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  1. It looks like it's still mostly aircraft, with military stuff added this year. Can't say much about it, but her'e a link to their site with show info.

    Wings & Wheels

    Would be great to have a good car model show in western Mass again.

    thanks for the info. the site says they have car class's. class's 17 and 18. im wondering if anyone here has been to the show and if the vendors have car and truck stuff to sell like the masscar show?

  2. I was down about having to miss it .. just wasn't meant to be this year.

    You bought WAY too much! The 1/16th was just as a tray to carry everything else?

    We'll be expecting to see every one build by next MASSCAR!

    yeah i know i spent to much but i would have spent more if i had to do it again. the 1/16 wasn't used as a tray to carry everything. i had a box full. i just piled the kits the way i took them out of the box. the 1/16 was on top

  3. i made it to the show but didnt meet anybody from the site. nice people good show and the vendors where fun i spent $300 bucks. i was the guy walking around with a big full box tryin not to bump in to people. cant wait till next year. sum pics i of what liked and what i got






  4. hope to see yall their at the masscar show in taunton,MA on the 22nd of march. im a short skinny guy and will be wearin a charger hat. my name is steve say hi and maybe i might remember who you are and not get weirdd out. any how see you their.

  5. Thanks Guys!

    I started with the MK 70s Chevy blazer chassis and all running gear,i had to stretch the chassis to fit the wheel base of this truck......altho it isn't correct it does look good.............here's a shot of the chassis..

    Before picture after the stretch



    The wheels are two sets of front wheels from the 72 Pont GTO kit which i drilled the wheels out and added a hub set i did from scratch.

    The dash i detailed the best i could


    And also made the levers and boots for it as well.......


    Was a fun build, and plan on fixing the bed side steps soon........

    nice truck. love the color combo too! great work B)

  6. just did a trade with forwardlook60 and it was smooth as silk. the item came to me as he promised. thanks again and if i put this in the wrong place... im sorry

  7. Rosco couldn't catch an IceCream truck driving around the neighborhood. :lol:

    Best looking Dukes car out there.

    Great Job..

    i agree with every body. sweet build. what color/brand of paint is the interior? looks like the perfect shade for the general

  8. Well, I contacted the new guy through his eBay account. The response I received was basically old outstanding orders were not his problem. I did however receive my order a few weeks ago (originally placed in Feb) from the original owners.

    like i said thats what i found on their homepage. i thought some people would like to know the statis of that site.

  9. this is what i found on the home page of their website word for word.

    i heard some people havin to wait for their parts so hope this brings some closure for some.----

    A/FX N Scale Resin has been sold to another proprietor. When he gets everything set up where he can work I'm sure he will set up another web site.

    He will also take care of any old order's.


    thanks for all your compliments fellow builders. yup i just got the black street charger. and hope to get a couple more too! :)

  11. Amen to that :lol: I practically live there. The two nicest people around - really care about their customers. The real special thing about Harry's is that the customers care about each other. Countless times I've been in there asking a question ( or when someone else asks a quest.) and the other patrons join in the conversation to add thier tips Its a great place and Harry and Kate are ambassadors for the hobby.

    Have you ever gotten over th Hanson Hobby (in Hanson Ma on rte 27) The best selection of paints in New England - 2 full aisles, Tamiya, Testors, Boyd, you name a color they got it in acrylic, enamel, or lacquer, Gloss, flat or semigloss. Its like painting heaven. I can smell the fumes now B):huh::o

    no i havent been their but im gonna get down that way again someday.

  12. March 22 there's the MassCar show /contest / expo down here in Taunton, MA. Good ppl, good models, and a decent time for low bucks ('cept gas of course)

    BTW--- REAL NICE charger!!!!!!!!

    thanks for comment. yeah taunton thats a drive for me but i've been wanting to go for a couple years. i hope to make it this year. i use to go to harrys hobbies in norton, ma once in a while. great shop and good people to.

  13. The MPC Chargers and Road Runners had them but they'r molded to the floor. Wouldn't be hard to cut one free though.

    The AMT '74 GTX is a reboxed MPC '74 RR ,, it has one and the kit is pretty easy to find.

    im lookin to find them aftermarket. i would hate to cut them out of other kits. and i dont know anything about resin

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