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  1. The story I have heard repeated many times on this forum and other places is that at some point JoHan or Seville had not paid their workers, so the workers stole much of the tooling and sold it for scrap.
  2. My 68 is currently in the shop getting fresh paint. I have a few original 68 R/T builders and nice built kits but I will be all over the new 68 R/T kit in all forms!
  3. I am aligned with Daddy Fink and Snake about curbside / Craftsman kits being a good direction for clones. The curbsides have a low part count and therefore lower engineering cost, tooling cost and plastic cost. Great bang for the buck. The new Charger R/T kit probably has triple the engineering cost and double the tooling cost of a curbside clone kit. Carmak
  4. Back in the late 90's I had a 62 Cadillac Town Sedan (short deck). From the side is looked very chopped off but it was a lot easier to park than my 65 Bonneville.
  5. First off I think the point of your comment is legit at times. For this specific case the 351 Clevland engine is supposed to be one of the highlights of the Mach 1 kit so a perceived error is disappointing. The 68 Coronet is intended to be a clone of the original kit with some improvements so the poor detail (no detail) of the front suspension is not a disappointment. Honestly if the Mustang and Coronet bodies are proportionately correct I will be happy and I will buy many of them. I am a Mopar guy and I still can't get past the front fender issues with the Revell 70 Cuda. Carmak
  6. 65 Chrysler 300 promo found at an auto parts swap meet last weekend. Been looking for one for a very long time. Will rebuild as a curbside. 65 Cadillac found the week before at a flea market. Missing the interior and front suspension. Been looking for one for a very long time also - now I am looking for an interior . Carmak
  7. Would that make you a "stitch counter"? 🤣🤣 Just messing with you. My son has a 1:1 68 GTO and I also saw the upholstery.
  8. I would second what Mark has said about the Change from 59 to 60. Back in the 90's I parted out quite a few rusty Iowa full size Mopars from the late 50's to late 60's. The early 60's subframes were very related to the late 50's full frames. All of the 61-64 full size sub frames were essentially the same (only the wheelbase ever changed) so good pictures would not need to come from a 61 Dodge. Take a look at a 62 Custom 880 which is a 62 Chrysler body with a 61 Dodge front clip. I look forward to your project!
  9. On the kit the rear fenders tuck in leaving the rear tires partially exposed. Do they tuck in that much on the 1:1 (hard to tell in the pictures)? Which was harder to build, the 1:1 or the kit .
  10. Love the pictures from Brazil. Please note that Ford of Brazil used the basic 67-72 Ford truck design up to the 90's and possibly longer so these photos may be more recent than the 67-72 design may suggest.
  11. Ford of Brazil used that 1966 Galaxie platform all the way into the 80's with multiple facelifts. In the mid 70's it was called the LTD and in the late 70's / 80's it was called the Landau. Carmak
  12. I recently found an AMT Budweiser Clydesdale Team. As you can see in the pictures the suspension is mostly gone. I am really looking for the missing wheels but any other suspension parts would be really helpful. This thing is way bigger than the fairly common Borax mule team. I put the 1/25 tire in the picture to show the scale. Thanks!
  13. I would like to know how to contact them directly so I can buy piece parts like bumpers and hoods.
  14. The missing 394 could be a blessing since it might direct you to a newer engine/trans and that way you will replace the horrific Slim-Jim Roto Hydramatic. This is a 61 Olds C/B ambulance I had MANY years ago.
  15. I have a Palmer "PSM" 71 Challenger and with a little work it would make a nice model. The body proportions are nice and it has the standard dash. The chassis is really bad but this will be easy to replace. I wish the Lindberg version of the kit included the nice hood that is in this 71.
  16. I agree with the previous advice. I would add that It looks like you live fairly close to Indianapolis. You should look into Indy area swap meets and model shows (that typically have a swap on the side). One big savings is no shipping .
  17. I will try to his the model cave and the Hudson Museum. My wife is very much into 1:1 cars but not as much into scale cars. She is already all in for the Hudson Museum.
  18. Beautiful build! With the boat you have made a very well know kit very fresh. Well done!
  19. Nice clean build! As others have said I am glad I took a look as it exceeded my expectations.
  20. I just saw niteowl7710’s post and pictures of the Revell 71 442 (the picture of the built kit is his picture). At first I thought either the front wheel opening looks kinda long or the rear wheel opening looks kinda short but after finding a 1:1 pic taken at about the same angle I am not so sure. Carmak
  21. I tried hard to include Milwaukee and/or Madison but I lost . I do occasionally do business in the Milwaukee area so I will keep your list. Thanks!!
  22. I am taking a family vacation this summer through parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, The UP of Michigan and Wisconsin (see map below). I am looking for model car / slot car related places to stop along the way. This would include good antique shops that may have models or slot cars. Thanks. Craig
  23. The box is Satco. The key Satco detail is that the glass is vacu-form. I don't know if AMT ever updated the chassis (from 60-66). I will need to dig out my 63 kit to see what the chassis look like.
  24. I just saw these pics on a Facebook Forum for vintage slot cars. Although technically slot cars I feel they are relevant to this topic. Until I saw these pic this morning I did not know these ever existed. Carmak
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