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  1. This may seem like a silly question, but would Castrol Super Clean work? I've soaked resin bodies in it to remove the release agent, washed the body with warm water and dish soap and never had any issues.
  2. There is a caster offering a 223.. might be Kitchen resins.
  3. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Thanks Steve.. Time alone will tell what the 59's fate will be. I appreciate and respect your opinions.
  4. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Thanks guys, I checked the hardtop closely Steve and yes, the hard top was an add on, It isn't noticeable unless you are really looking for it. I'm not inclined to throw old models away even if they are butchered so that hardtop may still have a future. I'm going to try my hand at replacing the fins and if the project is a flop, then I'm not out anything really because it has a super clean interior, a good chassis and glass. I understand that sometimes, a project just ain't worth it, and saving the hardtop is not exactly a matter of life and death. But I am going to step out of the box here and try to see if I can make something out of that old car one day. I'll just keep trying to gather parts - just in case... :<))) By the way, it was my fat fingers that typed "59" and not "58" like I meant to. My apologies. *blushes*
  5. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Thanks. Sending PM.
  6. 1958 Imperial Scrap Body & Misc Parts

    Thanks guys, It seems that what I actually have is a '58 convertible and the hardtop amputee is in fact a '59 with, as you pointed out Steve, the scripts, door handles, hood and fender front ornamentation sanded off. When I bought the cars at the swap meet, the seller and I agreed on a $20.00 price on the convertible and after I paid him for it he produced the hardtop and for just $5.00 more, I owned both cars. He said that he had bought the hardtop for the rear bumper thinking that the hardtop was also a '58. After I made this post, I noticed that the hardtop bumpers says 1959 and not 1958. But it's all good as no matter what, I am tickled half to death with my purchases. I'll try to repair the hardtop rather than gut it as it has a nice,clean unpainted interior and good glass and restore it as best I can. All else failing, I'll wait for another body to show up on Ebay. i know there is a much newer release of the hardtop but I just have a thing for these old annuals and if this one can be saved, then so much the better. Grafting those fins on may be a bit above my pay grade and abilities but I am going to try.. Aside from the windshield, the convertible only needs tail lights, the center for the deck lid "spare tire" and one wheel and hub cap. I'm wondering if the Model King reissue parts would fit the hardtop - does anyone know? Again, I'd prefer the proper old parts and they'll likely show up on Ebay sooner or later I suppose. Ron, you mentioned that the '59's are kinda scarce - I had no idea and to me, it doesn't matter although that is an interesting fact. I bought the models because I liked them and could afford them and while rarity is nice and interesting, I like the oldies and to me, that is what matters. Thank you guys for pointing things out and I'll post pictures once I get the pieces gathered and get started on this. By the way, the two bodies on Ebay are gone. *sighs* Just my luck. I looked at them but funds are low right now, so I passed. Guess maybe I shouldn't have.
  7. I picked up this '58 Imperial hardtop kit and a convertible on the weekend at the first model car swap meet that I have attended in over two decades. Sadly, it is the only one on the West Coast of B.C. for the year. . Unfortunately, the hardtop has taken a hit by someone with a butcher tool of some sort and the rear fins have been amputated. So, I am hoping to find a donor body that I can remove the fins from and adapt to fit this body as opposed to trying to find a good body. It's such a shame because the body is so clean and normally, I'd not paint it as it is so nice, but the needed surgery, if it is successful, will mean the car will need to be painted. Even just the back half of a body with cruiser skirt rash would do for me to try to salvage the fins to save this otherwise pristine body... Also need a grille, wheels ( need five wheel covers as I have the tires and axles ), axles and hubcaps or any extra chrome, stock parts. Also need a convertible windshield for the convertible. Will happily purchase and pay shipping costs. I'd offer to trade, but it depends if I have what you need. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks. Gary
  8. Thanks Ron.. appreciate the heads up. Kevin, could you please pm me with ordering information, please? Thank you.
  9. Aftermarket Directory

    Respectfully, let me just say that I appreciate the input and lists regarding resin casters. This just a suggestion, but it seems that many of the casters listed here are no longer around for what ever reason. Would it be possible to cull the lists and if nothing else, put the names of the closed vendors in something akin to an obituary column? The initial list is hopelessly out dated and I find myself wondering if anyone else gets tired of digging through dead links or "We're Closed" pages. Just a thought....
  10. 1955 Ford "Bootlegger" Version Gold Wheels Wanted

    Moderator - please be so kind as to delete this thread. Thank you.
  11. 1955 Ford "Bootlegger" Version Gold Wheels Wanted

    Thank you for looking anyways. I appreciate your efforts
  12. I have a 'couple of '64 Chevelles that are in need of hoods, front bumper/grille . rear bumper and El Camino/wagon tail lights and bezels. Is anyone casting any of those parts? If not, then someone should consider it because those parts are hard to find and expensive.
  13. Looking to trade what ever for a set of the gold turbine style mags from the Monogram '55 Ford panel truck kit #2772-0100. I am willing to trade or work some sort of deal for a nice set with absolute minimal wear.
  14. Just came across this seller on Ebay who has lots of decals that could be used for logos on commercial vehicles. By using some of the names on the sheet ( such as the word Rambunctious on this sheet here - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rambunctious-66-Dart-AWB-1-25-Decal-from-Fremont-Racing-Specialties/323095763341?hash=item4b3a02198d:g:~FcAAOSw2Bxagi9S ) and adding the word "Transport" or Moving and Storage" from another decal set, you could possibly have some rather special looking rigs, pickups, sedan deliveries and panels. Just a thought - figured I'd pass it on for what ever it is worth, I mean, the same old Allied Van Lines" and other kit decals get old after awhile. Hope this helps someone and by the way, I am in no way affiliated with this seller. Just trying to help the hobby.
  15. Just curious as to if any resin casters are producing 1958 or 59 Chevrolet pickup cabs in resin? Big or small back window - I like them both. Also, does anyone cast a large big truck version cab for a Viking or a Spartan series? One caster had one a number of years ago but it was not all that good. I bought one but never used it as the one fender and headlights had an obvious droop and the fender emblems were kind of crude and not aligned with each other. And besides, the one emblem was backwards as the caster never bothered to master two emblems - they only did one leaving one side wrong.It was too bad because it would not have taken all that much to correct the master to produce a decent, workable truck. I suppose someone who had the abilities and patience to drill and blast and correct the drooping headlights and set the fender onto the cab in it's roper place could do something with it. Any suggestions?