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  1. Such a nice looking car. What is up with the wonky Charger 500 stripe??
  2. I have an SLA style 3D printer on order. The door cards are the perfect type of job for it.
  3. Didn't Moebius have a JoHan 59 Dodge test shot at a trade show a few years ago? It is unlikely but at least plausible that somehow the tooling for the JoHan Maverick would make it's way to Moebius just as somehow the tooling for the JoHan 59 Dodge did. Unlikely but plausible Carmak
  4. My Photon is on order. Very excited to get it and play.
  5. That is truly making lemons into lemonade! Are you using an SLA or FDM style printer?
  6. Steve, It is the headlight spacing and grille opening that bothers me. The 1:1 grille sides are angled in much more than on the kit My Photon SLA printer is scheduled to arrive within the next couple weeks and my first cad project is a new grille. If you would like any interior pictures or measurements my 68 Coronet 500 convertible is out in the shop. The AMT 69 GTX convertible panels are really close but there is something wonky about the boot opening. Carmak
  7. Very interested in seeing the "Steven Guthmiller" treatment on a 68 Coronet R/T. I hope you start by tossing the kit's grille. Carmak
  8. Very cool! Is it 1/25 scale? Who is the manufacturer?
  9. Not a daily driver but I got this summer cruiser last weekend. 1960 LeSabre 2drHT. Nice solid Nevada car now in Iowa. Craig (Carmak)
  10. Harts parts has bumpers and other replacement parts for 68 and 69 Coronets. I got some bumpers earlier this year. Nice stuff! Craig (Carmak)
  11. The new generation of "upside-down" SLA 3D printers sure do nice work. Craig (Carmak)
  12. My daughter has a 1:1 69 Mustang convertible (cruise night quality) and I was amazed that some Mustang unique 65 parts will fit it and some Mustang unique 73 parts will fit it. Having said that simply sharing chassis architecture does not make a generation in other makes and models. The 62-70 Mopar B-body chassis architecture remained fairly constant thru three generations of Satellite/Coronet and a couple generations of Charger (nobody refers to a 68-70 Charger as a first gen). Craig (Carmak)
  13. Tim, You do what most builders of the Monogram 69 Super Bee don't - you lowered it and pulled the wheels in (reduced track width). It completely changes the look of the model. I find myself hacking up the suspension of most Revell/Monogram and some modern AMT kits to get them to sit correctly. As always well done. Craig (Carmak)
  14. In the early 80's there was a 69 pale yellow Barracuda coupe with the yellow/white/black mod top and interior I would see every morning on my paper route near the campus of the University of Iowa. Was already fairly rusty, the seats were torn up and the top was pulling. I remember it as I was into Mopars as a young teen and I had never seen a mod top before. I think it was even a slant 6 as there were not engine call outs on the car anywhere and even 273 and 318 cars typically got a small "V" emblem.
  15. While on the topic of MPC Chargers I got a parts box last year and it had the "slot car" interior filler piece to take the place of the interior it you went the slot car route in 66. I also found the head and the roll bar for the filler. Found the same stuff for a 66 Bonneville. Fun stuff from a unique moment in time.
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