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    MODELMANIA III IN St.Paul,Mn Feb. 6,7,8 2009
    Yes ! It is back (MODELMANIA!!!) A heartfelt thanks to all whom have stopped or
    Entered or planned to bring one ….Let us all make this a bigger show than last…


    Classes are as follows: Adults 17 and older / Junior class 16 and under.
    1) Trophy 2) Plaque 3) Ribbon….all entrants will receive A ribbon for entering.

    1)Strictly Box Stock: Built straight from box. No aftermarket items allowed. Bring
    Your instruction sheet. Have Fun !!!
    2)Customs: Customize any kit to your imagination! Bring a brief history of your
    Work for all to view.
    3)Trucks: Three classes; A)Strictly box stock. B)Customs and 3)Off road types.
    Tell us how you did it!
    4)Racing: Two classes; Open or closed wheel. Either built box stock or aftermarket
    5)Larger scale: Traditional anything bigger than 1/24-1/25 scale.

    6)Misc. Class Anything not able to fit into above classes…

    7)There will be awards for (1.Show Theme..2) Peoples Choice; Judges Choice.

    8)Dioramas: Anything you want to make.(Sizes are limited)

    9)Primer / Project table….. Non-Competition Class. Show us your work!!!!

    Where: St. Paul River Centre
    When: February 6,7,8 ---- 2009 Friday , Saturday , Sunday !!!
    We will accept entries from Friday After show opens up to 7:00pm on
    Saturday Evening. The awards will be handed out Sunday at 1:00 pm.
    There is no entry fee for your models so enter as many as you want!

    NEW! NEW! NEW!!!
    We will hold a make-it-and-take-it session for our future modelers! We will have one Saturday from noon till 8:00 pm. Yes , come to the show and sit and build your model ; ask questions ; and have a great time ! Please ask about the newest part of our contest.!
    NOTE: Make-it-and-take-it is open for all Juniors (up to 18 years of age) and is free.
    There is limited seating available so come early and tell your friends.

    Contact : Steve Kitowski MODELMANIA III
    7298 126th Street West
    Apple Valley,Mn. 55124
    Call: 952-236-9470 or you may Email me at: modeler1954@yahoo.com

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