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  1. 65 Grand Prix

    Man, I like those big Pontiacs and yours is a fine rendition. The Canadian Grande Parisienne which started production in 1966, is based on the American Grand Prix but it has Bonneville upholstery and of course, badging. http://www.oldcarscanada.com/2011/11/1966-pontiac.html
  2. 66 Country Squire

    Just as a matter of interest - in 1959, the Nomad was an Impala series, four door, six passenger, two seat wagon only. That model was never available with the third seat although I suspect that the right dealer could have snuck a nine passenger Nomad out but I have never heard of such a critter. The Kingswood was the 9 passenger, four door three seat model that shared the Bel Air series upholstery and trim. The Brookwood ( Biscayne series ) was the only 2 door wagon offered and of course, it also came as a two seat, six passenger wagon. Having said that, your Nomad looks good.
  3. Email sent as you suggested,, thank you. I am pretty sure thata there would be a market for anything '67 Fairlane including the factry 2 door sedans to the Ranchero and the Country Squire and basic Fairlane wagons. - or - a sedan delivery in Fairlane 599 adornment.!!???
  4. I just checked their website and no, they have nothing for 1967 Fairlane. Thanks anyways..
  5. Actually, yes, Modelhaus did cast and offer the hood ornament. They are sadly missed..
  6. 59 resin ranchero

    Someone else is selling one on Ebay, but I'd far sooner pay a few dollars more for quality thank you. Jeff's products are top notch.. with resin, you usually get what you pay for - I have learned that. He has the reputation and that goes a long ways when compared to buying something from a stranger whose work you have never examined closely. Jeff - you really need to do a '67 Ranchero next - the Fairlane 500 model. That would almost assuredly be well received and with the '66 Fairlane may well supply the chassis and mechanics. I am not sure if the wheel base of the wagon?Ranchero are close.. but it's a thought.
  7. Yeah - on that - good luck. I have been trying to find a junk hard top body with a good roof for.. well, forever it seems. If you do get a scrap body and it has a usable roof, I'd sure be willing to deal you something for the body. Here's what I started with.. It's pretty muuch all in primer now - just need a good roof to replace this warped one which could maybe be fixed, but the ribs in the roof panel are all but obliterated.
  8. The '65 convertible shows up on Ebay fairly often. If you absolutely must have an unbuilt kit, then they can be pricey. But clean built ups are cheaper than resin.
  9. Since Modelhaus packed it in, replacement parts can be somewhat of a problem, can't they?? Is anyone casting a grille, a dashboard, good tail lights and dated rear bumper for a '67" Converting a '66 to a '67 is a snap with those pieces at hand and I, for one, prefer the '67 to the '66 - probably because I have owned several of them. Also, sopmeone needs to step out and d the '67 Ranchero with Fairlane 5000 side trim.. I am reasonably certain those would sell. Given the scarcity and the prices of '67 kits, and the ease of using most existing molds, it would seem to me to be crazy not to release a new issue of the '67 and then do the Ranchero. Hello Revell.... are you there? Listening?
  10. I have been thinking about a cast off project that has been laying around here in a box of junk for years. The biggest problem was that the model - a 1955 Ford panel truck - is a 1.24 kit and I;d like to do a stock build right down to the hub caps. I had looked at using an AMT '53 Ford pickup as parts but of course, everything is out of scale - like, like big time. Has anyone ever combined a decent quality die cast 1/24 with a styrene lit such as a Danbury Mint model. I have seen damaged ones sell for affordable prices and my question is, would the tires and wheels appear to be more fitting than 1/25 parts? I am painfully aware the panel is not meant to be built stock, but I really appreciate the looks of those trucks in their factory trimmings.
  11. Does anyone know of a caster ( or a kit?? ) that makes/has the stock air cleaner for a 1971-76 Ford F100 as pictured here? I have started on the Moebius '71 Ford that was generously passed on to my by a good friend and board member here, and I am trying to replicate the '71 Custom F100 that my dad bought brand new from Springfield Motor Products in Oakbank, Manitoba. I will have to do some swingin' and swayin' of parts here to turn the Ranger into a lowly Custom and the air cleaner is one of the challenges I face. I am using the Bronco 289 that I hope will pass as a 302 and the standard transmission on that engine/transmission unit is perfect because my dad's truck had a 3 speed standard transmission, nopower steering and no power brakes. A pretty plain truck but it sure looked good in its Rangoon Red paint.
  12. Moebius F-100 issues

    Please keep us informed as to how Moebius handles this. I have two unopened kits - now I am afraid to look at them.. both were gifts so I do not have a sales receipt .. guess I'll crack the cellophane tomorrow and see what I have. They REALLY need to start manufacturing their kits back on this side of the Pacific..
  13. TM Resins - contact information?

    Thanks for the input guys.. I did contact him through Ebay and he gave me a price on the pieces I wanted - it was a fair price too, by the way. I asked him how he wanted to do the transaction - with a Buy It Now? He responded something about not being able to get my mailing address through Ebay's rules. Guess I'll just have to shelve that project I guess. Dealing through Ebay gets real old some times... Bill, there is another caster on Ebay who goes by redlinerestorations2015-8 He seems to have some interesting items and some prices are pretty decent - certainly not out of line. Man, but we DO need Modelhaus back..
  14. Special Edition Charger

    There's a bit of that going on and not just with models. A large retailer in this area had a fantastic money back guarantee up until too many people were buying tools and equipment for home projects, using them and then returning them. Those idiots have screwed it up for the rest of us. I wont go into what ethnic group were 95% of the problem according to staff members who saw this going on.
  15. 65 Bonneville Wagon?

    I was never familiar with R&R - I had little interest in resin stuff back then. But also, some of his offerings sure seem familiar from another well known caster who closed up shop in the last couple of years - unfortunately for the hobby. Hopefully this guy will offer more stuff like parts for annuals, convertible windshield frames and boots and interior p[arts like the stock '64 Fairlane bench seat that I bought from them. Between the loss of that caster and Phoptobucket screwing up half the pictures on the Internet with their greed, it has not been good the last while.