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  1. Bill is fine, saw him a couple months ago. He is on facebook occasionally.
  2. I was up there in May, specifically went to see these two cars. It was definitely worth the 4 1/2 hour drive each way to see them.
  3. Someone way back did a resin of the Corvair, R&D Unique maybe ? When an unbuilt one appears it goes for serious money.
  4. Exactly, looks like S/SS class on the rear roof pillar.
  5. The only flathead Pontiac straight eight was a resin one from Kitchen Tables Resins. He closed his business a couple years ago. The many time reissued AMT 1941 Plymouth has a flat six. I have modified this engine to be a reasonable copy of both a Studebaker flat six and a Ford flat six. Going farther back the Monogram 1930’s Packards have flathead straight eight engines. Another person answered the Replicas & Miniatures has a Pontiac straight eight. Not really, first it is an overhead valve engine and while it is supposed to represent a Buick straight eight, it is not real accurate. But it is still a nice looking motor. Your best and cheapest route would probably get a couple of the ‘41 Plymouth’s and do some cutting on the flat six to create a flat eight.
  6. I & everyone else thought John Carlisle was retiring & shutting down this business. Wonder what changed.
  7. I don’t know about using lacquer thinner as glue but MEK works very well.
  8. The 221,260,289,302 & 351 W were all externally the same basic engine. Different bores & stroke to give the different displacement.
  9. Check American Industrial Truck Models, he specializes in just resin truck bodies and parts.
  10. The Rustoleum primer is probably enamel & the color coat is likely a lacquer or urethane. You should never shoot anything but enamel over enamel. Find a primer from the same manufacturer as the paint.
  11. A crime to pull parts out of a kit to use on another build ? If so I’m going to jail forever, I saw cut them up, swap parts, age or value who cares ! This hobby is about building not saving boxes full of plastic.
  12. No need to clear over BMF, I have builds from 20-30+ years ago with BMF & they look as good today as when it was first applied.
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