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  1. austinLs added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lil' Mixer
    i just picked this up over the weekend and finished putting it together today. this is probably one of my favorite kits and when i first saw it at the hobby shop i knew i had to have it. i really hope you like it as much as i do!

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  2. austinLs added a post in a topic 1968 Pontiac GTO   

    very nice, clean build. i like it alot.
    nice color choice!
  3. austinLs added a post in a topic Rattlin Bones: Paleontological Boom Truck   

    thats definitly the coolest build ive ever seen!
    great job and keep the creativity flowing!
  4. austinLs added a post in a topic wheels!!!   

    thanks alot george they have alot of great stuff.
    if anyone else know s of anything dont hesitate to add!
  5. austinLs added a post in a topic 25 t bucket   

    lol no the kit came like that i just threw it together. the headers were already colored and everything. have the kit is held together with screws and honestly this kit is a bit junky imo. all i did was paint the body and frame.

    as for the car club goes, i dont really have much time for such a thing, however i may try to make it out sometime just to see what its all about. i already got 2 invites from the Kerns!
  6. austinLs added a topic in General   

    alright so im really having a hard time find stores online that carry 1:24 wheels. ive found a few on ebay but other than that i cant find much of anything. so if you know of any store that carry custom wheels and tires for 1:24 models that be much appreciated. ive seen quite a few models on here with some pretty sweet wheels. and i have a few up coming projects that imm really trying to pull out all the stops and i cant really do that with out the right wheels and stance.
    thanks again for your help!
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  7. austinLs added a post in a topic custom new beetle/and big brother   

    sick bug! and that bus looks cool, id like to see a few more shots from different angles. i really like what you've done with these two! huge vw fan here!
  8. austinLs added a post in a topic Custom 60 Chevy Truck   

    WOW that is awesome, i like this alot!
  9. austinLs added a post in a topic 68 firebird   

    well i did some of this foiling!! first try and i think it came out pretty nice, i had some trouble around the wipers on the front but i dont think its too bad. here are a few more pics for your enjoyment!

  10. austinLs added a topic in Under Glass   

    25 t bucket
    this was an easy project, i just got it b/c i love t buckets and this was the last one left at the craft store so i got it. the body and frame are diecast and came in bright red, i wasnt a big fan so i resprayed it flat black in the classic ratrod style. this is the Testor kit and it only took a few hours to throw together.

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  11. austinLs added a post in a topic BMW 320i   

    no i dont live in germany. my heritage is primarily german, alittle french and native american. but i was born in and live in pennsylvania. i love germany and everything about it though, especially audi!

    thanks for the comments about that car, im glad you all like it. i originally was going to paint it white, but as i began to spray it the paint wasnt sitting nice and the can was acting up. so i went with the black and i think it looks much better that way.
  12. austinLs added a post in a topic 55 NEWMAD   

    wow, very impressive! i would love to see the interior!
  13. austinLs added a topic in Under Glass   

    BMW 320i
    this is my second build and probably my favorite one.
    semi-flat black, gold wheels and tinted windows.
    this is the fujimi kit and i really liked it alot.
    i hope you like it.

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  14. austinLs added a topic in On The Workbench   

    ferrari enzo...MORE PICS!
    this is my 4th build and its taken quite a bit of time. im very excited for this one to be finished

    one days worth of work, probably 7 hours or more. i didnt really keep track of time.

    what i have done on the second day.

    a few more pics!

    dark green body

    just threw the body on quick for a few pics, not nearly done yet!
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  15. austinLs added a topic in Under Glass   

    68 firebird
    this is my first build since i was a young boy.
    its painted volkswagen porcelian blue. haha i had alot of fun and there are many more of these to come.
    i hope you like it.

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