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  1. just traded with Custom Hearse and it was a very smooth trade. thanks marshall your a great trader in my book
  2. great job on the build!!! i havent seen that movie in years
  3. thanks for the info. the site says they have car class's. class's 17 and 18. im wondering if anyone here has been to the show and if the vendors have car and truck stuff to sell like the masscar show?
  4. anybody know if this show will have vendor tables with car and truck stuff non military? is as big as masscar? thanks for any info
  5. yeah i know i spent to much but i would have spent more if i had to do it again. the 1/16 wasn't used as a tray to carry everything. i had a box full. i just piled the kits the way i took them out of the box. the 1/16 was on top
  6. hahaha i know im dangerous when i have money to spend. sorry thats all the pics i got from the show
  7. old autocar trucks are my favorite big rig and you just showed me why i love that truck. great build!!!
  8. great build!!! i love this kit it has so much to offer and you can show it in your charger two thumbs way up
  9. i made it to the show but didnt meet anybody from the site. nice people good show and the vendors where fun i spent $300 bucks. i was the guy walking around with a big full box tryin not to bump in to people. cant wait till next year. sum pics i of what liked and what i got
  10. cragar8

    masscar show

    yeah im from new england to... i think i forgot for a minute . lookin foward to the show see you guys there
  11. cragar8

    masscar show

  12. cragar8

    masscar show

    hope to see yall their at the masscar show in taunton,MA on the 22nd of march. im a short skinny guy and will be wearin a charger hat. my name is steve say hi and maybe i might remember who you are and not get weirdd out. any how see you their.
  13. nice truck. love the color combo too! great work
  14. cragar8

    good trader

    just did a trade with forwardlook60 and it was smooth as silk. the item came to me as he promised. thanks again and if i put this in the wrong place... im sorry
  15. the amt 71 charger has a 8 3/4 rear end
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