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  1. Stumbled onto this Holy Grail kit last week locally on Facebook. 1955 AMT 1/25 scale 3 car assembly kit (essentially three un-assembled promos with bottles of and and brushes). Despite some warp the condition of the two remaining kits is amazing. The shine on the plastic and the complete lack of oxidation on the bumpers and chassis plates makes me wonder where that has been stored for the last 65 years.
  2. Since it is not Monogram or Aurora maybe it is the tooling for the Revell 1962 Mopar Annuals?
  3. Today I spent a little time putting things back where they belong as much as reasonable.
  4. Steve, I noticed this on the side of the box today. Turns out the third car was a Buick convertible.
  5. I had a 1:1 67 500 for years and I agree with your comments about the grille, the shape bothers me way more than the qtr panels. I am going to use a Charger grille and build a Mexican market Coronet (they also used the 500 tail lights).
  6. I just stumbled on to an un-built 55 three car assembly set! Is has a red 55 Cadillac and a blue 55 Ford (one car is missing). It is an AMT kit and it still has the instructions. The plastic is way more glossy than any vintage promo I have ever seen. Both bodies are warped but just a little. I will get more pictures tomorrow.
  7. We have a local hard core Crosley guy and hes displays a straight 6 Crosley he welded up from 4 cylinder parts. I runs good and doesn't shake. His name is Paul Gorrell, google him, he has made many interesting engine configurations from Crosley parts.
  8. There is a surviving "Border patrol" 69 Belvedere wagon with a 383 Magnum. Top engine available on paper was the 383 2bl. Have to assume it was built to a contract with the government.
  9. Just last year I sold my 63 Ford Country Sedan wagon with a 352 3spd and OD. Even though it has a governor make sure to keep the handle pulled out (turned off) unless you are on the highway. We have a lot of 35 and 45 speed zones with traffic lights and it can get a little confused in those situations. Out on the highway - no problem. Enjoy!
  10. Very Cool build!! I have a Kenmeri (Ken & Marry) Nissan 4dr for one of my next builds.
  11. My new neighbor has a similar car to your 72 Chevelle. It's a 72 Chevelle convertible in Hugger Orange with white top and white bench seat interior. Car is a nice unrestored example. Bought new by his father.
  12. Late 80's / early 90's. I built a couple models this way. It was the rage and then it was gone. Cool models. Mine were not this nice (or even close).
  13. A 68 Impala with the rare headlight cover option is so good looking!
  14. The Cragar mags in the 65 El Camino kit are really nice wheels and will look great! Just an FYI for the 1:1 Pontiac followers the 65 and 66 factory tri-power intake will fit every Pontiac engine 65 and later (except the 301). The caveat is that a filler plate (or special intake gasket with the filler plate built in) is needed for the exhaust crossover after 71 as the crossover opening got slightly taller in 72. In the 80's while I was in high school a friend put a 65 389 4bl intake and AFB on a 75 400 in a Catalina to upgrade to a 4bl. He figured out the block off plate on his own. Most currently available aftermarket intakes are designed to seal to all heads 65 and later (except 301).
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