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  1. B67ville added a post in a topic 1963 VW Micro-bus   

    "Do you have a solution for the lack of pedals and park brake handle?"

    I'm just using the ones from the parts van that I used for the rest.
    the hinges on the van were shot.
  2. B67ville added a post in a topic 1963 VW Micro-bus   

    1963 VW Micro-bus part 4

    I made the 2 panels that are behind the front seats,as well as the ashtray on the back of the middle seat.

    also decided to open the doors.

    and this is where it truely sits at this time. The stall being the door hinges. I've seen a how to on a external hinges, but, naturally I can't find it now.

    Thanks for looking.
  3. B67ville added a post in a topic 1967 Chevy Impala   

    Very beautiful build.
  4. B67ville added a post in a topic 1963 VW Micro-bus   

    Re: 1963 VW Micro-bus part 3

    Here I have the cut down Van sides test fit on the chassis.

    With them almost ready to install.

    (It will now have an engine too!)

    Which brings us up to the moment.
    As it sits now in mock-up.

    It's getting close but I still have a lot to do.
    Stay tuned for up dates.

    Thanks for looking.
  5. B67ville added a post in a topic 1963 VW Micro-bus   

    1963 VW Micro-bus part 2

    I had to correct the dash, as I had never seen on as in the kit.
    Where the kits dash extended flat to the bottom, there would have been a shelf, it's there now, and the grab handle is no longer a solid bar , but a handle as it should be.

    The vents in the roof are non-existent in the kit. So I made one.

    A friend found a Revell Roller Skate Van at a swap meet and thought I'd like it.
    He was right I did like it, and thought it would be good sitting beside my bus.
    But I noticed the the Van still had the interior engraved on inside, (another thing the kit don't have).
    Sorry, but I never took a pic of the van before tearing it down.

    I also liked the chassis as it had a bit more detail, (the heat duct leading to the front).
    so I ground out the chassis from the van floor and the chassis from the bus.

  6. B67ville added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1963 VW Micro-bus
    I bought this kit because my dad had one of these.

    I was hoping that when I purchased this bus that it was the old Revell bus from the 60's.
    It's NOT!
    It is nothing more than the Hasagwa bus reissued under the Revell name.

    What should have been a simple quick build, turned into a major project.
    The kit is a 21 window Deluxe,with a sun roof.
    My dad had a 15 window Deluxe without a sunroof.
    The kit has 3 full bench seats.
    Dads was a walk thru.
    Lots of mods right there.
    OK, I can deal with that. Unfortunately I didn't get pics from the very start.
    So here's where I did start the pics.

    As you can see the roof windows are filled, and the sun roof is history.

    The seats and floor are modified for the walk thru configuration.

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  7. B67ville added a post in a topic Revell VW Bus Build   

    Very interesting build you've got going.
    I was wondering why you had changed the floors to balsa wood?

    Someone said something about the "new" Revell VW bus, well to you I say that it would be easier to start with but then where's the challenge?

    And if your're wondering why I make that statement then just take a look here:

    Tony we think allong the same path on this one.

  8. B67ville added a post in a topic MPC Street Fever Vette   

    "How accurate is this kit. Could a good replica be built from this?"
    James, as best that I can recall, yes you can, the differences that I can recall are:
    The wheels, (as already stated)
    the exhaust, (on the original issue there were no side pipes)
    and finally the grills on the hood between the hood edge and the power bulge are not in
    this issue.
    I've included a pic of my original Mako Shark II so that you can see the difference.

    Hope this helps.
  9. B67ville added a post in a topic How about some old AOL friends...   

    Big Poppa you lookin for me, well I'm hereand the emails the same.

    Hey Art hows it going? Long time since we all been in a confrennce?

  10. B67ville added a post in a topic Camel Filters #72   

    The process is called an Acrylustration. It's basically finding your subject matter. preferably on glossy paper stock (like a magazine) cleared a LOT then immersed in water face down. let the water soak into the back side then remove it from the water and place it face down, and gently rub the paper off the clear. the cleaner it gets the thinner it gets (naturally), and all that much more fragile it becomes. once that is all done you place it in position and trim (very carefully). Then squeegee the water from under it. Then clear. it's as simple as it sounds. Oh and the whole time your doing this , it can rip or tear easily.

    And that is the R.D. version can;t make it any easier. If you try it, be warned it is time consuming and repetitive. It took about 8-9 tries just for the hood on the Camel car. And yes I want to do a new Impala stocker with the new pack design. But all this is useless, as you can scan and print a decal now.
  11. B67ville added a post in a topic Jacks 49   

    Finally got some sun here.

    Thanks for looking.
  12. B67ville added a topic in NASCAR   

    Camel Filters #72
    I did this back in the late 80's.
    I already had a Coors Thunderbird built and decided to build something different, and as Camel was celebrating their 75th Anniversery, I thought it would be fun.

    Thanks for looking,
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  13. B67ville added a post in a topic *   

  14. B67ville added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chopped 66 Wildcat
    This 66 Buick Wildcat was just an experiment in the chopping of the mid 60's GM body style on a spare body.
    My first thought was to build the Barris Mystque but I had found one in resin, which left this body open for a change in plan.
    As it was a scrap body I needed to find a chassis to fit. The first thing that I came a cross was a AMT 67 Chevy Impala Street Machine.

    This chassis is a bit short on the wheel base and had to be stretched to fit the Buick body.

    The engine is the Buick Nail head with the induction system from the Impala, The front inner fenders also came from the Impala.

    I rolled the front pan and used the stock grille, the rear is the stock set up.

    Once all this was decided, I decided that I wanted to do something with the rear wheel opening. But not wanting to open it, I'd rather would close it.
    I was talking to my cousin one day and he suggested the change that you see here.
    The paint was a Pastel Blue Pearl nail polish that the wife donated to the car. airbrushed over HoK Snow White Pearl.

    Thanks for looking,
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  15. B67ville added a post in a topic HotRod Mack   

    Definitely Different, a little new with the old.
    It's cool.