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  1. is it a street stock only or can u joine if u build custom ?
  2. great person to trade parts with

  3. do u think ity is funny to make fun of some one with a learing disablity NEWS FLASH IT AINT FUNNY not in the least bit if some of you are goine to behave like sh## heads and rip on people who have disablitys then there is no reason for me or others like me to be here
  4. is there a way to clean over spray off model glass with out damingeing it?
  5. my mother allways told me if you cant say any thing nice DONT SAY ANY THING AT ALL if you do not like what i post DONT READ THEM I AM BUBBA IF THAT OFFENDS U man up and deal with it i am not here to deal with old cranky people i am here to have fun share build ideas some of you act worse then kids i came here to learn and have fun i did not come here to deal with rivit heads who feel the need to point out every falt some people have learning disablitys perhaps is some took the time to catch on that NO ONE IS PERFECT this whoud be a better place JUST A THOUGHT
  6. after watching smokey and the bandit i have a few questons what is the weard hoodscoop what year monaco were used in the movie and do any one make a one pece grill
  7. they say it cant be done u cant take a two ton monaco and stuff a elphant motor in the belly i say just cus it aint been done DONT MEAN IT CANT i am crazy anuff to do it some say u cant stuff a viper motor in the belly of a 69 dodge charger once more just cus it aint been done dont mean it cant i am crazy anuff to try
  8. oh now we are goine to have to step up our builds prof mike is here
  9. i whoud beleve that falls under TMI lol thanks alot now i am scar for life
  10. hey yall i need some build ideas for the dukes sheriff patrolle car most build the kit as a police car or taxi i had a idea of building it as a protouring any ideas on what to use for a motor? or brakes and rims? one idea i had was to use the crome centerlines from the revell 70 chevell
  11. i got the dukes sheriff patrole car i give it a three out of ten all u have is a white goon car with hazzard county decel i had such high hopes that the kit whoud be better can u say repop
  12. what ya want to trade for one of the pd caprice as i said i have a half built taxicab caprice with a new hood and glass
  13. i have a crew cab 55 chevy pick up that uses the axles from the repop fall guy pickup you will have to cut the springs and move them so they will set even with the stock 55 frame
  14. woo hoo i got a dukes pd today i give it a 4 out of 10
  15. hey david whoud u trade one of them revell caprice police cars for a half built taxi cab? i have the front and rear glass and a white hood
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