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  1. Did anyone else notice in the group picture the 62 Fury has an up-top. Very cool piece!
  2. That is great that your dad also had a green 68 convertible! The green top was a one year only option for all Mopar convertibles. I have seen green, yellow and white 68's in junkyards with the remnants of green tops so I think they pushed then fairly hard when new. Since there are no repo tops in green if you see on it is most likely original.
  3. I went back and looked at your pictures again for color (not distracted by the rear panels) and I can see the pearl off white in the door panels. Your build is really outstanding and I look forward to seeing it complete. My father bought the 1:1 Coronet I have now when I was in High School (I took it to prom in the 80's) and I got it from him a few year later after it was wrecked when my younger brother was rear-ended. I have been slowly restoring it (any looking for parts) for 30ish years. I have noticed how many "high detail" builds are done with 68-69 MPC Coronets and most are done in more period common colors and not the high impact colors.
  4. What is interesting is that I have a few early kits built in the early 60's (All AMT or Johan) that have no tire melt at all while others from the same years/company have melted everything. Also I have never seen an AMT tire go to dust or mush, they melt lots of stuff, but the tires always survive (except Turnpike tires but they are unique) I will try the BMF method and some water-based acrylics. Thanks!! Craig
  5. Does anyone have a time proven method to block the plasticizer migration from 60's AMT tires to the wheels? It goes right through thinner based paint, water based paint and the vacuum metalized "chrome" on wheels. Thanks Craig
  6. Thanks everyone. Now to see if the hoarders have left any 91% rubbing alcohol at the stores around me
  7. As the owner of a 1:1 68 Coronet this is a great build to watch! Love the color choice. My only comment is that you should have integrated the GTX convertible rear interior panels into your 69 R/T sides. The GTX panels very accurately depict the unique 66-70 B-Body convertible rear interior panels. On a white interior car the smooth plastics are solid glossy white and the textured plastics, seats and door cards have a slight pearl effect. Below is a picture of my original white rear interior panels (the armrests and door cards are removed in this picture). Craig
  8. Has anyone painted over a Polar Lights Pre-painted body? I have a YELLOW 64 GTO convertible that I would like to paint any other color. I did a quick test shot on the bottom of the hood (which is pre-painted) using a typically good performing paint and acted like there was wax on it. Thanks!
  9. Mine (my wife's) is white and lavender. The restoration included rebuilt suspension and brakes. Driving around town is a blast. Driving down a busy interstate at 75 is a little on the intense side. I love my 57 but the handling and brakes make driving fast in tight quarters occasionally terrifying. The combination of the weight and suspension that is designed for a very smooth ride makes for a car that leans and pitches way more than you would expect. It could be that as 57 was the first year for the "X" frame and the last year for rear leaf springs it was never really figured out by the engineers. This critique on the Cadillac is not just a lack understanding how old cars handle. I used to have a 54 Buick Special and it could run at 75 with no drama. Carmak
  10. To me this is not about car values or even our tastes (which I feel are actually very similar) it is about accepting that people younger than us will be into stuff we are not and we can accept it without agreeing with it. The sting from the lack of acceptance when I was younger lingers just enough to remind me of that. Now my daughter has a nice cruise night quality red 69 Mustang 302/4spd convertible that she bought on her own. This makes me step back and realize they both are into Fords - where did I go wrong??? Craig
  11. The highest paid person at Palmer was the illustrator
  12. When I was a wee young lad (in the 70's) full size 60's cars were what I was into. The adult car people said the 60's stuff was just used up junk and not a real car like a 32-33-36-40 Ford and that I should not waste my time. The same age group of people though very little of the 62 T-bird I got when I was 14 and even less of the 65 Pontiac 2+2 I got a few years later. Now I am the adult with a collection of 50's and 60's cars (57 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, 65 Pontiac GP, 66 Chrysler, 69 Bonneville convertible). My mid 20's daughter's boyfriend has a 96 Ford SHO that he is fixing up. Why is he fixing up that used up junk? He is just wasting his time...........
  13. I have a 20 year old son that is very involved in a local car culture. He has rebuilt multiple engines. He helps his friends swap engine/trans/rear ends on a regular basis. Two years ago he brought a 62 GMC 1/2 ton back to life after it had sat since the 90's and then drove it 250 miles round trip to a Good Guys car show. Most of his friends would love to own a 60's mid size 2dr but they don't cost $1,000 like they used to. Most of them are into 80's Camaros, G body GM and Fox body Mustangs because that is what you CAN buy for $1,000. My son sold the GMC and now has a 81 Mercury RS T-top car with a swapped in 5.0/5spd. The drivetrain is built from mostly used parts and the car runs low 14's on pump gas. My son does live in the basement - he pays rent. He is a 2nd year electricians apprentice, he has a 401k and is saving over 1/2 of his income towards a down payment. But I digress. Carmak
  14. I am going to on vacation this spring In the San Francisco area (San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Paso Robles, Modesto, Monterey and San Jose). I am into 60’s vintage models (built, un-built, promo). Are there any good antique shops, vintage toy shops, antiquate malls that I should go to? Thanks!!
  15. If I swing by you place in my 71 can I talk you out of your promo Carmak
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