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  1. The paint on the Firebird is Testors Model Master lacquer #28115 Bright Aqua Pearl; decanted and airbrushed over Tamiya white primer.
  2. The Vette is Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue, then clearcoated with Pearl ex blue pearl powder suspended in Testors Wet Look clear.
  3. It's a vintage MPC kit, box-stock except for the tires
  4. pack rat

    2019 Builds

    They're all beautiful builds. LOVE the '39/40 coupe especially.
  5. A beautiful build of a beautiful car!
  6. The test shot has the buckets from the 2 door, plus a newly-tooled bench and a shift lever for the column. The production kits may not include the buckets.
  7. Looks like AMT '59 ElCamino hubcaps, and those headlights definitely look like 64/65 T-Bird headlights.
  8. This one looked clean enough at first glance, but sometimes when you find an old built-up like this, complete and all there, without a speck of paint on it, it's gonna be a bear to disassemble. I think about a half a tube of glue was used on this one. The kit looks OK when assembled, but it wasn't one of MPC's best efforts in terms of accuracy. The distinctive Cyclone accessory dash gauges are missing, the body scripts/badging aren't accurate, and underhood detail is lacking, not to mention the wrong engine (Boss 429). Paint is Tamiya TS-31 (close enough to Competition Orange for me), and the decals are from the Model King Cyclone stocker reissue from a few years ago. The AMT tires are the only non-original parts used.
  9. I Googled "GMX Corvair wheels" just for kicks. Here's one of the results; the 1965 "GMX Stiletto" concept car. I believe GM debuted this car at the NY World's Fair. One mystery solved....
  10. Thanks, Snake. I know those old C2 Vettes turn your crank too. Next on my hit list is an AMT '67 roadster, then I'll be done. I have the remains of a T.H.E. Cat, but that doesn't count.
  11. From Sunday's Motor City NNL: A built-up AMT '65 Vette coupe. An easy restoration under that flat red brush paint, and a nice box containing most of the unused parts, missing only the Halibrand mags, slicks and decals. An MPC '65 Vette. Mint, but the decals are toast. An AMT '65 Corvair. Missing a set of optional baby moon-like hubcaps and decals, otherwise mint. I've wanted one of these for quite awhile due to fond memories of the '65 Monza my sister bought new. A Johan '66 Toronado. The body has been painted/stripped, the roof is slightly warped, and an A-pillar is missing. The rest of the kit is mint. It was cheap, and I have a straight '67 body in the stash in case I have to perform some surgery. Finally, an MPC Cuda Super Stocker. I'm a sucker for short-track stockers, and I figured my odds of finding a cheap one again are pretty low, and I wouldn't pay the going rate for a MIB example. I'll have some fun with this one. Now if I could find a cheap Trickle Mustang....
  12. Here's a built-up MPC '73 annual I picked up recently. It looks a bit odd with a Z/28 nameplate engraved on the trunklid, yet there is no rear spoiler. One would assume the spoiler would be standard equipment on the Z/28, but at least one source I checked shows the F/R spoilers as optional in '73.
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