer ! They flat foot the 5/8 paved mile track here . It is something to watch these cars looking for traction coming around turn four into the front straight away . We like to sit in turn one for some reason. Anyway great build so far.
  13. Keep on gluing up these kits young man . At your age my brothers were helping me at home, or should I say building my kits with me watching them . They did not want me making a mistake. Good job so far on your progress .
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