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  1. Fantastic work, beautiful finished model!
  2. "The tires are the original ones, from the promo. But I put some larger white wall stickers on them to make the overall appearance more elegant." Thanks Jean-Philippe. It's that thicker white stripe that give the tyres the perfect look for that Caddy era. Might cut my own with my X-Acto circle cutter.
  3. Beautifully crisp and clean, looks almost real in the outdoor pics.
  4. That is beautiful! I'm slowly building a '76 and am wondering which tires you used. They look just right.
  5. That takes me back! Very nicely built.
  6. Nice work! I specially like your TR4 and Sprite builds - but the owl is excellent too.
  7. peekay

    My 2019 Builds

    Very nice models there! Welcome to the forum.
  8. Nice! Looks pretty realistic from here.
  9. I'm also a fan of 4 door sedans (and wagons), often preferring them to the 2 door HT. I've always wished their were more in plastic but have learned not to hold my breath. I have this promo-based Johan 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88 4 door. I bought it as seen in the photo, built but without paint or even glue. (It came in its box too but I don't have a photo.)
  10. I belong on this page too, barely touched a model all year. If I don't feel like building models then I don't - and I don't let it bother me. (But I'm always happy to watch others at it on this site.)
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