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  1. I use BMF on everything except the side vent posts. I use the Molotow pen or MM chrome silver paint.
  2. Its been raining here in N.C. just about all month, so I've had lots of building time. Here are some that I've been able to finish. Didn't realize that they are all Fords! A 64 AMT Falcon A 60 T-Bird, 63 Galaxie and the 63 Cobra. Most are just box stock with plug wires. All are painted with paint from MCW
  3. Finished the 2001 Jr's Pepsi 400 winner from R/M, and the new Salvinos Petty 442.
  4. thanks everyone, think I'm going to try the masking tape.
  5. Looking for aftermarket kits to do the window netting. I've seen builds with the netting hanging down the door. That's the look I am looking for.
  6. Here's my 64 build, its an original annual kit with the operating head and taillights. I still have another hardtop and convertible.
  7. Here are some I finished the last couple months. The 66 AMT Mustang, 65 AMT Riviera and the 32 AMT Ford. The Mustang and the Riv built right from the box, the 32 is a bunch of parts I've acquired and put one together.
  8. That is really nice, love the interior and engine detail. Great foil work as well. Thanks for sharing
  9. Here are a couple completions from Aug. The AMT 57 Vette and AMT's 58 Impala.
  10. Oh yea, the Pontiac is going to be the Indy Pace car. Using the interior and chassis from the 58 Impala. Need to do some bashing of the interior, but that's the plan.
  11. Its an actual station located somewhere in Indiana. Found the pic online. Gas pumps came from a guy on e-bay, he lists lots of 1/24-5 stuff under diorama items. He has them listed a lot. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  12. Here's a bunch of projects cluttering up my desk. Some are just beginning others have been started long ago. Hope to have some of them completed by months end. Yea right! I've also been working on the addition to my diorama. Still needs more stuff to make it look busier.
  13. Anyone ordered directly from MAD? I ordered a couple parts from them and just wanted to know what the turn around time is with them. I e-mailed them and so far no info from them. Its been just about 3 weeks since I placed the order.
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