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  1. pack rat added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    They both look like good restoration candidates....although I hope you keep the blue one as-is.  It's a well-preserved example of the way we all did them back then.
    I'm sure you already know this,,,,the Ertl reissue of the Skylark Modified Stocker has a few extra parts in the box left over from the annual, including a set of the stock five spoke wheels.  They're the only 1/25 scale Special/Skylark/Century five spokes out there (yes, non-Buick folks, the Wildcat/Riv wheels are different). 
  2. pack rat added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    Right you are, Snake.
    I love the way AMT molded the pinstripe just high enough that you can scrape the paint away for a nice fine white pinstripe.  It almost didn't work on this one due to the crazed body, and how deep I had to go smoothing it out.  The "BUICK" lettering on the hood and decklid are just about gone. 
  3. pack rat added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    Nice to see this thread back from the dead.
    I glue bomb (more like a "lacquer-bomb") I just finished.  This one looked like an easy restoration when i got it, but under that thick Testors yellow enamel was a severely crazed body that had been painted with green automotive lacquer (I should have taken pics).  I almost gave up on it, but I figured I might as well finish what I started...and I can't just go to the LHS and pick up another '66 Skylark.

  4. pack rat added a post in a topic 1/16 Lindberg (Pyro) "The Serpent" T-based Show Rod   

    The chrome wheel faces shown on the Gee-T box are on the Serpent test shots, and will be included in the kit as optional pieces along with a few other bits not used on the built-up I posted.
    The old Serpent instruction sheet I used (photocopy-no idea re it's origin) specified the chrome faces, not the knock-offs I installed.  The knock-offs were used as they wanted the build to match the Serpent box art.
  5. pack rat added a post in a topic Ghost Kits - Shown But Never Released   

    The Petty Road Runner was reputed to be the ex-MPC NASCAR series kit (which I believe was actually a '72).  Ertl had killed off the MPC brand years earlier, so unless it was intended as a Buyers Choice-type issue it would have worn the AMT label.
    I believe the Satco Chev pickup was to be a '66 based on the tooling for the original AMT '66 promo that had recently been discovered at that time.  Apparently it had been unearthed somewhere by someone outside of AMT/Ertl, similar to the '34 Ford pickup discovery.  The tooling is still out there.... 
  6. pack rat added a post in a topic 1/16 Lindberg (Pyro) "The Serpent" T-based Show Rod   

    Here's a built-up.
    I had very limited knowledge of the old 1/16 Pyro thingies before seeing this one.  After laying the parts out on the bench I was convinced that someone had a Monogram 1/8 scale "T" in front of them back in the '60's when these kits were designed.   

  7. pack rat added a post in a topic AMT's Horizon TC3- Loser from the past, out of box!   

    In case anyone is wondering what a built-up TC3 might look like, here's a built-up I acquired in a collection a few years ago,  It has the typical Lesney-AMT mirror engraved to the windshield, but overall they achieved the right look.
    To anyone considering seeking out a Fresh Cherries Omni/Horizon; don't believe the "1/24 scale" label...those things are HUGE for 1/24 scale. 

  8. pack rat added a post in a topic MPC '74 Charger--Take Me to School   

    If you have an original annual, it will have a standard, flat hood and no fuel cap engraving on the LH quarter panel.
    The Super Charger had a Rallye hood, and a fuel cap engraved on the quarter panel to cover the hole that was there on the Petty Nascar kit.  If you look closely at a SC you might see where the windshield hold-down clips were removed as well.  Some, but not all SC's had dark-tinted glass.
     It would be nice to see this kit reissued with some cleaned-up body engraving, stock wheels (from the Daisy Duke kit), pad-printed tires, retro box art and a full graphics package to duplicate the Rallye.....if they can find it.             
  9. pack rat added a post in a topic Round2 Adding Decal Sheets to Parts Pack Line - Your Ideas Wanted   

    I remember Gary.  I'm not sure if he drove any other cars, but I know he piloted the '64 Bonneville convertible stock car (!?).
    In fact, John Greczula and I had a little laugh about Chuck a couple of years ago.  
  10. pack rat added a post in a topic Help ---- Trying to identify some hubcaps   

    Casey; those are the caps from the AMT trophy series '57 T-Bird,  easy to identify due to the missing F-O-R-D lettering.
    I've seen them on a few 1:1 '58 Fords, but I don't know if they were ever installed on '58's when new.    
    A more commonly-used '58 hubcap was found in the original AMT annual.
    Below...pics of the '58 hubcap, the AMT '58 annual hubcap, and more accurate versions of your '58 cap (with the lettering) from the Monogram '58 T-Bird and the AMT Craftsman '57 Bird.   Like Mark said, some have stated that the '57-style cap is inaccurate on the Monogram '58.   

  11. pack rat added a post in a topic CHEVELLE HELP!!!   

    It's not a promo; looks like a Revell Wheels of Fire snap kit with wheels substituted from a different kit.

  12. pack rat added a post in a topic Something to consider, folks, about model car kit production!   

    Well stated, Tom.
    I might also add....managers/hobbyists would be a more fitting term than "executives".  Some people seem to forget that they're talking about Round2, not General Motors.    
  13. pack rat added a post in a topic Modelling Oddities/Mistakes   

    Round2 had nothing to do with that....it was RC2 at that time
  14. pack rat added a post in a topic Kit Historians: What kit were these wheels from?   

    They were in the 65 Impala annuals too 
  15. pack rat added a post in a topic Kit Historians: What kit were these wheels from?   

    Those are Terra-Thrust wheels designed and marketed by Gene Winfield in the 60's.  
    Apparently very rare in 1:1, but AMT produced a bunch; not only in the "T", but they were found in some annuals as well