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  1. Ha! It kinda does! It’s a kit cat..
  2. I had an idea, thought, daydream whatever that would not leave me alone. REALLY wanted to have a chrome surround with a lip on it for the taillights I have never tried incorporating brass and copper into a model but figured it was worth trying. .005 brass sheet and.030 copper wire. This is still roughing it in but I think it’s going to be ok I try and get the plastic to shape as much as possible before going to filler. For ease and not hearing the wife about fumes I used milliput for the shaping l. Really starting to like it
  3. Carved them from a transparent red stir stick
  4. Thanks guys, front bumper is a modified 57 Desoto.
  5. Some progress, getting ideas from the brain to the plastic. Seems like I always take the hardest road to get there... Several mistakes made and I’m sure more to come but the vision of the back of this thing is coming about. Tail lights from stir stick, shaped to mimic the fins. Made a base traced from the master light then wrapped in.010 for the housing. There is an easier way, just don’t know what it is yet. Lots of delicate shapes and curves going on
  6. Moving forward at a glacial pace, wanted to share a little progress. Albeit still very rough around the edges some visions in the head are coming to reality. 58 Edsel grill surrounds fitted with lenses from the 65 Riviera kit. 57 Desoto grill with extended ends. The grill section is a separate piece and will be chromed. Nothing in stone yet but I kinda like it Cut, fit, sand, fit, do it over, I don’t get a lot of time to play but I enjoy it
  7. It takes me a long time to make a little progress. Originally debated trying to keep the engine under the hood but decided to let it be part of the overall design feel. Moved the engine forward and down a little so the air cleaners just peek out. Big steps in fitting the rest of the puzzle together
  8. HOK Pagan gold with a lot of pearls. Mini flake on the roof, can’t remember what clear it was
  9. I started on the interior but that is as far as I got. Tire and wheel are just sitting under the fender. Can’t tell you how many times I have done that. Hoping to break the trend with the 59 Impala and actually complete it
  10. Good eye Spex, I am. Been holding on to some of this stuff for years. Figured I might as well start using some of it
  11. Really need to get this one done
  12. Strictly mock up. I have decided it will definitely be a blend of styles (period correct) between low rider, kustom, and hot rod. Super fun using parts pack pieces from the 60s for the wire wheels and some old tires I have had for who knows how long. Firestone Super Sports F70-15 near as I can tell Thanks to Dennis McPhail for the background artwork and inspiration
  13. Hey Espo, so yeah great point! I rarely get it right the first time... originally I just lopped off the tops of the fender wells. After getting back into it I discovered this actually caused more trouble with fitting everything else. Now the firewall didn’t fit, radiator assembly wouldn’t work without mods, etc etc. I decided ultimately to cut it loose and use the spare front assembly and sink it down over the frame The engine fit is a HUGE deciding factor on the rest of the build. Personally, I would rather the engine remain hidden in the bay. I think... Hidden, the car can keep a heavy look. If it needs to protrude through hood so be it. BUT, it’ll be a more hot rod lighter feel to it. I have a feeling it will be a blurred line between kustom and hot rod. Which is fine, as long as blurry and confusing don’t clash. Working on that step now to determine what happens next
  14. This is the project I chose to dig out of the pile of unfinished projects. It’s been sectioned and other mods. I had the convertible kit also, it’s donating parts lost through the years
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