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  1. Why no Corvette C7 Z06 or Grand Sport model kit?

    I would like to have those 2 models of the C7. They did that for the C6 with the Z06 & ZR-1
  2. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Wow John. You are knocking it out of the park on this one.
  3. Corvette SR-2 - INTERIOR - DEC 21

    Kool. I look forward to how you are doing it. It will help me get back to mine.
  4. Corvette SR-2 - INTERIOR - DEC 21

    Phil I wasn't being critical just something I ran across during my research. I am sure once it is finished it won't show up that much.
  5. Corvette SR-2 - INTERIOR - DEC 21

    Wow I can't believe I missed the start of this build Phil. Glad to see you taking it on. I don't have the resin body but have started with the AMT Vette. I have the tops of the fenders done. I will post those as a reference. I think the problem with the Mini Exotic version is the hood is too short. Unless there was a real SR2 built with the short hood.
  6. C5-R Le Mans 2001

    Nice start
  7. Revel Ford GT Le Mans 2016

    Interesting. I wonder if it will have engine detail?
  8. Heartland National in Kansas City

    Your welcome Dave. Glad to help.
  9. Heartland National in Kansas City

    Date is June 9 & 10 2018. Here is the flier.
  10. C3 Stingray

    That is not a stock carb (the were mostly Quadrajets) but the linkage is the same. You can run the cable through the firewall below the intake manifold would be the factory location.
  11. C3 Stingray

    The throttle is a cable on the left side of the car. Runs from the firewall to the carb.
  12. C3 Stingray

    I have a 78 C3. The heater hoses in full size are 3/4 & 5/8 inch. The fuel lines are 3/8 inch. The brake lines are 1/4 inch full size. Just scale those back to 1/25 and you will have the size for those parts. The fuel lines run on the right side of the car from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. The heater hoses are also on the right side and connect to the water pump and the right side of the intake.
  13. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    His Facebook page said that there was an update/change servers going on.
  14. 1966 Fairlane AWB

    I like what you done on this build. The Altered Wheelbase Car were always my favorite funny cars.
  15. Site Update Complete

    What Bill said. I am too old for this much change. LOL