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  1. www.miapoxy.com is the hobbyist DIY division of Freeman Supply.
  2. Drag City Casting I believe makes a wide array of tear drop hoods.
  3. Oh Lord no, I have a small house that already has way too much clutter in it. When a model is finished the instructions & box go into the recycle bin.
  4. There are some listed on ebay right now & Model Roundup has one listed in their online catalog.
  5. Well I know of one Pinto that did burn on impact. About 1982 a co-worker’s father was killed when his Pinto was rear ended at a traffic light about a mile from where we worked. Pretty bad time, I had to drive through the intersection on my way to & from work. You could see the scorched pavement for a long time.
  6. I have had unfinished projects sit for 15-20 years or longer (there are still a few in that category). Often it is some technical issue that I cannot figure out that stops me. Since I retired 5 years ago I have finished a number of those long dormant builds but a few are sitting there & I don’t think I will ever touch them again.
  7. Sorry I do not have his email. I did just see him at the Detroit model show last weekend.
  8. Thanks for posting, The Detroit show is great show getting better every year. They are going to need more model display tables soon !
  9. I don’t have any pictures but I used that chassis under an AMT ‘64 Mercury. It took a bit of fiddling to fit but it worked and looks great.
  10. Crude 1955 multi piece body tooling. That being said with time & effort you can make a nice looking model.
  11. MCW has changed owners in the last couple years. In the process the business moved from N Carolina to Ohio. The current owner also owns a hobby shop. The phone number you listed is good & it is also the number of said hobby shop called Wings, Wheels & Waves. A confusing part of the whole thing is that both the old & new web sites are active & you can purchase through ether. That being said MCW supplies a good product with good service, I have purchased paint & resin from him in the last year with no problems.
  12. Tom, Steve is on facebook & posts there regularly. Should be able to find him there.
  13. I seem to remember R&R cast one way back. Check with Ron Andrews of RMR, he purchased all of Ray’s molds & masters.
  14. Thanks, just had no idea what that meant .
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