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  1. Interesting. I have the original Trumpeter release. What about the other 1/12 GT40 from Meng?
  2. Love it. Very nice build.
  3. Thanks for posting this. I want to build this to replicate my Torch Red Grand Sport. Using the C7R rear quarters was brilliant idea.
  4. I finally found the Ismael ZR1 & the Z06 threads. I didn't realize how long ago they were started. I am going to take the approach of updating the Revell C7 kit with the parts from the Die Cast Grand Sport
  5. Thanks for the update Ismael. I started another thread. I want some more detail so I am going to use the Revell Kit and this diecast for the parts to do a Grand Sport. Their Grand Sport has the Z06 engine in it which ins not correct for the Grand Sports.
  6. Any updates coming in the near future. BTW What stripper did you use?
  7. Could be. But I am not sure. I have some saved pics but not sure who they are from. I haven't seen any updates n more than a month. I searched but didn't find the thread.
  8. Someone started a conversion of Revells C7 Corvette using parts from a Die Cast. I can't find the link. Could someone post it please?
  9. Wonder if they will release a Yenko version?
  10. I would want to do the Hot Pink current version. I would need the decals & roof.
  11. Thanks Peter. I thought the Tamiya light gray primer would work but I was wrong. I had some of the automotive etching primer and should have used that. I just saw a facebook post on the clear metal primer. I wonder if they will offer it in a spray can?
  12. I did search before I posted this question. And it is a specific question about aluminum wheels. The search didn't show any stripping for aluminum wheels. These are $100 set of wheels and I don't want to make a mistake.
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