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  1. early 70s Chevy 250 straight 6?

    Thank you for the link Casey - muchly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Rob. I'll check with them to see if they still have them. I've bought from him before and was very happy with their product and service.
  3. Thank you Dave & Rob - I truly appreciate the leads. Gary
  4. I just posted in the resin thread but I am covering my bases here. Does anyone have any small dog dish caps for a 69 Camaro or Nova? I know that the Revell COPO kit had them - probably a couple of other kits offered that option. I am in need of several sets if anyone wants to trade or?? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for viewing..
  5. Is anyone out there casting the small hub caps that would appear to be correct for the '69 Nova or Camaro? I am sure that someone offered them some time ago. Or would anyone be interested in casting them? One caster has been mentioned in another thread but I'd prefer to buy elsewhere.
  6. Resin Buyers Beware

    Pay Pal, like Ebay, is in it for the money - nothing more - nothing less. Just m opinion. Look at some sellers feedback ( especially the offshore ones ) and you wonder why they are allowed to sell on an ongoing basis. WEbay collects tjheir fees and that's what it is really all about as far as they are concerned.
  7. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    I have always thought that '69 was the best year by far for the Camaro. Many people get all excited about the split bumper cars but I seldom give them a second look - but that's just me. To each his own. The cars in the photo which you were so kind as to post are certainly nice and to be treasured. I suspect that with all the fires and hurricanes and floods these past several years, many have been lost which is unfortunate. Not as unfortunate though as the homees and lives that are so harshly affected as with this current storm. I will say that my heart certainly goes out to those folks.
  8. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    Hmmmmmmmm.. I honestly had no idea that those cars could be had with the Endura bumpers..
  9. It seems the more mundane "ordinary" daily driver/family car stuff like the small hub caps, are in very short supply. The same goes for six cylinder engines and wagons and four doors. Admittedly, that subject matter does not have the following that the performance and top of the line vehicles enjoy, but there is still a lot of people who like daily drivers and grocery getters.
  10. Is anyone casting the correct looking small hub caps for a '69 Camaro or Nova? Thanks in advance.
  11. Just wondering if anyone is offering a resin stock Chevy six cylinder and transmission ( a 3 speed standard would be divine!!! ) that would look right in a 1/25 '69 Camaro? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  12. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    I'd say that there is a market for up tops - A year or two ago, I managed to get a Revell second generation Camaro convertible that still had both the up top and the boot with it. It would be nice if someone could copy those two pieces - I think that converting a T roof car to a convertible would be relatively easy. And oh yeah - some enterprising individual really needs to do the top for the Revell and AMY Z28 convertible..
  13. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    Thanks Casey, I see what you mean about the cowl depressions not matching up. I unearthed an old built up this afternoon that I had forgotten I have and the fit is definitely unacceptable. I'll try to contact R&M and order one.. or two of them. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post guys. I really appreciate it.
  14. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if this AMT hood will fit without a whole lot of drilling and blasting -
  15. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    That goes for me too Casey.. *grins* Seriously..