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  1. Len Woodruff added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Mill City Replicas - '41 Ford COE?
    Mill City Replicas?

    Here is the contact information if anyone needs it:

    Mill City Replicas
    PO Box 40
    Carver, MN 55315
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  2. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Mill City Replicas - '41 Ford COE?   

    Ed, thanks for the info on Mill City. It looks like I'll have to look in another store for the 36 humper. Gary
  3. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Mill City Replicas - '41 Ford COE?   

    I hope you guys don't mind me cutting into this thread but I need some help. I'm trying to get in touch with Mill City Replicas. Is he still in business? If he is, might he be at your show? I'm looking for the 36 Ford Humpback body that he has sold in the past. I sent an email to the address I had but got a message "currently unavailable" Thanks for the help and have a good time at the show. From Connecticut, Gary
  4. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Finally, My dream build... A 1970 AMX!   

    I LOVE AMX's! I had a 68, 390, 4 spd, posi, back in May of 69. Maybe the shifter was a little sloppy, maybe the engine was a little hefty, but that little sucker was pretty quick! I never should have gotten rid of it. (doesn't everybody say that about at least one of their cars? I passed on looking at the UTube post until I saw the wheelie picture, then I looked at the film. COOL! Thanks for starting this thread and I'm also looking forward to seeing more. Gary
  5. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Lombardo's Allison Special   

    Curt, I'm very impressed with this model I want to steal everything you did and build one of my own. But so far I have none of the parts you scrounged or bought or ??? Soooooo, I'll just have to watch as you finish it. Besides, this should stay as a one-of-a-kind! I'm just seeing it for the first time tonight, and I keep switching back and forth between pictures #1, #3, and #'s 6&7 on the first page. Great work, really great work. I love it! Gary
  6. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Chrysler 300EX Opera Sedan   

    Peter, your design is radical, but not so much as to not be practical. I really like the character line you've carried all around the car. I really works! How long (not rushing you!) do you think before you'll be working on the model? Gary
  7. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Choppers Custom 59 Cadillac   

    Hi Ted, I love this Caddy, and I know we'll all be slack jawed when you get it finished. Will you please tell us what was done to the rear three quarters of the hood? If ?I had that Caddy kit I'd.........
  8. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic spray booth explosion   

    I've had an airbrush for years and never used it. I'm currently giving serious consideration to using it, and using water based acrylics. I looked at the Pace paint booths...nice! I'd surely like to look at the one in the current issue of "Model Cars", but didn't find it in the ModelExpo site. Can anybody help? BTW, reading this entire post has been very interesting! Gary
  9. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic GIGER 49 MERCS   

    Each and every sub-assembly is a work of art. What talent and skill! The finished models are incredible, just incredible. Gary
  10. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic 50s Finned Boat Project   

    Hey I'm old too! I was working at a marina in the late 50's-early 60's and there were several boats around that were sure in the same style as this one. If you had this boat in, say 1959, you might have had a V-50 Johnson or Evinrude hangin' off the transom. I think the Johnson you've got in the picture would be perfect for your boat. Your Johnson looks like a 25 or 35 horse, which would seem to me to be OK for your boat. The upper hull in turquoise or bright red would also be period. I like this one by the way! Gary
  11. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic Another Model 'A' Coupe   

    Dave, keep workin' on this! I wanna steal as many of your ideas as I can to use on mine.............or not! Gary
  12. LO51 MERC added a topic in Under Glass   

    my 2009 completed models
    I'm another of the members that doesn't post here very much. That being said, here are the three models that I've managed to finish this year. There were no resin items used for any of these projects. Gary
    Radical Custom AMT 49 Merc Hardtop

    Chopped Revell 32 Ford 3 Window Coupe

    Revell Lincoln Futura Rad Custom

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  13. LO51 MERC added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Modelhaus 57 Buick
    Has anybody bought or built this model? I've got one on order (Yes, my folks had one when I was a kid!) and just thought I'd ask if there were any problems with it.
    Thanks, Gary
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  14. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic 32 5-WINDOW   

    Did you beat someone (unnamed, or was he?) to the punch with the trick on the valve covers? It was a good one! That mill looks STOKE! Gary
  15. LO51 MERC added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury   

    Hi Bill,
    I'm just gonna add my few cents worth of appreciation to you for this thread. I've been modeling for at least 55 years, and some of the things you're showing us are some of the things I found out for myself. But, and thanks for this, there are a whole bunch of things I would never have thought of. Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with us. Gary