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  1. Have I missed it? Can't seem to find the December video from Round 2. Did they discontinue the videos?
  2. I was going through my stash and came across a body that had looks like metal door handles. As I looked in the interior I noticed window cranks of the same material. They look very real and add alot to the build. Anyone know of the source of these handles and window cranks? They were on a Johan 70 Olds 442 kit, so that could help in when they were produced.
  3. Anyone know the correct gold color used on the 64 Tasca Thunderbolt? Have the burgandy but need the gold. Thanks
  4. looking for a hood in 1/25 scale to build a 66 Hertz gt350. I know there is a 1/24 kit that can build the car, but I need it in 1/25 scale. Is there a resin hood available? Otherwise my only alternative is to try and make the 1/24 scale one fit.
  5. Love The color, how did you get the front to sit down like that, Every time I've built that kit I cant seem to get the front down.
  6. Lookin good Joe, cant wait to see them in person.
  7. The Roadrunner has Tamiya T27 Matt White on the seats and door panels. The floor is the same MCW Evening shade Blue with flocking material over it.
  8. Way cool, Those inner fenders are a bear to install, even on the real kit.
  9. AMT 71 Charger converted to a Superbee, using Harts parts conversion kit. Decals are from Fred Cady and paint from MCW. The 74 Roadrunner has MCW paint and the chassis and engine surround and engine from the 71 Charger kit.
  10. Completed Earnhardt Monte Carlo SS, used Mikes decals and MCW paints. Otherwise straight from the box.
  11. Looking to build Earnhardts Aero Monte Carlo SS from 1987. What color would the interior as well as the chassis be. I don't know how the kit decals have held up, so I'll be looking for some after market ones. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  12. I use BMF on everything except the side vent posts. I use the Molotow pen or MM chrome silver paint.
  13. Its been raining here in N.C. just about all month, so I've had lots of building time. Here are some that I've been able to finish. Didn't realize that they are all Fords! A 64 AMT Falcon A 60 T-Bird, 63 Galaxie and the 63 Cobra. Most are just box stock with plug wires. All are painted with paint from MCW
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