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  1. I used this roll of Gunze pinstripe tape I picked up at my LHS many years ago. No idea if it's still available.
  2. Thanks....and now I know what an RP23 is (yeah, I had to Google it). I built the kit engine as-is...let's call it the non-HP 400. (E64...something else I learned on that Google search!)
  3. Decided to try something a little different. I started with an old '74 Road Runner test shot (a mix of Road Runner and Roscoe-era parts, before it was "accurized" into the Daisy Duke version). Basically out of the box (bag, actually) with the hood scoop removed and replaced with a section of a '69 Charger roof, a dashboard from an MPC Super Charger, "premier" wheel covers from a '66 Charger annual and a whole bunch of chrome trim cut from evergreen strip. The paint is an airbrushed mix of Tamiya TS-38 gunmetal and TS-52 candy lime green in an attempt to simulate Avacado Gold...I missed by a mile, but I don't mind the look. The Satellite badges were copied from a Moebius '65 Satellite body. They're a little cheesy-looking, I'm working on fixing that. Not 100% accurate, but it was fun.
  4. I recently found an old photo of gifts under the Christmas tree back when I was six years old. Sure it's a blurry pic, but there's my first kit; the Junior Trophy '57 T-Bird.....plus my Johan '63 Dodge and Plymouth frictions.
  5. RC2 wasn't putting much effort into the AMT/MPC kits at that time. Apparently the procurement of box art kits was assigned to some office employee who had little to no knowledge of the subjects, and whenever a kit was needed they reached out to whatever contacts they had in search of a built-up they could buy/borrow (?). Who knows if the builders whose kits they used were paid.
  6. Based on this promo I picked up, it appears that Johan produced a batch of '70 Javelin promos in "Big Bad" colors and did exactly that. The unplated parts are BB orange, the rear bumper and wheels are BB green, and the front bumper/grille is BB blue.
  7. Glad I'm not the only one who would like to see an Integra sedan; I still miss my '94.
  8. What kind of response were you expecting?? Do you want them to tell you they're going to rearrange all of their future plans and get on it right away because they had no idea there was any demand for a 71/72 RR until you clued them in? If they do have visions of investigating a reissue in the future, do you expect them to go over all of their future plans with you? I've worked with Round2 for quite a few years. They know what kits "we" would like to see on the shelves again (like the '68 Coronet). The '71/'72 RR is just one of them. For what it's worth, I have a particular subject I've been hinting at (via email and in-person) for years, but I haven't seen any indication that it's in their plans. If it never appears I'm sure they have their reasons.....I'm not going to get upset over it. ,,,,and I have mentioned the RR (among many others) to them as well.
  9. If they're so tone deaf, why are they bringing back the '68 Coronet?....don't tell me nobody was clamoring for that one. Before the Coronet was announced I'm sure somebody was out there banging their head against the wall because Round2 wasn't reissuing their beloved '68 Coronet. If they do bring a '71/'72 Road Runner back someone else will take you place because they've been bugging Round2 for years for some other oldie.....because, of course they've consulted with their buddies, looked at the message boards, ebay etc. and they all know Round2 will be rolling in dough if they would just listen. Round2 knows their market better than any of us do (btw-they sell alot of kits to people who don't know this site exists). There are guys out there still buying '69 Chargers, '67 GTO's etc. Sure, a '72 RR would be a cool kit to see on the shelves again, and if it doesn't happen, I'm sure they'll have their reasons, not "because they really don't want to".
  10. VERY cool! I like the white/off-white engine and chassis against the red paint.
  11. Backdating the '73 Mustang was in the works long before the news broke on the Revell '71
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