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  1. bird_man added a topic in NASCAR   

    #24 dupont
    While waiting for different things to come in on my '69 camaro build I was going to do a Jeff Gordon car for my son.I have looked everywhere for something close to the blue on the car and can't find squat! Anyone know of a color close to his metallic med/dark blue and where to purchase it?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. bird_man added a post in a topic Revell Discontinuing NASCAR Model Kits   

    My first model made was a 1:32 Davey Allison snap tite! Second,monograms 1:24 scale Davey Allison texaco car! I used to love NASCAR! Texaco oil at all oil changes and tried to always fill up at a texaco station,in other words die hard sponsor supporter .After Davey's tragedy,my fav. driver was Ernie Irvan, man I loved that texaco scheme!

    Here is where the turning point comes for me. Ernie wanted royalities for the use of his likeness (who wouldn't?) and an very emotional awards banquet snafu,he forgot to thank texaco (BIG nono!!),he was fired from RYR (a texaco demand!)! First rate driver goes to a second rate team and never recovers! I seriously tried to watch after that!
    Tony Stewart brought in a new "fire" that was missing,but even he is now a shell of his former self!

    As for Nascar models,I will still build and display them! I wanted a few COT's to build,but I still prefer the older kits to the newer!

  3. bird_man added a post in a topic Three Stooges going back to D.C.   

    I fall into this also! Funny thing is,I work for TOYOTA! This isn't only hurting the big 3! Their future decides my future! Tonight we find out how next year is going to go!I already know that beginning in Jan.when we come back from shutdown,we will be building less in two shifts then we are now on each shift! One rumor is 6 hours a day,4 days a week!

  4. bird_man added a topic in General   

    Hello to all!
    I've been lurking around for a while now.I like to get to know how the people on a site are towards others before joining! I can honestly say this place seems great! Information out the ears,great help and encouragement all around!! A little about myself; I will be 34 on Dec. 31st . I started modeling in the early 90's. I started on NASCAR and various muscle cars! Then the usual;girlfriend-wife-kids,and i never had the time or space. About 5 years ago I was in wal-mart with my son and I noticed a revell/monogram F-14 tomcat model,well i bought it ! My father was in the navy,so I fell in love with the big cat! Not the greatest or easiest model to build! It got me fueled,and with the wife's approval my new/old hobby began! Now, I like to build everything! I am in the process of building cars again as planes and armor have got me burned out a lil'! Everything's changed since I started! I hope to have a few models to show in the near future! I just started a '69 camaro rs and in the process of getting the right things for an accurate general lee! My screen name relates to my love for all things trans-am/firebird!

    Sorry for the long post!

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