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  1. Crude 1955 multi piece body tooling. That being said with time & effort you can make a nice looking model.
  2. MCW has changed owners in the last couple years. In the process the business moved from N Carolina to Ohio. The current owner also owns a hobby shop. The phone number you listed is good & it is also the number of said hobby shop called Wings, Wheels & Waves. A confusing part of the whole thing is that both the old & new web sites are active & you can purchase through ether. That being said MCW supplies a good product with good service, I have purchased paint & resin from him in the last year with no problems.
  3. Tom, Steve is on facebook & posts there regularly. Should be able to find him there.
  4. I seem to remember R&R cast one way back. Check with Ron Andrews of RMR, he purchased all of Ray’s molds & masters.
  5. Thanks, just had no idea what that meant .
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe a guy named Bill Cunningham has created a 3D printed one. I have been following his progress on facebook for months. I have no idea if he is making it available to the public or not.
  7. I do not believe there is any headlight “glass”, as you see from the box art there was no clear headlight covering in 1985. DOT regulations did not allow it then. All headlights had to be sealed beam units. IIRC that rule was changed by 1986 & those did have the covers. I have the instructions , PM me your email & or home address. I will try to ether scan or photocopy them.
  8. I have to ask, what is a Chill Factor distributor cap ?
  9. I just recently made this very modification. I cut away all the fenders and just left the area that supports the cab & the front of the bed.
  10. The chassis from the AMT 1960 Ford is an excellent choice, very well detailed. I used it under a ‘64 Merc I built a few years ago. Very little modifications to make it fit.
  11. Amen Tom, I have about given up with constructive criticism on FB. You ether get ripped for being a rotten MFer or told you don’t know what you are talking about. A no win ether way & I’m just trying to help a fellow modeler improve.
  12. Bet the car they photographed and measured was a HT and they just added the bolsters in later.
  13. The vertical link attached to the axle more or less like you have it. You might have them mounted upside down. I just went through this recently with a ‘34 pick up. Google ford friction shocks, a bunch of pictures on the web to give you a better idea.
  14. Yep, what he said, through most of the 1960s AMT & later MPC on almost every kit used the same interior tub for convertibles & hard tops
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