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  1. There is no Testors tooling. Anything that was in a Testors box, the tooling was owned by the original company, and it was just made for Testors. The original company that made the kit would still have the tooling. For example, I have a Testors 1/16 Ferrari F40.....which is just a reboxed Fujimi kit....Fujimi owns and retains the molds. Testors never had them.
  2. Renwall tooling would have come from Revell, as they bought them years ago. Whatever was left and viable Atlantis would already have it.
  3. Virus hit right about the end of their break, and employees were told to stay home to mitigate the spread. Chinese New Year started this year on Jan 25 and goes for 15 days.
  4. That is mostly because their factory is smack dab in the middle of Coronavirus alley in China. Workers were off for Chinese New Year, and then the virus hit and they were pretty much told to stay home so as to not spread the virus. Round 2 has made it known to distributors and retailers that it could be April before any new kits arrive on shore. That was 2 weeks ago, so things may have changed since. If the workers are out longer, then it is going to push back the release of any new kits further. Basically anything that was on the water by Chinese New Year was safe, anything after that wouldn't get made until the factory was back up and running, and at this point, I don't think that has happened yet.
  5. Basically just means that someone like Stevens can't order more from Round 2, as Round 2 sent what they had left to Ollies, and since the kit isn't being made anymore, it is now discontinued.
  6. Kits get discontinued all the time by Round 2, and other companies, this is nothing new. As far as Round 2 reissuing kits. (As do other companies), it happens all the time as well. Have had my hobby shop going on year 13, and there have been many kits by not only Round 2, but Revell, heck, name a company that has been around for at least 10yrs, and they have reissued kits. That is their bread and butter. They may get reissued with different options or decals, but the kit is still a reissue. Good example, Round 2 has reissued the Dodge Monaco I think going on their 3rd reissue since they took over the AMT/MPC molds. Most of the Coke kits have all been out before since Round 2 took over. '70 Charger has been done at least 3 times since Round 2 took over. Pinto twice (3 times if you include the wagon, although there wouldn't be much the same there) Just the way the companies work, kits come and go. Tooling is paid for, this is where they make their money on reissues. I always get a kick out of Hasegawa's marketing...everything they make they call Limited Edition. Technically every kit made in every model company around the world is limited edition. When they set up to run a kit, they predict how many they will sell, run that many, and usually that is it until that kit comes up for reissue again. You do have some examples where they miscalculated and didn't run enough, so they may do a 2nd run (MPC '76 Dodge PU was one of those), but for the most part, they have a schedule to keep, and can be hard to work in a 2nd run for a kit that maybe they misjudged and sold out very fast, without delaying another kit down the line.
  7. Designed into the tooling when they made the '68 I am sure. They don't make much new tooling these days that they don't plan ahead, putting more parts into the tooling that will allow them to make multiple versions of the kit from the same tooling. Just like the '29 and '30 Ford. There are parts on that tooling that hasn't been shown yet so that can make multiple versions of the kits, more than just swapping engines and wheels.
  8. Diecast is a whole other ball of wax, and are much easier to make, due to less detail and less parts needed to make. Neither Revell or Round 2 has had a kit of a new car out in the same year that the car came out. I am sure a C8 will come along, just don't expect it before even the actual car gets released.
  9. I am a hobby shop owner, going on 12 yrs. Revell stock wasn't disrupted until the sale went through, after which the new owners closed down the existing Revell USA warehouse. Up until that point, it was business as usual, and kits were easy to get. After that, once the existing stock dried up from the warehouse (there was lots) then yes new stock was hard to find. ROG kits took about 9 months to start getting restocks, as the RUSA warehouse acted as the importer for ROG kits. So loosing the warehouse we lost the ability to get both RUSA and ROG kits. Up until the point of the sale, the problems Hobbico was having, had no effect on Revell USA, as the more kits they sold, the more money went to try and stave off bankruptcy. It was only after the sale, and the actions the new owners took that caused the supply of Revell kits to dry up, until they could get a new warehouse up and running and kits arriving from China again. I deal with about a 1/2 dozen distributors, and none of them had supply issues until after the sale went through.
  10. That, in a plastic kit, the quality of the Enzo.....would so be on board for that. The F40 would be nice also, but not as appealing as I have a Testors (Fujimi) 1/16. Don't know why they stopped with only the Enzo and the Porsche
