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  1. Thanks Snake! Forgot about that site.
  2. Did the MPC Mr. Norms Charger, the Superhemi Coronet or the Spyder Cyclone funny car kits use the same chassis as the recently reissued Judge funny car kit? I have some original built kits with missing and partial chassis' I would like to restore. Thanks Carmak
  3. Parts for 62 Dodge Dart & 60 Plymouth

    The Revell and Johan 62's (Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler) are totally different kits and for the most part things do not interchange.
  4. How many kits do you buy in one day

    Years ago (1993 ish) when Ertl owned AMT and MPC there was an outlet near the factory in Dyersville, IA. I made occasional trips to Dyersville for work, it was hit and miss for kits worth buying. I think I came close to 100 one day. Typically damaged boxes sold for $2.50 or less and $1 kits were common. I was loading a second cart when one of the stockers came out with a damaged case (12) of the just released 69 Olds 442. I asked how much they would be and she said $6 for the case if she did not have to open it, on the cart it went.
  5. 1960's GMC V6 engine dimensions?

    My son has a 64 GMC with the 305 V 6. It is in the truck but I can try to get some dimensions. I also have a shop manual that may have some nice side and front view images you could scale off of.
  6. California Hauler original issue question

    I just took another look at mine. It's a bit of a mess. Molded in blue gray with clear glass (ALL of the glass has tire burns), hood does not have hinges, engine is missing, chassis is started, cab and hood look nice BUT it does have the Goodyear tire booklet in the box.
  7. I recently got a started California Hauler kit with a stash of model cars. All of the car kits in the stash dated to 66-70 so I would assume the truck kit also dates to this time frame.. I know very little about big rigs. Is there anything special about the original issue of this kit? I do a quick search on this topic but most of what I found was about projects using the re-issue. Thanks. Carmak
  8. For the purposes of modeling the 389 and 421 only differ externally in one way (other than part number). The 421 block has a small cast lug (about the size of a piece of Brach's caramel) directly above the top transmission bolt hole on the driver side. It is know as the transfer lug. After 1960 ALL Pontiac blocks that were not either 389 or 400 received a transfer lug. Therefore a 421 and 326 block are externally the same as they both have a transfer lug. Internally the big difference is larger main journal diameters. This was a blessing and a curse. The crank was stronger but the bearing surface speed was higher for a 421 than a 389 at any given RPM. A stock 421 could spin faster than it's oiling system keep up with. This typically did not end well.
  9. Choosing a glue bomb..

    I feel there has been a significant expansion of what a "glue bomb" is. People use is now to refer to any built model. I have rebuilt dozens of built models but only a few true "glue bombs" To me a glue bomb kit that has really been fused together, typically glass fused to the body, custom pieces fused to the body and interior. A true glue bomb is very tough to restore to stock or even rebuilt into something remotely presentable. As stated above they often become a custom, hot rod or race car. For a built kit I also agree with what is stated above about glass,.I also look for trim removed from the body and missing pieces. Now that Modelhaus is gone missing pieces are very hard to find. Lastly I look for currently or recently available kits that share parts with the built model in question. An obvious example would be a 62 Buick convertible built kit would only need a usable body and boot - everything else needed for the model is available from the 62 Buick hard top kit. I have a 68 GTO with a melted roof but otherwise decent body. I am going to graft the roof off of the MPC "The Judge" funny car 69 GTO onto it and help hide the seam with a vinyl top.I will use the glass also. Carmak
  10. The Flintstone 57 Country Sedan (no wood-grain) sits very nicely on the Revell chassis.
  11. Revell's 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit

    Is it possible to tell from the box art which kits have the correct interior?
  12. 1968 Bengal Charger

    If I remember correctly a Bengal Charger was the only way to get a 318 (or any non-R/T) Charger with a stripe.
  13. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! Finished at Last!

    I like your direction for color. I painted my 1:1 57 Cadillac amethyst over bright white. Carmak
  14. Super Bee into a wagon

    I like your progress! I used to have a 68 Coronet wagon. When the 66-67 B-bodies were updated in 68 the 2 and 4 door models got a slight top chop but the wagon and convertible models did not. This should not be an issue with your build since the Monogram 69 Coronet has always looked a little tall to my eye. Carmak
  15. '63 F100 - XL

    Take a look at Monogram 58 T-bird seats. The pattern is very close to what you need. They are 1/24 scale so it would be your call if they look right.