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  1. I think it's great that you are under taking this project, and I hope that it proves lucrative for both of you as it IS one of the best LX bodies produced.
  2. The beauty of the fox body to me was that each owner could customize their car to their individual tastes. And they had SO many options to choose from. Those old Revell Capri kits are a lot of fun to build, assuming that you like kit bashing, and have lots of patience. They are fairly close to 1/25th scale, I think you may be referring to the Testors Capri which is like 1/20th scale? It is a VERY simple kit that I have yet to try my hand at.
  3. Buick road master wagons had LS1 engines I believe. Nice job so far...liking the wheels, can't wait ro see more.
  4. Looking very nice! Nothing better then restoring something that others had given up hope on.
  5. Hmmm... I like the way you think. In the mean time, here are pics of the "new" hood painted but not yet cleared....
  6. Well either ... What if Mercury comtinued building the Capri until 1993, and the SVT team got a hold of it. OR a Custom Capri that some one built as a "tribute". Take your pick.
  7. Umm...maybe read the thread from the beginning? It started out as a Mustang in 1/24th scale. The only actual Mercury Capri models are 1/25th scale. Yeah, I know all that and thanks for the praise on the MODEL guys.
  8. I decided I really didn't like the plain cowl hood. So after working all day to make a new hood, one that would (hopefully) clear the engine here is what I'll be using... It's made from 3 less then perfect, resin hoods. It's a little rough, and a little too tall. All in all though for being a rush job it's not too horrible and will have to work.
  9. Unfortunately while playing with the radiator, I noticed that the radiator bracket across the top was cast too thick. So I thinned the radiator "top frame" down a little, this moved the frame up. This also moved the engine up. When I added the supercharger belt, I forgot to thin it down a little. What all this means is that the hood no longer clears the engine... So I may have to go with a conventional cowl hood... Unless I find something more to my liking...
  10. Well I figured out the cooling fan issue by using a photo etched 12 cooling fan. Since I am new to photo etch it didn't turn out the greatest but it will work. Here is the front of the radiator in front of the engine... Here is the engine with out the radiator...
  11. I actually did. It has a 12 inch electric on the outside and was going to have 2 separate 6 inch on the inside but there isn't enough room. I think I found some that might fit if I thin them out though. Or I may sat forget it and just build it like it is. Edit: I would really like to go coil on plug style ignition but have yet to find individual coils that I like, ie are detailed enough.
  12. I haven't been working on models lately, but the time has come to get started again. So I am pulling this one out, blowing the dust off and I am going to try to get it finished. I need to figure out the cooling issue as the blower pulleys interfere with the radiator cooling fan set up I was going to use. The engine is a tight fit now especially with the custom blower etc. (I should have made the hood taller too perhaps.) Then I'll need to figure out the ignition system and then it's just details and assembly...sounds easy right!? (LOL!) Anyway as you can see there is only 2-3mm between the radiator and supercharger pulleys. Anyway if there is a detail or idea you have, or that you would like added please feel free to suggest it. If I don't include it in this one I'll try to include it in the next one...
  13. You know why they won't fix the top? They don't CARE!!! If it were a 69 Charger that they grew up with then they would fix it, oh wait they did!
  14. I'm shocked awed and amazed no one has mentioned this yet, BUT...here goes. CA glue de-bonder. No sanding needed period. Resin does not craze like styrene. So either formula of de-bonder will work. Personally I prefer Great Plains CA and de-bonder. It's the same stuff that you get at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby discontinued the de-bonder, however they do still carry the glue under a different brand name. So you need to find the Great Plains de-bonder if you want the good stuff. Hobby Town and other hobby shops have a different type, of CA and de-bonder but it's simply not as good. Compare the 2 and you'll see the difference. (The Hobby Town type WILL craze styrene, like mad, so you have been forewarned.) To use it, simply squirt some on a paper towel, and wipe until excess CA is gone. No sanding needed. Try it you'll see.
  15. How about a side story then? Something like.... Sgt. Det. Adam Troy peers out the window of the Boston Police headquarters. He sees McNally leaning against the fender of a new Mustang Shelby . He barely has time to wonder what he's up to, before the memories hit him (blindside him, really). Like a 2 ton heavy thing from out of no where. They do that occasionally, especially when he see's a nice shiny Mustang. He instantly remembers his first Mustang. He had worked hard for her. Started working odd jobs at 12 and his first real job with a work permit at 14 . He saved up most all his income and finally had enough to buy her at 17. It took 6 months of searching before he found it, and he knew as soon as he saw it it had to be his . In fact if not for that first car he might not have become an officer... More later. How's that?
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