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  1. Carmak added a post in a topic 1962 Pontiac Catalina   

    I think the 60-62 Chrysler 300's with manual trans had the shifter next to the console.
    Nice custom!
  2. Carmak added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    I have always felt there were three types of sellers at swap meets (both 1:1 car and model car): It's a business, I helps finance my hobby and I need space/want it gone.
    The business people price at what the market will bear and not that interested in trading, The hobby finance people typically price a little lower and they are more willing to trade. The need spase price it to move and also will often trade.
    When I sell at a swap meet I am somewhere between a hobby finance and a want it gone seller. I rarely bring home the same kits I take.
  3. Carmak added a post in a topic $7.99 models back at Ollies!   

    Those look like the leftovers of the sale I went to in Cedar Rapids, IA this spring. I was all Hawk models made before they sold to Round 2.
    I knew a buyer came in a bought everything right after I was there. Now I know who
  4. Carmak added a post in a topic Has anyone done a comparison between these 1/25 Challenger kits?   

    I have any original Plamer 71 Challenger and I really don't mind the way it looks. I know it is off a bit but not in a way that looks that bad to my eye. Interestingly my Palmer Challenger has a dual scoop hood.
    The slab sides of the Revell Challenger on the other hand look so wrong to me.
  5. Carmak added a post in a topic 3D printing quality   

    So I just looked at their site. I think they are castings mastered off of a rapid prototype. Nice looking work! Carmak
  6. Carmak added a post in a topic 3D printing quality   

    Those do not look like they were printed on an Objet or an FDM (the melted plastic type) machine.
    They look like SLA (pool of liquid) or SLS (box of sand) pieces.
    At work we HAD and SLA (it cost 250K) and when it was retired it was replaced with an Objet. I have pruchased both FDM and SLS parts also.
    The trick with many rapid prototype machines is support material (what hold a shape the juts out sideways as it is being made). The FDM uses a bulky scaffold matrix, the Objet uses a material similar to crumbly cheese, the SLA uses a delicate scaffold matrix and the SLS uses it's own sand (hard to explain). The only one where you can reach in an pull out a part and not have to remove support in SLS (removing support often destroys delicate details). There are some new hanging SLA builds and I do not know what they use or need ofr a support.
    I would guess that they are SLS parts.
  7. Carmak added a post in a topic Hi from Iowa   

    Welcome from Riverside, Iowa (just south of Iowa City).
    I belong to KKIM based out of the Quad Cities. I have been building since the early 80's.
    I love Des Moines, We have a week long family camping trip each year ending in the Good Guys show. If you are going to be headed to Iowa City send me a PM and we can swap stories.
  8. Carmak added a topic in General   

    Revell's 1962 Mopar annuals - possible that tooling still exists?
    On one of the Fasebook goups there are people talking about the Revell 1962 Mopar annual tooling. They say the tooling exists and could be re-issued except they do not have the mold for the tires.

    Can anyone here confirm or refute this?

    I know these models were only fair by 1962 standards but the subject matter is so cool.

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  9. Carmak added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    I had to move two years ago after living in the same house for 20 years. I got boxes that would hold 12 standard kit boxes. I stopped counting at 100 boxes.

    I guess it's too many as I don't have any place to put them (more shevling is needed).

  10. Carmak added a post in a topic 2015 Hot Rod Powertour   

    I did a day of it last year in my 71 GTO 4spd and it was a blast. Also attend the night before get together - amazing car show from all over the country!

    If it gets even remotely close you need to do it!

  11. Carmak added a post in a topic Carburetors for V8 engines   

    Greg nailed it! Good performance with good drivability and mileage.

    I have had a couple Pontiac tri-powers as daily drivers. Tiny center carb has great response and gets good mileage. Step into it harder and you open up the larger outside cabs and away we go.

    Notice that most of the mainstream dual quad setups on factory cars in the mid 50's were replaced with tri-power setups by the late 50's and used into the late 60's/early 70's.
  12. Carmak added a post in a topic AMT 1965 GTO   

    I did this wagon conversion in the 80's with a brown GTO and a yellow 65 Chevelle wagon.

    I used a parts box modified stocker GTO rear bumper just have something different.

    It's a 2drHT phantom rather than a correct 4dr.


  13. Carmak added a post in a topic MPC Daisy Road Runner kit - Something I Don't Know?   

    Odd side topic. Back in the mid 80's a good friend had a white 74 Satellite Sundance. The interior was over the top with yellow, orange and brown stripes on the setas! It was a 318 bench seat car - super reliable but slow.

  14. Carmak added a post in a topic Road Runner - Missing in Action   

    Revell / Monogram has been selling that 1:24 70 Plymouth B-body (it started as a GTX and then was modified into a Road Runner) since the mid 80's. As long as it sells they will continue to sell it.

    I personally would like to see a 68 Coronet (Super Bee or R/T). I have a couple of the original MPC kits but I would like more - I have a 1:1 68 Coronet 500 convertible. At this point I am not expecting one to ever be released

  15. Carmak added a post in a topic Road Runner - Missing in Action   

    To address your original question it is quite probable there will never be another new Road Runner kit.

    For absolute best body proportion your best bet may be to get JoHan 69 and 70 Road Runners off e-bay (expensive).

    For best detail I would say the AMT 68 is the best we will likely get.

    Many people (myself included) have combibed AMT and JoHan Road Runners in an effort to get the best total results.

    Lastly the Revell 67 GTX is 1:25 and is top notch kit.