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  1. heres my most recent aquisition. 1992 Acura(honda) Integra gsR, b18 with intake and exhaust, dropping it two inches and getting new wheels in a few months, then its off to performance land. I already killed a turbo diesel dually on the highway.
  2. Love it! Im doing the same thing(sorta) in real life at the moment. Im taking a 1955 western flyer mens bike, swapping on some 27" track wheels, and track bars, now i gotta find a suitable engine, im thinking a 12 hp. briggs will suffice.
  3. no prob, i do like your site, and how it was all presented. btw, i use safari(im on my Iphone) and it worked fine.
  4. i dont really like using anything other than pactra paints, ive found it all depends on what kind of primer you use, ill be posting a w.i.p. soon of a kit ill be painting with pactra outlaw black (rc250) ive used thier metallic black before and all it took was a few extra coats of clear.
  5. love it with, and without the sleeper
  6. im really diggin this, especially the wheels, maybe loose a back axle though?
  7. Tints not on yet, thats coming next payday. but ill post pics in the am, btw, i forgot to mention im 6' 6" and still have room to shift in it.
  8. My del slo is anything but a chick car, the engine is stock, but i have the windows tinted to 20% and a small sound system, in the very near future im also swapping the front end out for a 2000 civic front, then slamming it on spaced steelies.
  9. I think my original comment got miscunstrued a bit. I wasnt saying either was better, i was trying to say this. Since everyone who has ever compared a little 4 cyl car(usually a honda) to a v8 american car(usually something with muscle) thats what i did with cars i have owned. While i do love the little honda, i miss the 'vette terribly, and after college i plan on buying another, most likely a c5. in my comparison though i was simply trying to state that neither is better, and i dont care about numbers, if i still had my vette and i had the honda it would be a good race. the vette would win eventually but it WOULD be a good race non the less. as far as te motorcycle comments, this has nothing to do with them, if it was up to me there would be none of those idiots out on the roads, some riders i dont mind, the ones i hate are the "hardcore bikers" we all know the kind, loud pipes, ape hangers(kill sticks) lots of harley leather and all that other ###### that think just because they are on two wheels they can do whatever they please. No thank you.
  10. not always, my car is made in japan, even says it under the hood.
  11. Kid, i gotta say, i disagree with you. copos are overrated, all it really is is a stock camaro with some stickers and go fast goodies. also, a copo isnt even stock, its all dealer added ie. aftermarket. you can say you hate ricers all you want, chances are youll end up with an import for your first car, it took me forever to save up for my corvette( 18 when i bought it)
  12. kida like the whole its not a dodge its a mopar, or a plymouth, its all still a dodge. just as chrysler and jeep are. just like pontiac, and saturn are all gm.
  13. I say build it to whatever you want, drift, mudder, tank. its up to you. as far as drift skylines, your going to be hard pressed to find alot of pictures, most skylines are primarily awd, so the pros dont really use them, did you try google images?
  14. actually i have to say your wrong. Ive driven my little honda on alot of the same roads i use to drive the 'vette on out in the country. If anything the Del Sil is 100x better to drive, it makes you expect massive understear but doesnt, the corvette used to have massive amounts of oversteer in the corners. Although, you do expect it. Ive also taken it around some of the same corners as well, the del sol can easily be pushed more. power wise the corvette had more hp, and was a little lighter, but the del sol weighs less so it has a better power to weight ratio. yo put it plainly, same beast of a car, but the del sol is just a bit better, but theyre pretty much the same thing.
  15. I think i finally figured out the answer to whats better, either something from JDM land, or something from the good ol' USA... First off this is not fact, its plainly my opinion, im not intending to offend anyone or get under anybodys skin, its plainly just to share my thoughts. Yes this does have something to do with model cars!!!! i saw the discussion on the trueno thread. Iv'e owned a few cars now. This is my take. My first real car was a 1984 Corvette. I loved the car, it was fast, fun to drive, and could easily beat other cars. I took on a few Hondas, a Few v6 firebirds and other cars in the same power range. My 'vette factory stock came with about 210 H.P. to the 10.5" rear tires, 1/4 mile was about 14-15 sec(estimated) it had around 160k on the clock and probably had around 190 H.P. left in the old 350. it was like a little go cart!!! this car made me a true hardcore bowtie fanatic, would i buy another c4 if i had the coin? you bet your rear!!!! Now heres the kicker, My current car is a 1994 hond crx Del Sol SI, it has the mighty 1.6 litre 4cyl. engine all stock, from factory it had about 125 to the front wheels, with 168k on the clock it has maybe 100 hp now. i havent had a chance to get this car out and see how she does but its a fast little car, i love it and with the 5 speed it just puts a cherry on top. whats my point you ask? I've tasted a little from both the Tuner side, and a little from the muscle side(dont even)! both are about in the same class and if they met at a red light it would be a good race, in the vette i did have the chance to run with a few "high power" cars, i took on a evo 8 and kept up for a while in the 'vette and kept up with a new ss camaro earlier today. To put it simple, i honestly think both are best. I loved he 'vette, and i adore the sol. Also remember this, i used to be a diehard Chevy fan!! and now i like Hondas. Jeff
  16. its all gonna be irrelevant once the zombies come.
  17. AgentG that reminds me of my first time i saw my first british car outside if a car show(last year) it was a Noble m400, and the guy let me sit in it and he took my picture in it, something ill never forget.
  18. ive been cruising around in my little red del sol here latley if that counts, oh yea by the way i forgot to mention i traded my dually for a 94' del sol,lol
  19. glad to see how this one turned out, i wondered what happened to it.
  20. love the hellaflush style, gonna be building my 1:1 del sol up in hellaflush/flush style.
  21. terry, im sure you know that back in the 80's they did infact make diecast kits that you actually have to paint and assemble with glue!! i built one a while back, it was a stingray vette, horrible kit, but cool to build up. the body, doors, and hood were all metal, the rest of the kit was plastic. you got the body parts in raw metal that was cleared, you had to sand it all off and paint it your choice. Jeff
  22. davin, where are ya' man?? I need me general fix!!! this is gonna be a really great model when finished, i can already tell!! whered you get the rear leaf kit? Jeff
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