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  1. Osku added a post in a topic Quick question for you slot car guys   

    Hi TxRat,

    Sorry for the delay, I was on the "Internet-free zone" for the last two days.
    Matt is right, the front wheels of my Isuzu are WRP Halibrands, part# W-06.
    WRP also makes matching rears.
    Rear wheels in my Isuzu are ProTrack Centerlines, style G.

    Guys already mentioned NCP Hobbies, Fast Eddies & TSS.
    E-Slotcar also carries these wheels.

    Halibrands top row, second ones http://www.e-slotcar.com/catalog/569
    Pro Tracks, .300 wide. You can get them .435 and .500 wide too. http://www.e-slotcar.com/products/6012

  2. Osku added a post in a topic Isuzu Gasser   

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it
    I do have two more Isuzus among other Slot-projects but it's going to take some time before they are to be finished.

  3. Osku added a post in a topic Pro Street Chevette!   

    That's one wicked Chevette Haunt.
    The Yenko stripes sure look like they belong there.

  4. Osku added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Isuzu Gasser
    Hi all,

    Built this from Fujimi '69 Isuzu Bellet a couple of years ago.
    Started out as a class car but nowadays it's just for brackets.

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