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  1. Chiilin' in the hobby room
  2. My Chevy van/AFX slot car from years ago; it was a perfect fit.
  3. The BMF was a pain; I was working with two real bad, wrinkly sheets. The front and rear bumpers are Modelhaus; they came with the kit when I bought it.
  4. It's legit; Round2 has a display kit. I suspect they will publish a teaser pic soon.
  5. Just finished restoring this builtup I picked up at a show awhile back. I was glad to find this one; it completed my collection of Johan 1960 annuals. Paint is Tamiya TS-74 clear red, body, interior, everything; the different shades being determined by the base color. The base color on the body is TS-42 light gunmetal. I didn't have stock hubcaps for it, but I substituted a set of '61 Olds caps from my stash. They're close enough for now.
  6. The buckets are AMT '64 GTO (probably Tempest convertible too; don't have one of those to check).
  7. The MPC Model A Woody/pickup kits; the one pictured is probably the easiest to find.
  8. #4 is found in the Here Comes the Judge '57 T-Bird; possibly other kits as well.
  9. Stock and custom buckets were re-created. You can see the parts in Tim's pics on a section of sprue which is noticeably different than the original bits.
  10. I was referring to the curved line on the hood, very similar to the line on the door of this old green Pinto. Call it crazing or call it something else....it's caused by too-hot paint.
  11. Definitely crazing. I have a few old scrap parts in my stash that look just like that; leftovers from my early experiments with Duplicolor. As mentioned above; sealing with BIN or using a paint that isn't so hot should solve your issue.
  12. Re the decals; my original '64 convertible contains the same sheet as your original, Tim. The Bonny-Ville decal sheet in the new kit appears to be based on the sheet in the '64 Bonneville convertible annual.
  13. The center of the front bumper was altered (slightly) for the funny car, and the headlights were smoothed over to simulate covers. Rather than alter/restore the existing part they tooled up a new piece.
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