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  1. Finally finished one of my on-going projects.....well, almost....I haven't installed an exhaust system yet. A really sad-looking AMT '68 Galaxy built-up I picked up a few years ago. Brush-painted, with a (black cloth tape?) vinyl top and completely worn-out chrome, among other issues. Basically box-stock, after I addressed the one accuracy glitch that has always bugged me on these kits; the too-large wheel openings on the body...accomplished by adding a 1-2mm thick section of plastic around the openings. I decanted and mixed some Tamiya paint to come up with something close to Gulfstream Aqua ( looks more blue-ish in my pics). Not perfect, but I'm glad to get it off the bench.
  2. It's the "Z23" interior accent group; standard on the RS, or optional by itself on non-RS Camaros.
  3. Yes. FYI-the red section on the upper body is included on the decal sheet, but I chose to paint that area. Here's a pic of the unused decals to give you an idea of what is included.
  4. It's a "W" body; the Olds version of the Grand Prix/Lumina/Regal etc. It replaced the Cutlass Supreme in '98.
  5. Another promo from the 90's; the AMT/Ertl '98 Olds Intrigue
  6. I faced a similar dilemma when I restored this one years ago. I wanted a factory-stock look. The kit wheels are ridiculously small (and those Revell Goodyear tires are notorious for melting the wheels) and the AMT '64 Chevelle custom caps are way too big. I ended up paint-detailing a set of generic Palmer (yes, I used a Palmer part!) hubcaps with vintage AMT compact tires. Not perfect, but it looks OK on the shelf.....
  7. Yes, rear bumper guards too and a modified trim panel. However, the rear bumper guards are separate parts, unlike the fronts which are molded onto the bumper.
  8. I just happened to have one of each nearby....here ya go. The Johan hood can be modified to fit; it needs to be narrowed toward the rear and it might need to be lengthened by adding a little plastic to the rear edge.
  9. I don't have the flyer; got it from the 'net. I didn't catch the Machine illustration...looks a bit suspicious.
  10. I don't believe this one has been mentioned yet. It's a promo/friction flyer but a follow-up kit version would have been likely. Having owned a 1:1 '69 88 I would to have seen this one.
  11. I have no specific "holy grail" kit, and my want list isn't too big, but this is one I was finally able to find at a decent price recently. Despite the release of the Revell '68, the price tag is usually pretty high on this one.
  12. Years ago a friend gave me the remains of a lacquer-burned '65 T-Bird. It was such a mess I figured I would never do anything with it, but I kept it in the junk pile. Then I found this pic of a T-Bird-bodied short tracker...I knew there was a reason I hoarded a few of those MPC Super Stocker kits awhile back.
  13. You are correct; they are modified as on the 1:1 A close-up pic. NOTE....the hood sits a little high on the test shot; I believe that is being addressed before things are finalized.
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