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  1. Thanks Peter. I thought the Tamiya light gray primer would work but I was wrong. I had some of the automotive etching primer and should have used that. I just saw a facebook post on the clear metal primer. I wonder if they will offer it in a spray can?
  2. I did search before I posted this question. And it is a specific question about aluminum wheels. The search didn't show any stripping for aluminum wheels. These are $100 set of wheels and I don't want to make a mistake.
  3. I usually use 91% Alcohol to strip bodys. Wonder if that would be ok?
  4. I painted some Scale Motorsport Aluminum wheels using Tamiya Gray primer. It says it can be used on metal but some spots flaked off after I painted on the black while putting the tires on. 1. Did I use the wrong primer? If so what should I use? 2. How can I safely strip these wheels to start over? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Thanks again Charles. I will work on it and post some pics of the progress.
  6. Thanks for the post Charles. That does allow the glass to fit flush. I was thinking that I need to use some strips to do the windshield. Here is a pick of the windshield area. Len
  7. Is there a tutorial on adding windshield trim. I need to add it to a scratch built I am doing. Thanks in advance for help.
  8. Use the Polar Lights Ford chassis. It has everything you need for the chassis, motor interior.
  9. I thought they only did the 78 Vette. I have never seen a "steel" bumper 1/12 Vette.
  10. Really nice. My 1st car was a 63 Wimbledon White Fairlane Sport Coupe.
  11. I mostly use epoxy. I put the piece upside down on a sticky note. Then I can put a thin coat on the back of the part. The sticky note will hold it as I position it on the car.
  12. Awsome. I had a 68 SS396 4-speed in Ash gold. Got to get that built.
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