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  1. I think I have my rear window frame figured out so that I can make a working sliding rear window.
  2. Haven’t done much done on this one. I was looking at the deal brochure and decided that using the donor kits gas cap wasn’t gonna work. I found that one of my Dodge van kits had a gas cap that would work. Greg Wann made a mold of it for me. I think it added the right touch to it.
  3. I got the BMF on the bed and clear coated it and once it dries I’ll paint the black in the side trim.
  4. That is looking really nice! And that interior looks awesome.
  5. I really like their paint and on this one I used Tamiya clear.
  6. I got the BMF finished on the club cab, I just have to do a little clean up on the black for the side trim. I didn’t do the back window yet because I’m going to try and make a sliding rear window for it. And it’s been clear coated.
  7. Wow what a great build Chuck! Love what you did with it and the weathering looks awesome!
  8. I started with a hogans heroes jeep kit and it comes with the Willys grille. I built this for a friend who is giving it to his dad as a Christmas gift and was built to look like the 1 to 1 Jeep they are having restored for his dad. I had to fill in the spot where the shovels would have been and I added a gas filler tube. Paint is Scale Finishes that Jameton match for me to the 1 to 1 Jeep. I also mounted the spare tire to the right rear of the body.
  9. I don’t believe that was the question that was asked? But hey go start you own post and ask it! just my two cents! 👌🏻
  10. Moving kind of slow on this project. Did a little work on the engine and detailing the wheel covers.
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