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  1. DrOlds added a post in a topic 68 el camino   

    Wicked mino dude... diggin the tonneau... nice.
  2. DrOlds added a post in a topic 70 Challenger   

    I'm not a real big mopar kinda guy.. but this looks awesome.. nice job.
  3. DrOlds added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell '69 Pontiac GTO "The Judge"   

    Yea, I didn't know that it had the 68 hidden in the kit untill i bought it.. but if i had looked on the side of the box more carefully I would have noticed the 68 nose on one of the pics. I originally bought the kit for the hood and decals, but that got a wrench thrown into it when it became a 68... so thanks Eric for the hood from your childhood goat.
  4. DrOlds added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell '69 Pontiac GTO "The Judge"   

    Yes, thanks for the info..after reading your post i ran out and bought the kit. I needed the decals to finish up a 69 Judge and a 70 Judge that im building..
    the rest of the kit wasn't all that intresting to me untill i saw it could also be made into a 68 GTO.. made the kit well worth the buy.
  5. DrOlds added a post in a topic MY VERY FIRST MODEL IS DONE :]]]]   

    Great job.. my first kit, i had glue all over the windows.. Very impressive.
    As for your next kit, I just go by what grabs my attention, which is usually more than one... I'm sure everyone on here can say that they have a small or large collection of kits stashed away somewhere... But keep us updated with whatever you choose.
  6. DrOlds added a post in a topic Window tint   

    Ive personally tried Testors transparent black (window tint) and it's horrible, if the glass has any sort of curve to it, I found that it just drips and pools in the middle.. I have only had the best results using actual car tint ( bought it on sale at wal-mart for $10 on sale) Granted I probably have enough tint to do 1000 models. LOL. Just my two cents.
  7. DrOlds added a post in a topic 66 GTO - final assembly before completion 1/21   

    Nice Goat, my friend... Keep us posted on it.
    Oh, thanks for the tip on the Vinyl top paint.
  8. DrOlds added a post in a topic 1969 Yenko Nova   

    Hey guys, thanks for the positive feedback..
    Yes the decals are from the camaro, since they give you black and white with the kit.
    The color is Testors Laquer Lime Ice, I thought it would be nice touch to it... although not correct.

    I'm trying to get more pics up, but still haven't figured out how to downsize everything yet...
  9. DrOlds added a topic in Under Glass   

    1969 Yenko Nova
    Hey just finished it, First post of my cars on here. Hope you like it.
    Thanks for looking.

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  10. DrOlds added a post in a topic 87- 89 Mustang Convertible.   

    Nice looking stang, It's a lot nicer looking front end than that of the 87 mustang gt. (wasn't very impressed with that kit).
  11. DrOlds added a post in a topic 1969 Baldwin Motion Nova....**Finished**   

    ManOman, That is an amazing Nova. I just finished my 69 Yenko Nova. Trying to get pics up, but they are all too big.
    But that is an amazing job.
  12. DrOlds added a post in a topic The few I got done in '08   

    Awesome builds... The Buick is amazing. Did the decals come with that kit?
  13. DrOlds added a post in a topic General Lee   

    Wow, I'm not a Dodge guy, but that is amazing... great job. Makes me want to try that kit.
  14. DrOlds added a post in a topic Oldsmobile F-88   

    Hey man, that is sweeetttt.. Resin kit?
  15. DrOlds added a post in a topic Olds Rallye 350   

    Hi, I'm a newbie, but love the site, I have a couple 70 442 kits. Would love to find the Johan 71 442 funnycar.. Anyone want to trade???