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  1. It’s a new tool, you have the previous one that was curbside. Steve G said those promos and kits were jobbed out, R2 does not have the tools.
  2. We like what we like I guess. I’m not big bumper guy either, 73 RS my fave. Why there’s chocolate, vanilla, and Phish Food.
  3. Sure Gary, holding out on me. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
  4. @Steve GIs the Dually still a snap? The jobber outsourced the snap kits too? Interesting. I’ve got a few of each, really liked the rodded one.
  5. Never saw that before. Air dam exactly like the Zender I had on a 1:1 2.0L Cabrio. The hunt begins.
  6. I’d guess not horribly long. The Cutlass as an example was soon. So hopefully next year later. Id think 69’s at some point, and maybe a funnycar. Steve and Tim know better than me.
  7. Yes it does. Grabbed quick shot of Casey’s instructions.
  8. Teens generally no use to anyone resin or otherwise. 😱🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Cool Golf. Prob need positive offset, but cool. Where are flares from? Is that the Tamiya Golf 1? Want
  10. 2kGT’s look so good with wires. Z’s and Watanabes or Minilites. Wish they’d do a Bluebird 2door, or SSS.
  11. That’s how Chevy spelled it from 73 on. Dooley. (Song reference) Green truck had a full windowless camper shell too. Why I know that, I’ve no idea.
  12. The screams about the price tiers would awake the dead, cause earth to spin off axis, and the boards will melt down.
  13. For those who have had neither😃, the new issue will be much better than the bug eyed leftovers that have been issued since 80’s. The promo is a coupe, fixed top. Originally tooled in 65, and quite excellent. It was never issued as a coupe kit. The original convertible kit was decent, similar to coupe, good headlights and sun visors. Had removable hardtop with vinyl embossing in early issues. I think there were 2 issues with 1965 on the bumpers, the annual and the tiger stripe box. Later issues had AMT on the bumpers. In ‘74, a bunch of annuals were turned into Modified Stock Cars. Pretty much stripped trim, hogged out wheel wells, and made them Impossible to build stock. The GTO convertible was one, still with separate top you needed to use. Visors gone. Headlights, other trim gone. After that single issue, someone decided that they needed a 65 GTO. So, they tooled a bug eyed front bumper, rear bumper modified sort of back to stock, and attempted to recreate trim on the car. Visors never restored. Far from as good as the original. Buy the new one, use old ones for something else. Mark, others can fill in more to this novella. I did post promo pics in one of the threads about these.
  14. Wish Casey would return. Great database he keeps
  15. Some Chipendales refer to themselves as that as well! 🤣🤣
  16. Thank god it confuses others too. I know my kit history pretty well, but the merger and reissues killed me. I’ll get the AMT 78. Have everything else but the equalizer hitch
  17. So this is the MPC tool? What is the other one just reissued, the AMT? I have the Hobby Exclusive issue. Which came with the Cougar Funny kit? Sorry, had a 79 I towed race cars with, need one to do it, didn’t pay close attention I guess. Sorry for stupid questions, the 70’s-80’s was my hiatus.
  18. Still around. They and Husqvarna killer. https://www.maico-bikeworld.de/en/motorcycles/neumotorraeder-2013.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maico
  19. In red, with either poverty caps or Cragars, chambered exhausts too.🤦🏻‍♂️ Geno that looks nice, enough for me to want one.
  20. Agree, though @Snake45 seems like a train. Here’s a good groove to be in, actually does have enough cowbell😂👍🏼
  21. Welcome back in anticipation. Fu the bejeebus out of those things. Ya got this Snake. 👍🏼🐍
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