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  1. It's a fade paint job using a can of Testors yellow on the molded-in-orange body. Should have adjusted the fit of the hood before I shot it. I might re-do it some day, but part of me wants to preserve it as a childhood memory.
  2. The Greenwood kit had(has) the fender flares molded to the body, the Accelerator did not. The flares eliminated one of the four front fender vents as mentioned above. the Accelerator included the parts to build a "stock" version in the box with the exception of the wheels (Kelsey Magstars). As we all know the stock version had some proportion issues as compared to the MPC and later AMT kits. The chassis was straight out of the '63-'67 annual kits. Here's a built up Accelerator. (Yea, it's a little sloppy, but I was just a kid when I built it).
  3. The Nova is a brand new kit. Perhaps you should review the discussion in the Craftsman wagon thread.
  4. Yes, they're different, but they're all Johan. MPC produced the 1/20 AMX kits, Revell did a 1/32 Javelin There may be other oddball kits out there, but basically any 1/25 Javelin or AMX kit out there was produced by Johan, including the ones in AMT boxes (I can think of at least four examples of AMT-boxed Johan Javelin/AMX kits off the top of my head).
  5. Yes, I acquired mine under similar conditions; Car Colors were never marketed in Canada. Fortunately I still have a few cans.
  6. Nothing wrong with revisiting old threads. John asked for pics in his original post; in the intervening years I have taken quite a few pics of my builds....here are a few painted with Car Colors (decanted except the Galaxy)
  7. I agree-slightly smaller rear tires and lowered just a bit, but first I would think about raising that front end about 1/4-1/2 inch.
  8. Nice work. Mine was restored when I first got back into the hobby years ago. With no kits available for kitbashing at the time I spliced on a windshield frame from a junk '69 Bonneville body. Strictly a five-footer and not my best work, but it considered it a good save at the time.
  9. The '68 convertible had the bubble top too; which required removing the windshield frame from the body. I did just that back in '68 and was kicking myself years later when restoring it.
  10. Beautiful!....and bonus points for preserving the original builder's interior.
  11. Well, we know the chassis and running gear bits were carried over to the '76. The odds that the '68 (or '73 or any other year) body bits survive are pretty slim. Back then we were buying lots of GTO's, Chargers, Vettes etc; cars like Impalas and Bonnevilles tended to sit on the shelves a little longer. Perhaps MPC didn't see much value in keeping body/interior tooling inserts around for year-old Impalas.....and the '76 is the only remnant we've seen for the last 40 years....so I would guess the '68 parts are long gone.
  12. Love this thread....good to see it's still going. I think I posted this one before in the Under Glass section....but whatever. A true "glue bomb" as opposed to a "restorable built-up", something I would have passed on if it was something more obtainable (and cheaper). A grungy AMT '68 Galaxy with sloppy candy green paint, worn out chrome, a butchered chassis and a glued-on vinyl top...it smelled bad too. My biggest challenge was modifying the too-large wheel openings on the body; something AMT messed up before the original builder got his hands on it. The rest was pretty routine. One of my favorites....just because it was so ugly when I picked it up.
  13. Steve; just wondering.....how are you going to work around the missing glass? I have a distressed promo with a cracked rear window.
  14. I've been able to find the whole set but I passed on buying the Duesenberg and the Packard; to me they just looked too homely to add to the stash, but this mockup looks kinda cool.
  15. Here's a built-up. The engine is a near carbon-copy of the 289 in the AMT 65-66 Mustang annuals with Cal Custom-type air cleaners/scoops. Out of the box the kit looks so-so, but swap the wheels out and lower it a tad and it looks much better.
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