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  1. Thanks Steve. I thought it was a Plymouth but couldn't find pics to confirm it.
  2. The upper 2 are for the air jacks. The lower one is a heavy duty battery plug in. This is a restored car that is why it has a battery plug in.
  3. The best thing about this kit is that you easily build the Doug's Headers original Chevy II funny car since this has the correct roof. All you have to do is to move the rear wheels forward.
  4. Sorry guys. I misread the post. I thought he said the COPO Camaro. O.L.D for sure. LOL
  5. I didn't think that one came with a bench seat. Just the button hub caps?
  6. The problem ios the video is for Spaz Stix Chrome not Molotov. The best was Future and the Spaz Stix Aqua Clear. There was a 3rd one that was very good but not easy to come by in the states.
  7. Thanks for the You Tube on the clears. Maybe he will do one using the Molotov Chrome.
  8. This is an interesting thread. I know I have sprayed Spaz Stick Ultra Clear Coat Air Brush over Molotov that I sprayed through the air brush and it dull it where it was noticeable. I think one thing about the Molotov is it needs a long time to dry. I was thinking a week at least before putting a clear on it. I have heard that the dehydrator causes some dullness too.
  9. What brand of lacquer have you used over the acrylics? Also what acrylic brand do you use?
  10. So you think I can spray Tamiya Lacquer over it? I will mask most of the area. I just don't want any overspray to cause a reaction.
  11. I painted some testors om my GT40 headlight buckets and need to remove it. I have 2 part urethane under the acrylic paint. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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