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  1. That is really nice, love the interior and engine detail. Great foil work as well. Thanks for sharing
  2. Here are a couple completions from Aug. The AMT 57 Vette and AMT's 58 Impala.
  3. Oh yea, the Pontiac is going to be the Indy Pace car. Using the interior and chassis from the 58 Impala. Need to do some bashing of the interior, but that's the plan.
  4. Its an actual station located somewhere in Indiana. Found the pic online. Gas pumps came from a guy on e-bay, he lists lots of 1/24-5 stuff under diorama items. He has them listed a lot. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  5. Here's a bunch of projects cluttering up my desk. Some are just beginning others have been started long ago. Hope to have some of them completed by months end. Yea right! I've also been working on the addition to my diorama. Still needs more stuff to make it look busier.
  6. Anyone ordered directly from MAD? I ordered a couple parts from them and just wanted to know what the turn around time is with them. I e-mailed them and so far no info from them. Its been just about 3 weeks since I placed the order.
  7. Pretty color, nice build
  8. Just finished these 2 for the Month of March. The AMT 69 Cougar Eliminator done in MCW Grabber Orange , and the MPC 80 Firebird Turbo. Comments welcome.
  9. Super clean build, and way cool color. Nicely done
  10. Anyone have the set of instructions they could post for the Turbo Firebird that comes in the MPC Indy Pace Car set? I just need to see the assembly for the engine. Don't know how the turbo parts go together. Thanks in advance. Mike
  11. Always thought this was a cool car when the movie first came out, so when my wife got me the kit for Christmas, I just had to build it. Love the decals. Done in Duplicolor Competition White. Now if I could only find a scale Olivia Newton John in those black leathers!!! Only addition was the BMF. Comments welcome.
  12. Way cool Plymouth, what color did you use?
  13. I used evergreen strips for both the trim and the "seams" item #102. I sanded the "seams" down as well as the trim. I used Tamiya flat white as a base on the roof. After that dried I shot the roof with Tamiya gloss white from a distance, maybe 18-24 inches away. This gave me a splattering effect. After that dried another coat of flat white. I cant take all the credit. I searched this on this board and found this method. Thanks for the comments and hope it helps.
  14. The Revell 66 GTO built with my first ever vinyl top attempt. MCW Mist Blue Metallic 6509 was used. The engine is wired with MAD distributor.
  15. Hey! Got one just like that on the bench right now! Hope mine turns out as well as your did. Nice build
  16. Here' s what I accomplished in 2018.
  17. love everything about this build, the color, the stance, choice of wheels and the vinyl top. Way cool
  18. Way Cool, love the color. Great job with the body work.
  19. Just finished these, probably the last for 2018. the 62 Buick done in Duplicolor Silver. Right from the box with plug wires. The 69 Dart is painted Electric Blue from MCW. Wheels and poverty caps from Fireball, tires from the AMT parts pack. Thanks for looking.
  20. I saw this picture on another model car web site and thought the models were really cool and be a hoot to build. I tried finding a listing for them in the Modell Car Directory, with no luck. The Little Tub looks like it could be from the Red Chariot kit, the Little Drag looks like it has parts from the Green Hornet, while the Little Rod possibly from the Little T? Any help?
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