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  1. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic First On Race Day   

    I like it I like it! What really got my attention was the Zetec engine. I didnt know they had that in scale........The reason I'm so excited is I am fitting one into my 1:1 street legal sand rail. Is that a Focus kit? Who makes it?
  2. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic 68 Camaro   

    Thats a very nice clean model. Welcome to the forum.
  3. KanelKustoms added a topic in General   

    Show Rods and Green Olives
    It used to be when I was younger I couldnt stand green olives. Nasty little salty funky things. Then as time when on, I tried them again and hmmmmm these are kinda good. Show rods to me used to be impractical, ugly, and useless machines. Now thanks to the user on here "Showrodfreak" I have seen and started to gain a new appreciation for these machines. They are way outside normal thinking. Some of them I'll never care for, but others just trip a trigger somewhere I havent had tripped before.

    After looking at a link Mr. showrodfreak posted, it got the ol' mind a spinnin. Then I got the new issue of Rod and Custom yesterday. Low and behold was an old showrod on the cover. The Ice Truck. Low and wide with a blown nailhead. How cool! The craftsmanship is first rate, and the design is just awesome.

    Dont really know the point of this post. I'm thinking maybe after the 59 Kaddy model is done, it will be time for a showrod.

    Thanks Showrodfreak for the inspiration.
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  4. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic 60's styled 2005 "RETRO-VETTE" COUPE   

    You are doing a terrific job there Dave. To me a perfect restyling is when you know there has been much work done, yet it looks so "right" it seems like it could have been (or should have) been factory. You have nailed the look on this one. Good job!
  5. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Favorite street rod of all time   

    Mine would have to be my Mom's 1936 Ford 2 door humpback sedan. Nothing extrodinary, just a homebuilt rod. I grew up in that car going to car shows all around the midwest. That was our "reliable" car. When the daily driver wouldn't go you could always count on the '36 to fire up and get you there. Its currently in the first stages of rebuild by my brother and me.
  6. KanelKustoms added a topic in General   

    Are decade style stereotypes over?
    With all the new styles of cars being built, Rat Rods, High Tech, Tuner, Low Rider, etc type cars being built now is there a specific style that will be remembered in the future? Will someone build, say 20 years from now, an early 2000's style car or truck the way they could build an early 60's style car or truck now?

    It used to be you had east and west coast styles, the "Witchita look", and various style differences within a localized area. But what about now? With the advent of the internet and technology, is there such a difference in styling from coast to coast. What are we doing now that will be remembered.

    Any and all opinions welcomed, I'm just curios to what everyone thinks.
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  7. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Baron Taxi ( Kit Bash )   

    There sure are some neat models in that link. Thanks for sharing
  8. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Barber Shop Show Rod   

    Ya know, I REALLY dig those!

    Never really occured to me to build something like that. I've always done traditional kustoms and street rods. The next project may very well be a show rod.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Milner’s coupe from American Graffiti   

    "Hey Milner- There's a very wicked '55 Chevy lookin for you."

    Absolutly love the movie and love your model. Great work!!
  10. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Looking to get a beginner airbrush   

    This may stir a hornet's nest- But you may want to check out Harbor Freight. They have a dual action nice airbrush for $15 on sale, and a single action for $10. I bought one of each, the dual action looks alot more expensive than it is and works good.
  11. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Can i borrow $35,000?   

    That IS really cool!

    I missed something though?? When you make a scan of the part, form the 3D copy, you still have to take it to the machinist to have it made in metal. Why not just take the machinist the original?

    I would imagine someday, soon probly, that a similar scanning machine will produce exact code to be fed into a CNC machine and made from the final metal to be used from the start.

    I have been a machinist for about 16 years now, and when I first started I daydreamed of machines like this. And laser micrometers that would measure a part still spinning on the lathe.

    Really neat video, thanks for sharing that. My mind will be spinning all day
  12. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Good plastic chrome?   

    Look up the ALSA Corporation. They have a product called Mirrachrome. Whatever you are painting gets a black base polished to a mirror shine, then the Mirrachrome misted on to look like a mirror when properly applied. Hold on to your seat though because it isnt cheap.

    There is also a product called Alclad from Dupont but I am not familiar with that one.

    Hope this helps
  13. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Landspeed Vette update 7/14/09   

    What a masterful work of art! That is absolutly incredible! Excellent craftsmanship with an expert sense of style and flow. I can only imagine the amount of work that has gone into that.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
  14. KanelKustoms added a post in a topic Making a car from scratch...   

    That is quite an undertaking! But you could try and work with clay to make a buck, then make a mold from that and pour a resin copy from that. Or you could use a wire form to start then covered by Sculpy clay and bake to harden it. You didnt mention the level of detail you were going for, or how much you were planning on spending, but they do have those 1/4 scale actual running V8 engines.....................
  15. KanelKustoms added a topic in General   

    Very cool website and cars
    I was fortunate enought to have worked for Ram Mosher at Ram's Rod Shop in Dover DE at the time the purple 39 Lincoln "Scrape" was being built. The car was owned by Terry Cook, now resides in the Peterson Museum. From there, Terry went on to design and build in my opinion some very cool stuff. I have been heavily influenced by him and his design style.
    I hope you enjoy the link:

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