  11. They may have more people now, but after the sale when through and Blitz closed the existing RUSA warehouse, and opened a new one, there was one guy running the show, until Ed Sexton was brought back on. There may be more people hired now, but it was a one man show for many months afterwards. I am in the hobby business, and dealt with the old RUSA on a weekly basis. Once they got set back up under Blitz, I reached out to see what was up about getting kits again, and was explained to me that they wouldn't be dealing directly with retailers any longer as they didn't have the staff to do so, and had told me at that time that it was a one man show. Ed Sexton was brought back on as whatever Ed does...seems to be advisor/marketing as it is his face at the shows we see. Since then it is likely that more people have been hired, which makes sense as the company gets its footing back under them after the sale.
  12. Nothing to do with Revell, but I would love to see Tamiya give the same treatment to their 1/12 Ferrari GTO as they did to the Enzo and the Porsche!
  13. Here's the issue, you are not correct with Revell's financial situation, which is the point he is trying to make. So not aggressive or bullying, just tired of people starting rumors that have been dispelled for months, but for some reason people keep dragging up the non truths about it. Revell USA didn't go bankrupt, their parent company Hobbico did. Revell USA, Germany and Estes was the only thing keeping Hobbico afloat, if not for those 3, they would have gone bankrupt years earlier. Hobbico going bankrupt had little effect on day to day operations at Revell, at least not until the end once the sale went through. Revell was trucking along pretty well. There were corners cut, the elimination of the Preferred Buyers Program was one, and being a former member of that program, I can tell you that I don't really miss it much. Sure I could get the new releases 2-3 weeks before everyone else (including distributors), but also meant I had to take the duds that didn't sell, along with those kits that were hot sellers. I do not miss the duds. Further more, Revell Germany has never included Revell USA releases when they do their yearly release list around when the new year starts. Just be patient, info for Revell USA will be coming eventually. Keep in mind that when Blitz bought both RUSA and ROG, that they handed control of both companies to the team that runs ROG, and what was once a large office and warehouse staff at RUSA, was reduced to one person, that was pretty much responsible for all of RUSA operations in receiving kits from China and sending the kits out to distributors and retailers. (the company is now has a second person in Ed Sexton), so now you have 2 people doing the job of a fully staffed warehouse, save for the kit development and most of the marketing, things move a little slower when all that work that was done by an office and warehouse full of people are now done by 2 people. Revell is doing fine, hell Blitz bought both companies for a song. Total expenditure for both RUSA and ROG was $4million. $3 or so million of that was for existing inventory that was in the RUSA warehouse. RUSA tooling on paper was purchased at $50000 (valued at about $4mil), much of which they likely recouped when they sold off the tooling they didn't want to Atlantis. So other than the existing inventory (which has all sold), and the licensing and trademarks (about $100000) Blitz pretty much "stole" the company and have very little invested on the RUSA side of things. (BTW, part of that $4mil, was about $900000 for all of Hobbico UK's ROG shares), so for roughly $1million Blitz bought RUSA and ROG for what was rumored to be worth about $35 million (not including stock on hand) So, Blitz won't be selling off any RUSA tooling. Why would they? Pretty much a license to print money at this point with the entire company pretty much paid for. As far as the C8 goes, the car isn't even on the market yet. When the C7 Corvette came out, RUSA was nearly 2yrs getting the simplified snap kit to market, nevermind the other C7 kits that they put out. So you are likely looking at late 2020, but more likely 2021 before a C8 kit is out from RUSA, and it is likely that the first kit won't be a fully detailed glue kit, more than likely a more simple snap kit. So lets dispel again the unsubstantiated rumors that seem to keep popping up about the state of Revell and get back to the building of the models instead of stirring up BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH about them.
  14. Gregg,

    I have tried to e-mail you (maybe an old email gregg@modelcarsmag.com) and through Facebook, but never get an answer.

    I was sent 20 copies of Issue #206, but have never gotten an invoice for them. Normally invoice is sent and paid before product is shipped. I realize that they are printed and shipped from the mainland and not Hawaii, but still, I have yet to get an invoice for them.

    So, if you can, send me a Paypal invoice for 20 hobby shop copies of Issue #206 to scott@elmcityhobbies.com.

    I am in Canada, but they are shipped to my US PO Box (so US pricing for the magazine and shipping, not Canadian).

    Really don't want to get behind on these as far as payment goes, as I am sure you would like some money incoming as well.



    Elm City Hobbies

  15. There are no separate released dates for the US and Canada. Only delay is shipping, as it takes a week or so longer to get to Canadian suppliers. There have been the odd kit that for whatever reason wasn't allowed to be sold in Canada (licensing issues), Stacy David 32 Ford for one, wasn't allowed into Canada, but otherwise, released dates for each country are the same, just slightly more shipping time.
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