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  1. 16 minutes ago, Jack L said:

    don't you know every Camaro was built with cowl hoods, z/28 stripes , and spoilers !

    In red, with either poverty caps or Cragars, chambered exhausts too.🤦🏻‍♂️

    Geno that looks nice, enough for me to want one. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

    Very glad to see you out and about and your finds at the toy show are very fortunate.  Very best wishes on getting back in the groove.

    Agree, though @Snake45 seems like a train. 
    Here’s a good groove to be in, actually does have enough cowbell😂👍🏼


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  3. Nice, I have this and the Bond car. Snake found it, Gary grabbed the new Motormax I think and posted recently. 3 colors I’ve seen, Bond version does not have much for features. 
    Paint on these DMs are gorgeous. 


  4. Starlift was an end run for NASCAR to get fastback onto Fords. Boxtops not fast enough, Starliner gone in 61. Clever “removable” hardtop would have helped until 63.5 fastbacks arrived

    62 Boxtop may exist, made it thru until late 60’s iirc. 61 Boxtop did too, never expected that. 

  5. The link to the 39 and 40’s I posted has backstories to the cars. Many were taken to Barris and had help from Sam, George was shop foreman at one shop, then started his own. The owners would take them over, learn and work on the cars themselves, with the Barris brothers teaching them. Not a “send it to shop get it back done” deal. Kids drove them partly done, in primer, fun stuff. 
    I’ve got a resin Ayala Merc (Don H) and a Matranga (unknown, but killer). Dead stock Merc coupes cool, Convertible sedans too. I’ve got AAM CS, but I’ve never seen a stock 39-40 coupe in scale. 

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