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  1. impcon added a post in a topic Moebius F-100 issues   

    Please keep us informed as to how Moebius handles this. I have two unopened kits - now I am afraid to look at them.. both were gifts so I do not have a sales receipt .. guess I'll crack the cellophane tomorrow and see what I have. They REALLY need to start manufacturing their kits back on this side of the Pacific..
  2. impcon added a post in a topic TM Resins - contact information?   

    Thanks for the input guys.. I did contact him through Ebay and he gave me a price on the pieces I wanted - it was a fair price too, by the way. I asked him how he wanted to do the transaction - with a Buy It Now? He responded something about not being able to get my mailing address through Ebay's rules. Guess I'll just have to shelve that project I guess. Dealing through Ebay gets real old some times...
    Bill, there is another caster on Ebay who goes by redlinerestorations2015-8  He seems to have some interesting items and some prices are pretty decent - certainly not out of line. Man, but we DO need Modelhaus back..
  3. impcon added a post in a topic Special Edition Charger   

    There's a bit of that going on and not just with models. A large retailer in this area had a fantastic money back guarantee up until too many people were buying tools and equipment for home projects, using them and then returning them. Those idiots have screwed it up for the rest of us. I wont go into what ethnic group were 95% of the problem according to staff members who saw this going on.
  4. impcon added a post in a topic 65 Bonneville Wagon?   

    I was never familiar with R&R - I had little interest in resin stuff back then. But also, some of his offerings sure seem familiar from another well known caster who closed up shop in the last couple of years - unfortunately for the hobby. Hopefully this guy will offer more stuff like parts for annuals, convertible windshield frames and boots and interior p[arts like the stock '64 Fairlane bench seat that I bought from them. Between the loss of that caster and Phoptobucket screwing up half the pictures on the Internet with their greed, it has not been good the last while.
  5. impcon added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    TM Resins - contact information?
    I'm wondering if anyone has contact information for TM resins aside of through Ebay? I would like to contact them about ordering a couple of parts from one of their kits but trying to communicate through Ebay is risky for him as their rules forbid that. Does anyone have an email address for them? Or a phone number that they can PM tome? Those people really need a website as it is starting to look as if they are striving to become Modelhaus 2.0. Lots of wagons and neat stuff = they are really expanding their line of products. Their listings are a sight for sore eyes..
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  6. impcon added a post in a topic 65 Bonneville Wagon?   

    Be patient - maybe contact TM Resins on Ebay and see if they have considered making a '65 based on the '66 that they currently offer. If enough people ask, they will likely produce one being as they seem to be producing so many items. There are people who really like wagons and unusual subjects. Try it - nothing ventured - nothing gained..
  7. impcon added a post in a topic 1968/69 Dodge Dart Resin Front Bench Seat?   

    Alan,, I am assuming that the body in those pictures is a resin one as is the  grille and parts.. are those pieces still available do you know and who cast them?
  8. impcon added a post in a topic 1968/69 Dodge Dart Resin Front Bench Seat?   

    Hmmmmmm.. sounds like Mother Mopar really was on a cutback routine - pull up side windows?? That's actually funny! I know it was done to save weight.. but imagine having a police officer at the side of your car asking you to roll your window down? What about at the drive in - the car hop wouldn't have any place to hang the tray with your burgers and fries.. just kidding.. I doubt too many Hemi Darts frequented the local A&W or what ever back when they still had car hops.. Drive ins - car hops - most definitely from a better time.. simpler with better music, to say the least.
  9. impcon added a post in a topic 1968/69 Dodge Dart Resin Front Bench Seat?   

    Alan, May I ask what the difference between a Hemi interior and a non Hemi interior is?  I am not that familiar with the Darts although I have always liked them.. But then they have four wheels, so what's not to love? *sighs* Seriously though, there is a lot to be learned about these little cars. Someone did a conversion of a hardtop to a convertible quite awhile ago - they did look good in that body style, didn't they? I have searched for that write up but have not found it - another missing link in modelling and a good project for some enterprising resin caster - one that would probably sell well too. I'm thinking a convertible with a slant six automatic.. just to be different.
  10. impcon added a post in a topic '63 Bonneville: D/S tallight, firewall, top boot   

    Steve - I sent you a PM.. not sure if it went through or not as an error window popped up.. if the message failed to launch, please PM me.. Gary
  11. impcon added a post in a topic WANTED - luggage racks please   

    WOW! Is that Charger ever pretty!!! DO you have any more photos of it to share or that you can PM to me? It is always inspiring to see something like that! Thanks for posting the picture.
  12. impcon added a post in a topic '63 Bonneville: D/S tallight, firewall, top boot   

    They are out there alright Steve, but the prices are all over the place - usually on the high end for a decent, clean kit. Your black beauty looks awesome! I remember a powder blue Parisienne 2 door hardtop frommy youth - in 1971, it still had the clear plastic protectors on the door panels.. *sighs* What a cream puff!! The parents of a guy I went to high school with had a burgundy hardtop with a white roof and dark red interior - another Canadian Parisienne. And then there was the white Bonneville with black bucket seat interior for $300,00 that got away on me. *sighs* I have a coule of convertible kits already that are clean old built ups but I want a hardtop. I considered a roof transplant from a '62-64 Impala but nah - I will wait for the real thing.
  13. impcon added a post in a topic 1968/69 Dodge Dart Resin Front Bench Seat?   

    Thanks Alan, I was trying to avoid making one.. maybe I am getting lazy in my  old age - I was just hoping that someone may have a ready made seat. I'm thinking that when I do this project, I'll do as you have shown. I appreciate all the responses guys.
  14. impcon added a post in a topic 1968/69 Dodge Dart Resin Front Bench Seat?   

    Thank you Mr. Mopar and John - I'll check that out.
  15. impcon added a post in a topic '63 Bonneville: D/S tallight, firewall, top boot   

    I have seen 63 Bonnevilles parted out on Ebay - sometimes the vendor may only have several stray parts, but keep an eye out there. The '63 Pontiac is my favorite '60's Pontiac followed closely by the big '66 4 door hardtops. Of course, there are no kits of the four door hardtop out there.. Those '63s sure were a pretty car though.. I'd love to score a two door hardtop -even an old built up.