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  1. If I swing by you place in my 71 can I talk you out of your promo Carmak
  2. So that is where those crazy side pipes in my parts box come from! Since I am not much of a Corvette guy I've never had any original early third gen Vette models.
  3. Wow. I built that! That is a wagon conversion I did back in late 80's (when I was 17 or 18). What is funny is that I used a modified stocker tail light panel from the parts box because I thought it looked better than the messed up stock that came with the "restored" 86 issue kit.
  4. Snake, Here is one I built in the late 80's using a 64 GTO as a chassis donor (looks like you may be doing the same thing). Some of the bodywork is not holding well 30+ years later.
  5. Nice build and good call on the wheels! Looks great!
  6. Jada just released a diecast 1:24 scale 58 Series 62 convertible as a Freddy Kruger star car. I found one at Walmart. It's not perfect (the dutchman panel is shaped all wrong) but it could be a good starting point. Way better than the Fleetwood based resins I have seen.
  7. That is cool! All it needs are white doily seat covers.
  8. Tim, Great pics. Everyone should look at the pics on your link! Some of the best pics are all the way at the end. The MPC 69 Coronet R/T Street Freak reminds me of a local car back in the 80's. Very cool!
  9. That is a very nice build! One very unique detail for CHP squad cars was that California required the steering wheel to be white.This is true even for car where a white steering wheel was not an option, the CHP contract was so large that a batch of white wheels would be made just for the California squad cars.
  10. There are a few people on E-pay selling a resin 67/68 grille that has some extra "metal" around the edge so that it fits into the 72 C10 grille opening. Has anyone tried one?
  11. Carmak

    70 Challenger annual

    Sorry to Hijack but the bumpers from the modern AMT 71 Charger fit an original issue MPC 71/72 Charger very well. Cut the open headlight grille out and drop in the headlight cover/grille inserts and it looks great.
  12. My brother has the black 61 Lincoln my father had when we were growing up along with a 62 Lincoln convertible he got about 15 years ago. To make the window seals work the convertible back window has to drop a few inches and move rearward) when it is opened. Google a video of it. Over the years I have seen a few custom Lincolns without B pillars built with convertible glass and mechanisms. The look is impressive. Carmak
  13. I need to recant my statement about the 69 GTX convertible interior. I spent a few minutes and dug out one of my kits and it actually has very accurate rear interior panels - it is the boot that is nasty. Therefore the 69 GTX would make a great source for rear interior panels. All of the 68-70 B-body convertibles used the same rear interior panel pieces except for a small section of upholstery that matched the front door panels of the particular model. You could trim down the rear section of the Revel Charger interior panels and fit them into the GTX pieces to duplicate this look. I will try to get you some pics of my interior for reference. I enjoyed your story about your families muscle Mopars. My father drove a 62 Dodge Dart /6 all the way into the late 70's - the opposite of Mopar muscle I look forward to seeing the progress on your Charger ! Carmak
  14. Very cool build! I like that you noticed the windshield is not the same. It is not because they use sedan glass. Since the convertibles and wagons sold in low volumes they "carried over" the green house from the 66-67 B-bodies. Since the other 68 B-bodies got a mild top cop the wagons and convertibles look tall by comparison. For the rear interior panels you should google what they look like as none of the kits do it correctly. The panels are one piece plastic and the upper portion blends from the back of the front door into the pocket area for the top frame. Under the upper portion is a small oddly shaped arm rest pocket. It looks nothing like how Ford and GM did it in the 60's. I have a 68 Coronet 500 convertible with the 68 only green top. I think 69 also had a special top color - possibly dark blue?? Carmak Iowa
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