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  1. Got up this morning and taped off for the 2nd color and man am I happy I went with this color combo! I do have a few small spots to touch up that shouldn’t be too hard to fix.
  2. I’m finally getting around to building one of my resin Dodge Club Cab’s. I’m painting it a factory two tone light gold & bronze using Scale Finishes paint.
  3. The grille is made from a MPC original kit. It was stripped and the backside was sanded to open the grille up and then the backside of the headlights were Polish and a mold was made of it. Greg Wann worked on the grilles & molds for days to get them just right. I bought some 3D printed grilles and was very disappointed in them as they were just a flat and didn’t look right.
  4. We started with original MPC parts, that bed is a copy from one of mine kits that has the trim on it. I just have a few old MPC Dodge truck kits. I have added 5 more since this photo was taken.
  5. Okay we have set a price on this trans kit. It will be $100 shipped if you choose a plain resin grille and $110 if you want the grille in clear resin. Kit comes with cab, interior tub, long bed, tailgate, hood , valance, chassis and your choice of 72 to 73 or 74 to 76 grilles. If interested please send email to hgresin@gmail.com to be added to the list.
  6. You can send a email to hgresin@gmail.com and I will put you on the list. As for the short beds? I'm not sure yet. Thanks, Marty
  7. Thanks! I’m at the shop casting them up right now.
  8. This has been a long project of mine that is getting closer to the finish line. It started with me buying a project from someone who claimed it was ready to be cast. What I got was a pile of junk that required lot of work to get it right and thanks to Mike Schnur who fixed all of the issues with the Club cab. I also had to fix the issue with the chassis and the interior tub was done with the help of Glen Ford and none of this would have been possible without the help of master caster himself Greg Wann! Thank you all for your help with this project guys!! This is where we are at the moment. The Club Cab, interior tub, chassis, grille’s for the 72 to 73 and 74 to 76 and bed molds are done. We are moving on to make the rest of the molds needed for this trans kit. Hood, tailgate. And yes short bed’s are in the works as well as the chassis for them.
  9. Model Car Garage is working on a photo-etch set for the Dodge truck and it will have the 200 in it.
  10. Here is a resin copy of the cab, it’s being tweet just a little in a few area’s.
  11. And since I have just a few of these MPC kits there will be some more resin stuff in the works! plus a ‘72 to ‘76 club cab with trim.
  12. That is something that Greg Wann and I were just talking about last week and we will be working on some molds for those types of mirrors.
  13. It’s Scale Finishes Plum Crazy. Thanks
  14. Thanks Alan, that gold is AlClad pale gold and that’s what I was going for.
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