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  1. Try email again. I know that’s not much help but it’s all I have.
  2. Thank you for the tribute Howard, it was a labor of love for many many years. All good things must end, I urge everyone to support your nearest model show/contest/swap meet. You walking in the door & paying your admission is what keeps them running.
  3. RMR (Ron Andrews) indeed purchased all the molds & masters from the estate of Ray Parson (R&R ). This also includes much of the product of Ron Cash Scale Autos as Ray had acquired all of that after Ron’s death some years ago. The RMR web site is not up to date if you are interested in anything he has, contact him directly. I purchased a couple kits from him in the Spring, good product & service.
  4. Also my question, did this ever happen & if so where can it be purchased ?
  5. The Auburn kit was originally from Pyro in 1955, it is crude but with work can be made to look decent. It has been reissued many times over the years & was still in the Round 2 catalog within the last year or so. Easy to find & not expensive.
  6. May have to scratch build it, don’t believe that wheel was ever in a kit. I just looked at an ‘84 kit I have & the only wheel was nothing like that.
  7. I have purchased resin & paint from him, 3-4 weeks is usual but I have received stuff in less than 2 weeks.
  8. www.miapoxy.com is the hobbyist DIY division of Freeman Supply.
  9. Drag City Casting I believe makes a wide array of tear drop hoods.
  10. Oh Lord no, I have a small house that already has way too much clutter in it. When a model is finished the instructions & box go into the recycle bin.
  11. There are some listed on ebay right now & Model Roundup has one listed in their online catalog.
  12. Well I know of one Pinto that did burn on impact. About 1982 a co-worker’s father was killed when his Pinto was rear ended at a traffic light about a mile from where we worked. Pretty bad time, I had to drive through the intersection on my way to & from work. You could see the scorched pavement for a long time.
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