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  1. Now I don't feel so bad; I'm in good company. In my own defense....the kits built for these "mass market"-style boxes were all rush jobs; no time for extensive research
  2. I've decanted/airbrushed and painted straight out of the can using some of those leakers. I haven't had an issue with any of them, and at least one had quite a bit of the goo on it. I have to admit, I've never compared the weight of the leaking/non-leaking cans though. Have you done a spoon-test on one of your leaking cans?
  3. I've always wanted to do a Parisienne conversion, but I'll probably never get around to it. You've set the bar pretty high if I decide to do a '64....it's beautiful!
  4. Thanks, Mark. I'm obviously getting old....I built a '67 back in the late 80's and don't remember having to install that piece. I did a good job though....looking at it now I don't see any seams.
  5. To add to an old thread....something interesting I found on '69 Cuda test shot; a '67-68-style front grille surround. Test shots sometimes include a few odds & ends that can be traced to some long-lost variation of a kit that aren't included in current production kits, but this is a head-scratcher. This piece is molded as part of the body shell in every '67-69 kit I've seen.
  6. Beautiful build! The McMullen deuce has been on my to-do list for years...you've set the bar pretty high.
  7. Hope you post pics of the finished rebuild; I don't recall ever seeing a proper build-up of the MPC '66
  8. A hopeless-looking piece I just had to save. This '60 Galaxy was in a box of junkers I got a few years ago. Someone had removed the windshield, snapping the pillars off along with it, shaved/gouged the body with 80-100 grit, then laid on a heavy coat of too-hot (lacquer?) paint. After lots of Bondo spot putty and sanding, I had a nice base for a curbside custom. Luckily I had a '60 Edsel top boot in the parts stash.
  9. That group is much larger than many of us realize...."we" are not in the majority. If you put a '68 Coronet on the shelf at Hobby Lobby next to a '69 Charger, guess which kit they will pick up?
  10. It's way too small for the Fireball 500 trailer. I test-fitted it on a few trucks on my shelf (as well as the F500 trailer). On any standard 8ft pickup bed I placed it in the wheelhouses got in the way, and it was too big to fit in a '72 GMC stepside. Due to the position of the wheelhouses it kinda looks OK perched on a '69 ElCamino (I assume the fit would be similar in the more common new-tool '68 ElCamino) Should the Amphicat be considered for inclusion in a truck kit an easy solution might be a couple of ramps similar to the '64 ElCamino/Wescraft kit.
  11. Some may find this hard to believe, but they are well aware of which kits "we" wax nostalgic over and which kits bring the big bucks on ebay. Yes, they know which kits "we" really want. The guys at Round2 are modeling enthusiasts just like us, and they would love to crank out a bunch of those oldies we all love, but this ain't the 60's. Something to consider when posting the "it doesn't take a marketing genius" comments.
  12. Love it! The front and rear-end treatment, paint, stance, wheels......all bang-on.
  13. As some others have pointed out, every time I look at a Lexus RX350 I see a '61 Plymouth. I prefer the Plymouth.
  14. The chrome parts for the boat were on a small section of chrome parts along with some chrome engine bits for the ElCamino (the small block, not the six). Not sure about the non-plated boat pieces (all of those parts are rattling around in the bottom of the box on my example) How about a nice 1/24 scale Amphicat ATV? It was included in an MPC Space 1999 kit about 5(?) years ago; don't know it it's still current. Too bad it's not included in a car/truck kit....but it's a stand-alone piece that could easily make an appearance some day.
  15. I think you're mistaken, Casey. If someone mentioned any upcoming variation of this kit it wasn't me. Typically if I hear "stuff" re upcoming kits I don't repeat it, but in this case I have no knowledge of any future Ghostbuster/ambulance kits.
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