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  1. Thanks. I have done somee of that. I also noticed that the interior panels are too wide at the dash board
  2. Has anyone successfully been able to get the chassis/interior to correctly seat in the body at the windshield? I thinned the bottom of the windshield & sanded the front edge of the dash but it still won't seat. Here are some pics.
  3. When I sit down at the bench I like to have at least a 3 hour window whether I use the time or not.
  4. Thanks for the info Scott. I will make sure I check my listings to make sure about the box size.
  5. What problems are you haveing with the shipping calculator on eBay Scott? I been using it for severals years and hadn't notice anything???
  6. Nice. Don't see a 73 in a model very often. I love Vette's.
  7. Good point. I planned to round the edges but will add some flating of the pleats like you suggested.
  8. Thanks for all of the ideas guys. Here are some progress pics of 1 door panel. I glued all of the 1/2 rounds in place skipping the area in the center. Then I made a tepleate for the center and glued it to the center pieces. This was my saw guide. When I finised the cut the center pieces came out with the center piece template. Here's a few pics.
  9. That may be too thick. I think I can do .020 or .030 thick for the center flat piece then the 1/2 round is about .028 to .030.
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