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  1. I got this 72 RR from the same person as the 62 Olds. I kinda like it as a survivor so it will just go onto the shelf.
  2. There is a Jay Leno's Garage (on YouTube) episode that features one of these. Worth the watch.
  3. Just got this on the road. Original Nevada car (solid body / baked interior). 1960 Buick LeSabre.
  4. Just got this 62 Olds 88 as part of a stash of models. There is a corvette front clip welded to the front of it. I have many models from this builder, his building skills range from poor to fair but his hand painting skills were solidly fair and creative. Since I am not sure what to do with this one right now I am just going to bag it and tag it.
  5. My son was involved in FIRST robotics and our small town school went to the worlds competition for the first time when he was on the team. I know VEX is not FIRST but they are both good programs! Carmak
  6. The wheels look like the wheels that came in the original issue AMT 69 Camaro. Very cool build.
  7. The plan is to restore most of them. I have traded a couple to local model friends and I think I am going to leave the 71 Duster and the 72 RR as is. Carmak
  8. I found these locally over the last couple weeks. 71 Mustang is built (in the box) (MPC) Super Teen is just a very cool empty box 71 Camaro is partially built (MPC) 73 Camaro Warlord (MPC) 72 Road Runner (hand painted Sox & Martin) (MPC) 65 Imperial (AMT) 65 Chevelle (Time Machine AWB) (AMT) 67 Toronado (MPC) 71 Duster (MPC) 70 Chevy C-10 (AMT) 71 Torino (ElToro) (AMT) 69 Grand Prix (needs stock bumpers) (MPC) 67 Barracuda still has the slant 6 in it (missing the intake) (AMT) 66 Cadillac Ambulance (JoHan) 71 GTO (MPC)
  9. I also have some random pieces that are molded in what I would call a "mid purge" aqua green. Possibly transitioning over to the turquoise color.
  10. Has anybody done a side by side comparison of the "too many projects" and the Futurattraction Fairmonts?
  11. This is the ghost of the 66 C-10. I received it from the friend of a former ERTL employee. It is a test shot (complete with ejector pin rust stains) from the 90's. I have everything except the tires and glass. I have been told that this test shot is most likely associated with American Satco and a limited run of 66 C-10 promo re-issues. At the time of the sampling the tooling was possibly owned by American Satco so it is unknow where the tool is now (Round 2 may or may not have it). I welcome any corrections to the story as I have it so far. Carmak
  12. The 66 C-10 mold survived at least into the 90's and is quite possibly still around. This is a mid 90's test shot of the mold I got from a former ERTL employee.
  13. Tim, As a lover of Mopar C-bodies seeing these builds is wonderful. What adds to it for me is that I have a mostly unrestored Citron Gold (code ZZ1) 66 Newport 4drHT. I like the story and description for each car. I have a couple 66 Monacos in the que for restoration and I appreciate seeing a corrected example. Lastly I noticed that you replicated the bamboo inserts on the door panels, very nice. Craig
  14. If you want Round 2 to clone the 68 Coronet go out and buy the 63 Nova wagon and the two versions of the 64 Cutlass. The more of those that are sold the better the business case Round 2 will have for the 68 Coronet. I have happily bought multiples of the Nova and Cutlass and I will buy multiples of the Coronet if given the chance.
  15. Welcome to Iowa from Iowa (Iowa City)! After moving this year I hope to get unpacked and start building this winter. Craig
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