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  1. impcon added a post in a topic Flintstone 59 ford Country sedan   

    I'd like to see that one too.. The Flintstone casting has potential.. hopefully someone can come up with a link..
  2. impcon added a post in a topic AMT 1970 Buick Wildcat   

    Sure is a pretty car and colour! Nice, clean build..
  3. impcon added a post in a topic AMT/SMP '58 fairlane   

    The two tone really does make that model outstanding!!! Nice choice of colours.. looks fantabulous!!!!!
  4. impcon added a post in a topic '51 Chev Fleetline Deluxe Restoration   

    Hi Mark,
    Gee - we're almost neighbors! *smiles* Those wheel covers on that red beauty are from a '56 Oldsmobile.. they certainly suit that Chevy.. I am not sure where you would find a set of those - now where is Modelhaus?????????? Not to start a debate here, but somebody really needs to either buy that business or start producing some of the stuff they offered.
  5. impcon added a post in a topic 1966 Buick Wildcat   

    Randy, that Buick is an exceptionally pretty model and the color is close to a stock green . There's a '66 hardtop running around my area here that is a very similar green but it has a white roof. I can't recall the interior color but the white goes nicely with your body color. There is not much that can be done to these cars to improve the stock look - it is nice to see that you stayed with the factory theme, The blue car looks like a sweetheart too but I am much more fond of the '66 design..
  6. impcon added a post in a topic MAD Chevy/ GMC long beds   

    If you combine the aforementioned long box, the more common and affordable '55-7 Chevy step side pickup fenders are correct or use the custom frnders from the AMT 53 F100 kit. Those need a bitof work, but lots of guys never used them so they are likely available,Tailgates were the same from 55 though 72 for the step side trucks.
  7. impcon added a post in a topic Looking for builder   

    Hi Howard,
    Warmest regards and my heart goes out to you with your injury. I understand your frustration with being unable to buy your truck back as I had a '64 Falcon hardtop that I sold and tried and tried to buy back only to have the then owner actually openly laugh at me. ..
    Stupid Photobucket wont let your photos show..  the good old greed factor, you know. Perhaps try another hosting site.. Aren't there some issues using the newer hood on that original annual? Or was it justthe box that wont line up properly? Still, I for one, would like to see your truck..
  8. impcon added a post in a topic AMT 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup question   

    Someone needs to cast the box fender with the cut out to mount the spare up on yje side of the box.. Someone did do the 55-66 Chev truck fenders wit the cut put but I can not remember who it was. I always liked the spare mounted on the front side of the box. This feature does not seem to be very common but it really gives the truck that '50's look.. The spare could be mounted on either side but drivers side looks to be by fat the most common. There are a couple of photos to show the mounting brackets and the box fender cut out.

  9. impcon added a post in a topic possible '76 Ford pickup?   

    Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.. I really like those trucks and we have a '77 F150 Super Cab that we have owned since 1986 and I have had others. Now if only someone would issue a SUper Cab instead of those Super Camper Specials.. Thanks for the PM. Gary
  10. impcon added a post in a topic possible '76 Ford pickup?   

    Maybe you could please post some photos of your friend's truck. It may inspire some guys to buy the kit, thus more sales for the model companies and a little bit of help as far as giving sales a boost. I like tat style of Ford truck and I too would like a normal box for one - but then, so wouldn't a lot of us.
  11. impcon added a post in a topic '66 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible   

    Looks sweet Rick! The wheels really do look good on that car.. I gotta get me one of those to give to my brother who has a real bucket seat/console Cutlass convertible. Nice car - actually IMHO, much nicer that the over rated Chevelle of the same year.
  12. impcon added a post in a topic Revell '66 Chevy Suburban {in blue}   

    It's nice to see the base, plain jane model for once without the "chrome" grille and hubcaps - the way that most of them were. This truck does however, beg for a set of narrow whitewall tires - those would REALLY set that blue off!! Is this one a six cylinder or a V8? One like this, with a six would be outrageous!
  13. impcon added a post in a topic '66 Mayfair Chevy Suburban Ambulance**Update 7/20/17   

    This is a unique concept but not at all unrealistic. I like the colors and the painted grille and hub caps.. and the panel behind the grille is even white like it should be.Lots of work opening those rear doors I'd bet - and the fit is good when they are closed. Nice work Rick.. Thank you for sharing.
  14. impcon added a post in a topic 1969 - 72 Ford Truck Long Box Sides With Narrow Body Trim??   

    Thanks Jeff, I checked but did not see any Ford boxes on his site so I have emailed him. I'm thinking that I am not the only one who would like to have the option of building the Custom or Sport Custom pick ups.. I am surprised that no one is offering alternate boxes and tail gates for what is a very popular kit.
  15. impcon added a post in a topic Transformers : Bumblebee Camaro   

    I agree.. you'd have the set that way..