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  1. pack rat added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    I hope you build it. 
  2. pack rat added a topic in Under Glass   

    1961 Lincoln restoration
    Finally...one of my own projects...finished!  
    Doing kits for other guys has left very little time for my own stuff.  I pulled this Lincoln from the to-do pile last winter.  Being a simple curbside I figured I had a fighting chance of finishing it within a year.
    Paint is Tamiya TS-42 Light Gunmetal; not the sort of color I would normally choose for a '61-vintage subject, but when I spotted a 1:1 on the 'net in a similar color I was sold.  I ditched the wide-whites for some more elegant-looking thin-line whitewalls which were just being introduced in the 1961 model year.
    This kit was also a test-bed for my Molotow chrome markers.  I used the markers on the interior chrome, body scripts and the wheel-lip moldings  They won't replace BMF entirely, but in some instances they came in real handy.    

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  3. pack rat added a post in a topic '69 Mustangs....   

    Yup.  Those parts have been there since 66.  Nice accessories for the early AMT kits.

  4. pack rat added a post in a topic new issue Round 2 MPC 1960 Corvette   

    According to some reference I have,  the bezels were body-colored only on very early-production '56 Vettes, but changed to chrome soon after.  I seem to recall reading about paint adhesion issues.  There are a few factory photos out there of painted-bezel 56's.   
  5. pack rat added a post in a topic Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??   

    Here's some pics.
    The feature looks convincing enough, but the gaps between the headlight doors and body are out of scale, and once assembled I found they're pretty difficult to operate.  Not a feature I miss on the reissues.       

  6. pack rat added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    I don't think the production kits have landed yet, but they should be on shelves very soon.
    This kit had a few minor glitches typical of MPC kits of the period (the door hinges in particular might require some tweaking/test-fitting) but the finished kit looks pretty good.
    I have no idea what they're doing for decals, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the red/blue/gold hood birds like they included in the 1/25 kit.
    Note-the glass is all clear.  If you notice the tinted T-tops, that was done with Tamiya smoke.  

  7. pack rat added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    Thanks, Casey;
    The box-art kit actually sat on my bench for a few weeks while the guys at Round2 searched for the honeycomb wheel insert.  Nice to have parts in the box that enable you to build a "regular" T/A as opposed to the one-color-scheme-only anniversary version.      
    I'm hoping they include decals in different color schemes like they did with the 1/25 version.  The hood bird shown on the box was applied (or photoshopped) after the fact.             
  8. pack rat added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    It's actually the '64 Cutlass annual kit with the modified body as used in the funny car version, minus the funny car bits.  
  9. pack rat added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '83 Camaro Z28   

    Here's a slightly better pic 

  10. pack rat added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup   

    Sorry Ace; I don't know about a release date.  I'm guessing it would be too early to predict a date for this one right now because they're working on some retooling.  
  11. pack rat added a post in a topic Mercury ( and more ) hubcap indentification   

    The lower right set looks like the AMT 66 Riviera stock turbine caps minus the separate knock-offs.
    They're pretty much identical to the late 60's-early 70's Chev turbine caps as Christopher stated; I actually used a set on a '71 Impala   
  12. pack rat added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup   

    Sorry, I guess my post wasn't clear enough.  MPC 872 will be a reissue of the '75 annual as pictured in Casey's original post.
    The stock version's parts are all present and accounted for except the plastic tires which will be replaced by vinyl tires.  A couple of bits had to be retooled for the custom version as well.    
  13. pack rat added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup   

    This is indeed the correct box art.  
    A pic of a built stock version.  This one (built from an original '76 annual) wears the original (plastic) annual tires.  The upcoming release will have different (vinyl) stock tires.  

  14. pack rat added a post in a topic AMT '68 Road Runner/GTX--What Was the Story?   

    The only issue I'm aware of was an incorrect hood in the original-issue GTX hardtop (pic below).  The kit contained a '68 Road Runner hood.  I don't know when Ertl corrected the mistake.  I'm pretty sure the Pro Street and convertible kits had the correct hood

  15. pack rat added a post in a topic Round 2 March 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Here's the parts layout.