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  1. First off, does anyone make spark plugs in 1/16. Next are the seats. This is going to be tough. Any ideas how to do these.
  2. Question about 1/16 parts

    I'm working on the Lindberg 1/16 Stutz and wonder if anyone makes spark plugs. Terry
  3. I have looked at a lot of his build but I don't see any engine pictures. Did he do much engine detail? These old Lindberg 1/16 kits are really void of engine detail. I plan on doing some but I'm just curious what he did. Thanks for any info. Terry
  4. Harry Pristovnik

    I don't know if I am fortunate or not. Now I feel a lot of pressure to do the best job I ever have and I still don't think I will come close to his abilities.
  5. Harry Pristovnik

    Thank you so much, Ace. I just ordered one of his books and maybe more down the road.
  6. Harry Pristovnik

    Hello, I use to post here several years ago so some of you my remember me but the reason I am posting now is I purchased a 1/16 Lindberg Stutz off Ebay several months back. There were a few things already done that indicated the builder was going to be doing a lot of detail to the model. So I thought I would try to find out who the builder was and what their style of building was. I contact the seller who was the daughter and found out that the builder was Harry Pristovnik. I'm sure I have seen some of his work over the years but I just can't remember. Amy, his daughter told me he was on this board so I thought maybe some of you could lead me in a direction to see some of his work to get an idea of what he did. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Terry Love
  7. 1950's Car Test

    I got 85% but I'm happy with that. What struck me is the ones that I didn't get were cars that didn't interest me while growing up. I'll tell my wife about this tonight and hopefully she will stop saying that I know everything about old cars. I'll use you 100%ers to prove that I don't know everything.

    I'm not sure they are really doing the contest with us in mind. They know we are going to buy the kits that interest us. They also probably know that the quality builders from this forum and the major contest around the county will win but I think their main goal is to get new people involved. That is one thing that I think we all want to happen so for me, I'll buy a kit that I normally wouldn't and enter just to support their cause.

    If you haven't seen them here is the link http://www.revell.com/contest/revellgearz-rules.html 1st question. At the bottom is a list of kits. I compared them to the Revell website and none of them are listed. Yes, there are Vipers, Challengers and GT 500 on the website but none of them match the product numbers listed in the rules. 2nd question or maybe a suggestion. Read the rule for the novice class. Taken at face value, people like Larry Booth, probably Randy Derr and a whole lot of top builders don't finish 10 models in 3 years. I once built 26 models in one year. I wanted to enter every class in our club contest. They were all junk but by the rules that would make me a professional builder. Reguardless of the rules, I'm still going to enter and support them for trying to build the hobby. That is if I can figure out which kits I can use.

    Well, I just read all the posts and I agree with some, disagree with others and don't understand a few. BUT I still get excited when Stacy sets down at the end of each show and is surrounded by models and does the "viewer car" segment. Then he always tells the audience to get out there and build something and on a recent show he said if you can build a full size car then get a model and build it. Thank you Stacy and Revell for trying to get more people involved in this hobby. To me it's worth buying a kit that I normally wouldn't, building it and entering to help support the cause.
  11. 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

    Excellent, I love it.
  12. Trumpeter Ford GT40 Build

    I haven't posted anything that I've been working on for quite a while. Len Woodruff told me I needed to post some pics of the GT 40. Today is rainy here in Dallas and I couldn't mow the yard so I took some pictures. I'm building the GT40 as a street car. I eliminated the Gurney bubble after I had the base coat down so I'm having to do some carefully body work and blend the paint. I have the KA Models photo etch and metal set. The exhausts were a pain but I think they turned out great. Check out the seat in the last picture. There are a ton of eyes that have to be glued in one at a time. No fun.
  13. I think the pledge below should be administered at each and every contest around the country or even world. It might just solve all the problems that we encounter and make things a lot more fun. I, state your name, being a model builder extraordinaire, do here by acknowledge the inferiority of the judges that are about to peruse my labors. Knowing they lack the talent that I have in my small finger, I accept their limitations and predigests and give them my full support as they make these decisions that are above their ability and comprehension level. I will take the high road and accept when my masterpiece is beaten by that pill of junk setting next to it. Knowing that this a hobby and the rest of the contesting are here to have fun, I will accept the fact that that big honking trophy that should be mine, mine, mine will not be setting in the specially designed and built alter that is currently awaiting it in my hobby room. No alas, it will be riding home next to my arch enemy but I will the man of grace and dignity and shake his hand and congratulate him on a great model. This I promise in the all that is model holy, so help me (insert your form of deity, God, Mohammad, Alfred E Newman or whoever). (Optional) Have build place hand on Bible, Mad Magazine, model car magazine?
  14. Enthusiast link

    That is a super website. I could spend hours, well actually I have spent hours just looking at pictures there.
  15. Hello All, David aka Karmodeler2, has a great chain on "what would you like to change about contests". In that thread a couple of reoccuring problems are mentioned. Three, to be exact, that I would like to address. Hosting clubs not entering their contest, people having to judge classes that they have no knowledge of and people not wanting to judge, period. I think I have a solution and before you blow off my next statement and say that I'm crazy, please let me explain. I think the people in a class should judge that class. What did he say? Yes, the actual people that enter a particular class should be the ones that judge it. 1. They know the subject matter or at least should. If they don't they probably arn't and shouldn't win the class but they sure will learn a lot about it. 2. There is no home field advantage for the hosting club so they should be allowed to enter. 3. If people don't want to judge then their car isn't eligable to win. Plus I think most people don't want to judge because they would be judging other classes that they have no interest in. So how does it work. Whether you use a score card with 100 point or just by voting for the best model, this system should work. First off, an individual can not vote for their own model. That may sound unfair but if there are 10 people in the class and I have the best model by a long shot. None of the other model come close. When the score is calculated, my model should have 9 first place scores and only one other model will have 1 first place score. I win. This would work for the master awards ie, Best Paint, engine, interior etc and then for Best of Show. I see two negatives to this system. 1. Someone might not vote for the best car hoping that will elevate their car, so you need to have someone else go back and verify the results. 2. The winners might know who won before the actual awards are given out. But, just think, all the street rod guys will be able to discuss what each one of them did on their car. I think some great comradery would be built and those people that think they should have won, would probably understand why they didn't. So, please don't just react with your first gut feeling because I think this idea goes agains everything that we hold dear in what we have thought about contest for year. This is a little crazy but I think it would work.