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  1. Looking forward to the build. I built mine in 2013. The build was detailed in the August 2013 Scale Auto. It is also shown on Randt D's Model Builders Warehouse site.
  2. Thanks for the posts guys. I see on eBay regularly. The problem is that I don't see a better place to see models than the 'bay. Has anyone had success on other places?
  3. Happy Birthday Len !!!!

    1. Len Woodruff

      Len Woodruff

      Thanks so much Randy.

  4. Gorgeous! I need to build this kit.
  5. Let us know when he gets it ready for sale.
  6. Very nice. I always loved the Dyno Don Maverick Pro Stocks.
  7. Interesting to see what the 68 GT40 LeMans turns out to be.
  8. Great Job again on this model. Did you say which tires you used on this?
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