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    The parts and figures in the pics certainly didn't arrive from China pre-painted, and nobody told the guy that painted them that China would be pre-painting production kits. I think you'll find a "paint available at your hobby dealer"-type notation on production packaging. Picture the box art with all of those pieces in raw white plastic....wouldn't look too appealing on the shelf.

    Where did you get the idea that these are pre-painted?
  3. It looks (sort of) like a vintage SCoT supercharger as used on flathead Fords back in the day

    It's new tooling; basically a re-creation of the Aurora Racing Scenes accessories in a smaller scale.
  5. Thanks, Scott. If you test-fit the outboard motor halves you might find a missing section of plastic on the top surface that needs to be filled before you prime and paint.
  6. The mounting of the motor is a head-scratcher as the parts have been re-purposed. They were originally designed to enable the motor to move and swivel on the boat. I improvised when I built the display boat; I simply trapped the motor between pieces #10; but I flipped the mounts around to mount it at a more realistic angle. The pic isn't very clear but you might see what I did. The three leftover parts are just that...leftovers. The flat piece appears to have mounted ahead of the motor somehow, and the U-shaped parts were used in the boat's previous battery-powered days. Also note....the instructions tell you to insert the boat's interior platform into the boat after attaching the hull to the deck. This was originally to enable battery installation/removal. It's mush easier to install the interior first.
  7. What are your Bucket List Kits?

    There are very few kits left on my bucket list. The top five: (Yes, I'll still want that '68 Chevelle regardless of how good or bad the Revell kit turns out)
  8. Now I know where they went!

    The Cat's body was molded with a smooth lower pan minus the turn signals as pictured on the box.
  9. #6 looks like a '63 Falcon promo or Craftsman kit Edit...just took a closer look....looks like it's the Pinto
  10. 1/18 MPC Hydro-Vee Boat

    It was built with the new issue. No pics of the parts, and no problems in assembly as the kit has a low parts count and is a very easy build. I agree that the 1/20 AMX might look cool with this boat, but unfortunately I had no 1/18 or 1/20 vehicles in my collection to compare it to.
  11. Complete bonuses in kits

    It fits like a glove....with the tailgate raised
  12. 1/18 MPC Hydro-Vee Boat

    I owe you an apology. I should have dug out my Lindberg/Pyro boats and tried it out, but stupid me didn't think of it before sending the kit to South Bend!
  13. 1/18 MPC Hydro-Vee Boat

    Here's some built-up pics. Very simple kit, but it has some possibilities as a companion to a 1/18 diecast or 1/20 kit. I'm envisioning this one behind a Big Bad Blue 1/20 '70 AMX
  14. Looks like an AMT 65 Corvair custom wheel......but that kit had the 13 inch compact wheels/tires, and the tire in your pic doesn't look like a compact tire.