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  1. Fantastic, very, very beautiful. From an incredible realism. You have much skill with the lathe, congratulations. Hugs
  2. Great job man, perfect. Congratulations. Hugs.
  3. Great job man, congratulations. Hugs
  4. Photos from the application of bare metal, because this step already finalized. I liked the result, despite flaws in the pictures are not very evident, but finalized and liked. The problem I believe is the knife I use, because I have no stylus, and even with a new blade just for that, it means chewing bare, instead of cutting just right. Very bare metal to apply, same too. Never make a car with so many beads. I made one more detail after these photos. The best so far. To better Ta near completion. Please tips, comments and suggestions as always, welcome and necessary. Hugs for all.
  5. Inside the door handles made with bare metal. It was not legal, but it was my first experience with this material. Not much enjoyed not the result, but should be better than masking to paint right. I applied the powder as I had seen before, and of course, as I had problems starting node assembly, was a small gap close to the floor and the wall cuts focus, but I'll try to improve this tomorrow. Everything here was applied in semi gloss or satin varnish. Details of the start of fireproof wall.
  6. Guys, having problems with the paint peeling all, sealer applied to plastic and everything improved. The chassis is only missing the wheels, which are waiting for chrome because the chrome was all original detonated, alas I decided to do it again with a chrome I bought, but it was not good. I used to exhaust welding wire of 2.4 mm after the damper to be able to do the curves. 'll Still get the tip of glove fishing, but only after mounted. New paint finally finished, just waiting to receive bare metal and lacquer to finish. It was much better now, and then I started using a sealer, nothing stripped. : D Black is polyester. I really liked the polyester dries too fast. Interior flocking. The engine until it was legal. I did the fuel hose leading from the fuel pump to the carburetor with nylon coated with varnish stained orange. I also did a hose coming out of the tank but only by firebreak wall. I made a hose coming out of the water reservoir of windshield cleaner that is not there. And I made a wiring that goes from the alternator to the voltage regulator on the wall firebreak. Ah, I managed with the help of Kleber Bitt and Dionísio Cavalcante who gave a strength to the pipes of the candles. I used the little tube of telephone wires, but had to give in a heated fire, but there was loose hoop done. hehehehe
  7. Fantastic, what a fine job in this VW. Hugs.
  8. Fantastic, what a fine job in this VW. Hugs.
  9. Slam, That beautiful work you did. Chose the color, and the wheels were very good, congratulations. Hugs
  10. Bryan, I'm really enjoying to track your work, is of high level. Curti too wear, was great. Beautiful work bench, very complete. This new project will be perfect, this car is gorgeous. congratulations. Hugs.
  11. Phil, nice work friend, was very good. I liked the side, sneaking exhausts gave a touch more brutal. Congratulations.
  12. Uelder, Like I said, great work on this 40, perfect in my opinion. You have a lot of class and good taste in their mounts, and very skillful. Hugs
  13. Modlbldr, Was very good your modification. Place the roof of Mustang in Victoria should have given a lot of work, but it was perfect. I really enjoyed the interior, was very modern. I don't have all this ability, since I'm in the second kit. Thanks for sharing with us. Congratulations. Tooltas, Pretty cool caps of Mercury as well, but I'll use the original caps of the kit. Thank you. Foxer, Thanks, really gave a lot of work to make the new suspension, but liked the result. Thank you. rmvw guy, Thanks buddy, how nice that is enjoying the customization. Thank you. Darkside, No problem posting here not, I am glad to be able to be doing a job that you like, because when I was starting my work saw his and found it very good, and using as reference. I want to make black cadillac and with red roof. Let's see what I will do. Continue to follow that will have more updates soon. Thank you. Hugs for all.
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