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  1. Nope. The Monaco mini bike was (I think) a Rupp. This one is the Honda Trail 70 that was in the AMT Bushwacker Jimmy and the six-wheel van etc.
  2. That pretty much sums it up right there. But....It's more fun to speculate that the incomplete/damaged '68 (but not the '69??!!) Coronet tool is just sitting there somewhere, meanwhile, in another corner the Feverbee/Superhemi tool is just waiting for someone to trip over it........welcome to the internet.
  3. 65 Dodge Monaco gluebomb restoration

    That's really nice, Mark. I briefly considered painting mine off white/ivory. A '65 Monaco would be a pretty nice ride for a kid who just got his driver's licence.
  4. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    Yup, I just checked...I didn't realize they were in that kit too.
  5. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    The '71 and '72 Monte Carlo annuals had them. (Probably the '70 as well)
  6. My '71 annual has the Magnum 500's; the box art illustration shows the Machine wheels
  7. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    That's an old pic of mine; but I don't remember posting it...must have been a long time ago. Just to confirm; yes, this is the roadster version of the Iron Horse built according to the instructions.
  8. Yup....this kit is perfect for a period piece mild custom/street rod/street machine/whatever; just pick you era and what you would do with a '57 if you owned one back then. I was given a list of kits by Round2 that required box-art builds a few years ago , asking which ones I would be most interested in. This one was at the top of my list. It may not be the most accurate, up to date replica of a '57 Chev, and we all know the tooling is long in the tooth, but it's just one of those kits I have fun working on. My own period piece is a first-issue Pepper Shaker built as I would have done myself in the late '60's had I owned a real one...dual-quad small block (Corvette?), traction bars, Cragars on wide tires, an aftermarket steering wheel, and buckets/console lifted from a '69 Chevelle. This kit has been built/rebuilt several times in different configurations, hence the aluminum BMF substituting for the decalized Bel Air side trim. I can picture this thing running Snake's on some deserted backroad.
  9. 65 Dodge Monaco gluebomb restoration

    Funny you should mention that; I took before pics as I was prying/sawing it apart, but I lost them. This kit hates me. I have one old pic that doesn't show much of the damage, but if you look close at the driver's side A-pillar area you can see some of the glass damage (the rear window was much worse).
  10. 65 Dodge Monaco gluebomb restoration

    I have a few. The '65 Fury and the Polara were gluebombs, the '68 Fury was a played-with friction, and the 300 was built out-of-the-box. The second pic is my C-body to-do pile.
  11. This one was almost too far gone to save. Purchased as an un-painted gluebomb on ebay years ago, the original builder used almost a whole tube of glue assembling it. The glass was welded in so bad that I couldn't remove it; I had to use a polishing kit to remove the blobs of glue on the front and rear windows, then (very carefully) grind out the glue-covered vent windows with a Dremel. After doing all that, sanding the glue blobs/fingerprints from the body masking the windows and priming it, I dropped the body, shattering the right front corner into about 5 pieces. Considering what a mess this thing was, I'm happy. I forgot to install the replacement vent windows I fabricated for it...but I'm almost afraid to touch it.
  12. Your favourite Box art

    That artwork was used in magazine advertisements, etc for Aurora Thunderbikes (an offshoot of the Model Motoring/T-Jet slot cars).
  13. What would YOU like to see as a model

    We have the AMT/Ertl '67 Fastback, but the body on that kit is lacking a lot of engraved detail. I've been hinting (bugging?) Round2 for about 9 years now; if they are considering tooling anything new....take that kit, toss the body/interior bits and use the rest as the basis for a '67 Hardtop. Then I would FINALLY have a kit of my first car.
  14. Round 2 December 2017 Product Spotlight

    The Amphicat is cool. It would look good in the back of a pickup, and the guys at Round2 know it.......maybe some day....