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  1. The chassis from the AMT 1960 Ford is an excellent choice, very well detailed. I used it under a ‘64 Merc I built a few years ago. Very little modifications to make it fit.
  2. Amen Tom, I have about given up with constructive criticism on FB. You ether get ripped for being a rotten MFer or told you don’t know what you are talking about. A no win ether way & I’m just trying to help a fellow modeler improve.
  3. Bet the car they photographed and measured was a HT and they just added the bolsters in later.
  4. The vertical link attached to the axle more or less like you have it. You might have them mounted upside down. I just went through this recently with a ‘34 pick up. Google ford friction shocks, a bunch of pictures on the web to give you a better idea.
  5. Yep, what he said, through most of the 1960s AMT & later MPC on almost every kit used the same interior tub for convertibles & hard tops
  6. I received my order of these wheels the other day, they are very nice & will look good on a couple planned builds.
  7. I know The Model Cave in Michigan sells them.
  8. Don’t know what Testors midnight blue looks like but Tamiya makes a spray Dark Blue TS-55 that is very dark.
  9. Over the years Tamiya, Hasegawa & Fujimi have all produced Honda Civic kits. But I do not know what years they represent, the Japanese companies often do not put model years on their boxes.
  10. The Gilmore Museum in Michigan until October has a featured display on the Fisher Body Craftsmen Guild.
  11. Nice work, looking forward to seeing these in resin.
  12. Motor City Resin Casters is making a resin ‘67 Ford
  13. I didn’t see these mentioned, AMT produced the 1963 Indy 500 winning Watson & MPC produced the 1967 Indy Turbine in 1/20 scale and the 1968 Indy Lotus turbine in 1/25.
  14. I have many of the AMT model T tires, PM me your address & I will send you one.
  15. Are you going to produce these for sale ? I would be interested in a couple sets if so.
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