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  1. Very nice work! I occasionally see one of these here in Switzerland.
  2. peekay

    Triumph TR8

    Now that's a kit you don't see every day. Nice to see one built and you did a good job.
  3. Beautiful, perhaps the best build I've seen of this kit.
  4. 1958 Plymouth with a corrected body (or a wagon version?).
  5. Very nicely done, Paul. Might have to get one of these.
  6. peekay

    '59 Edsel HT

    Amazing! Night & day.
  7. Perhaps you mean this Nomad. This is the Craftsman kit which I bought as you see it, built and apparently taken for a spin in the mud, but well preserved nevertheless:
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love everything about this, including the exterior/interior colour combination.
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