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  1. I want me one of those Patrick Ford Fusions to make me Ryan Blaney's #21 Ford Fusion. I don't care about her as I don't like her anyways but I do like Ryan..
  2. That's bizarre as it was re-released 2-3 years ago, I've got one still sealed. They must have discontinued it and are re-releasing it again..
  3. Beautiful ! I'm working on the fifty edition right now..
  4. Great detailing ! How did you make the a/c lines and evaporater? I have a 1/8th IROC Z that I want to put a factory a/c system in it but cannot find anything for tips..
  5. Outstanding ! Perfect rendition and spot on with the TL 55 Chevy. All you need now is the 70 GTO.
  6. The IROC Z's I've noticed are now starting to get close to the 300 mark and the 82 Z/28 is not to far behind it. Noticed for awhile there that the 85 Corvette was pretty reasonable but I've been noticing the ones that are selling it are starting to ask a three number figure for it now. WOW I'm sure glad mine are still unbuilt as I would not want to pay these prices. I would love to have one of the 1/8 Trans Am's but I don't want a second mortgage just to get one..
  7. Went to Hobby Lobby today and noticed they had the AMT Heavy Chevy 70 Impala marked down from 29.99 to 19.10. I had to bring it home with me as it was the last one on the shelf. Can't figure out though why it was marked down as the other models were regular price. Now I just wish they would get my Squad Rod Nova.
  8. Wished I had that Chevy Titan that was in the background..
  9. Thanks Lou.. It takes a steady hand and alot of patience.. Thanks David.. Thanks for the comments..
  10. Thanks Andy.. The only issues are the side vent windows and the ac compressor lines. On the vent windows I set them in place and then used the Testors white glue around the sides and held them down with scotch tape. On the ac compressor lines don't not glue them there are holes on the back of the compressor for them to go in so by not gluing them in you can move them around to fit in the holes. Thanks Kevin.. Thanks Andrew.. Thanks Dave.. Thanks Walter.. Thanks again everyone..
  11. Thanks Rusty.. The color is Sunset Gold its the Apple Barrel acylic paint that you get at walmart in the arts/crafts dept. Really cheap I think I paid .50 cents they have a lot of beautiful colors to airbrush model cars with. Thanks Bo.. Thanks Chris.. Thanks Andy.. It's 1/25th scale if thats what your meaning.. lol Appreciate you nice comments..
  12. Excellent ! I like the color and those steelies really sets it off..
  13. Great details ! I've built the kit and it really goes together well and comes out looking like a S/H Torino..
  14. Thanks Dan.. Thanks Dave.. Thanks Bob.. I used a silver sharpie and Apple Barrel acrylic paint in silver. I have better results using this method than I do with BMF and also with the paint if you make a mistake you can just wipe it off unlike BMF where you can damage the paint. Thanks Don.. Thanks David.. It was harder to do than you think it took me several tries to get it right. The key is you don't glue the lines so you work with them to fit in the holes on the back of the compressor. Thanks Rich.. Thanks Bob.. I have seen a lot of builders overlook the taillights on the Revell kit, but I knew to detail these. I know my 66 Impala's really well as I owned one in high school. Thanks Frank.. My intentions was to paint it Lemonwood Yellow but I only had Apple Barrel Sunset Gold acrylic paint and after I airbrushed it I really liked the color and decided to go with it. I used a pic of a 66 Impala on the internet for the white interior and seen it went good with that color. Thanks Bruce.. Thanks everyone for your comments..
  15. Just finished up Revell's 66 Impala this evening and figured I would post some pics. Nothing fancy just OOB build, I did add the steelies/tires from the 69 COPO Nova and just made the antenna as in the down position. (It broke off) I like the outcome of it and I'm really impressed. It's not a show queen so don't expect it to be. Enjoy looking and thanks for the comments/critisicms.
  16. Outstanding ! The paint is great really like the weathering..
  17. Great build and I agree about the hockey stripes they look very appropriate.. I love these 4th generations they are my favorite
  18. I agree I wish they would have just gave us the same set up as in the Torino GT. Stock breather/4bbl carb/manifold.
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