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  1. Incredble history of the sports modified class and how many C1 & C2 Corvettes were run in that class. Thanks for ths history lesson.
  2. No worries Mike. Iknew better than to click on the link but my anti-virus took care of it on my end.
  3. Mike I was using my desktop computer. I was able to get to the information through the IPMS link to your web page.
  4. Mike that link opens to a robot that you have to click on then it says you are infected by a trojan virus.
  5. Wow. The quality of 3D printing sure has come along way in the last couple of years.
  6. My bet is we get the C8R since it races both in the US with IMSA and in Europe with the WEC. Both groups will consolidate these cars into a GT3 class in the near future so it would have a broad appeal to both markets.
  7. Thanks for the pics. A couple of our Corvette Legends (Dallas, TX) club members are crewing for 1 of the cars in this race. I am not sure if it is the 62 Vette you show above or not.
  8. Has anyone used a photo etched cowl could you share how you installed it. Here is a pick on how it should mount. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I belie the original cars were Pelham Blue a Cadillac color. At some point some of them like the #2 were painted Daytona Blue.
  10. Just a note. These are all C3 generation Vettes. C4 Started in 1984 through 1996.
  11. I built the Snap & Foose above. I had custom shark decals made for the snap kit. I changed the Foose to be Blue & Silver.
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