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  1. Revell 69 GTO Judge

    This is a build I recently finished. "Revell 69 GTO Judge". All Box Stock except for the wired distributor from "Morgan Automotive Detail" (great stuff). Very nice kit with a few fit issues. Comments always welcome.
  2. 65 Chevy 2 Wagon AWB

    Thanks Robert! It was a nice flash back to my 50-60's model building roots. Very easy and fun kit. The BRP resin body needed very little prep. Some of the donor kit parts did need a little work to fit nicely. All and all the conversion was fairly painless. Thanks for the comment. AMT 427 Hilborn injected mill.
  3. 65 Chevy 2 Wagon AWB

    Race cars, my first love! I built several of the AMT Funny Car versions (Edsel-"Unreal", Falcon, 64 Chevelle-"Time Machine"). This build started with the Chevy 2 Funny car as a donor kit. It's a very simple kit. The 65 wagon body is a resin kit (body and interior). Decals are custom/homemade. I always wanted to do this conversion build. I finally had the time and money...Comments always welcome!
  4. 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

    Thanks Dennis! And thanks for everyone's great comments. Here's a shot of the bed. These are the custom home made decals I used.
  5. 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

    Thanks guys! Here's a few extra photos.
  6. 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

    I finished this Revell kit a few days ago. I used the lowered suspension option and narrowed the front and rear axles. The centerline rims are from a 59 El Camino kit and the tires are from my parts box. Wired distributor is from Morgan Automotive Detail. Paint is Candy Apple Red. Comments welcome.
  7. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Thanks midnight! The color is Testor's Sapphire Blue Metal Flake over a base coat of Metallic Silver.
  8. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Lyle-Thanks for the input and info. You are a 100% correct, the chrome grill is a custom part and the other grill shell offered in the kit is to be painted with a chrome grill insert. I have no knowledge of 32 Fords, I just wanted something different with alot of chrome to match the engine. Raul- Glad you like the topless version. The MPC kit (my kit anyway) does not include a chopped ragtop. I agree the top down version looks sportyier (sportier?), The ragtop looks like something off the Monkee Mobile..LOL!
  9. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Hi Raul! Thanks for the positive comments and interest. Sorry it took so long for me to reply...here are a couple pix of the '32 topless.
  10. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Thanks Mike! Yes, those are huge carb rams. My girlfriend picked out the model because she said: she liked "the horns"! LOL! She's so sweet!
  11. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Thanks for the comment George. It is totally out of the box stock and supposed to be 32 Ford body, grill, etc. I'm not very familiar with the 30's era so I can't confirm how accurate the parts are. Any input on 30's style rods would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  12. 32 Ford 4dr. Rag Top

    Here's my latest build. An MPC "Switchers" kit. Not to much chassis, engine or interior detail. It was kind of a snoozer, but it kept me off the streets for about a month. I like the way it turned out. The kit does have some potential with about half dozen engine configurations. It also includes two bodies and two sets of rims so there are a few combinations to work with there too. Comments always welcome!
  13. 1953 buick roadmaster hot rod....

    That is one sweet build! Excellent detail work. I could never carry a project for more than a month without losing interest. Awesome bumper to bumper. I'm still stuck doing OOB builds! ENCORE, ENCORE!
  14. Earnhardt SR's #8 Nova

    Thanks for your nice comments guys! Jody-I never notice it before but, yes, the sponsor decals are a bit larger in scale in relation to the reference photo.
  15. Earnhardt SR's #8 Nova

    Thanks Mark! Glad you like the idea. It's an AMT 72 Nova kit with Fred's Resin Workshop rims and tires.