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  1. Pierre, Excellent detail! That's the way it should be done! I'm lovin' me some NASCAR! Very nice photo work. ++++A++++
  2. Hey all! Posting this just in time for NASCAR Daytona 500....This is a project I built for a CBP a while back. My idea was to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. So, why not use a NASCAR built to look like a police car?! I've added a laptop to the interior. Lights, siren and put the peddle to the metal. Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome.
  3. Hey Gang! This is a tribute build of one of Dale Sr's early Stock Cars. Thanks for looking! Comments welcome.
  4. Oh YEAH!! Great collection! Love your detail on all builds.
  5. I was digging through some dusty boxes on the shelf and found and old build from years ago. I combined an AMT 58 Edsel Pacer body with a 67 Chevy Pro Street. Haven't posted in quite a while. I hope the pictures still come in OK. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  6. Noooooo not......MAD! Insane ...Love Chevy & 1956! Great build!
  7. Great flash back....nice nice nice. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Very nice "Rockin' Sockin'" Studdie! very smooth & clean build. I like it a lot!
  9. Love that kit! Great build.
  10. Thanks for your kind comments! This was a great finish to my project goal.
  11. Great job! 1/16th scale is fun to work with, but not always the the easiest. You've done some fine work there. Love the engine detail! Great photos too!
  12. Thanks for the great comments guys! Dan-I modified the convertible top from a 64 Ford Mustang.
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