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  1. Fantastic diorama and the photography is top notch. I have some of these models and it's great to see them in an appropriate environment.
  2. Fantastic job on this. The subtle weathering is exemplary.
  3. Very nicely saved! I've always thought the original AMT kit's proportions were better than their more recent tooling.
  4. Nice! Very precise paint detailing on the window frames.
  5. Very nice indeed! Hope I can get to this kit soon.
  6. Very nicely done, colours are spot-on!
  7. Great looking model. The wheels and modified stance make it one of the most pleasing builds I've seen of this (disappointing) kit.
  8. A beautiful quartet - so glad you made it back!
  9. Beautifully done - not just the airbrush work but everything else too, including the photography.
  10. That's one you don't see built that often. Very nice indeed!
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