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  1. Saturnine added a post in a topic Honda Civic coupe   

    Is that the Revell kit? Does it come with stock body panels and tail lights?
  2. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    1/24 Taka-Q Toyota 88C-V
    Does this kit come with an engine or is it curb-side?

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  3. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    I've been checking out AUTOart.com alot and am finally thinking of purchasing one. They're really expensive so I wanted to stop be here and see what everybody thought of AUTOart. From the pictures they look extremely detailed. Are they worth the high cost? Will I be dissapointed by cheap looking head/tail lights that look like walmart diecasts? Is there anything that needs improving, or do these guys pretty much nail it? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  4. Saturnine added a post in a topic Aoshima Trueno   

    Oh man, you don't know how much help that was, that was the exact kit I was asking about. Thanks alot, really appreciate it.
  5. Saturnine added a post in a topic Fast and Furious   

    Yeah its was an RS200, pretty sweet.
  6. Saturnine added a post in a topic Aoshima Trueno   

    I was thinking about buying a couple aoshima kits that come with engines. 2 different AE86's. Are the engines included the ones that just display on an engine stand, or are they actually in the engine bay? Thanks.
  7. Saturnine added a post in a topic Fast and Furious   

    Just saw it. Great movie.It takes place timewise between 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift. Awesome mix of cars, something for everybody. Different from all of the other movies to in a good way. Tokyo Drift was my favourite as well, until I saw this one. Oh and another plus....no forced lines or bullspit with characters talking about their bad throttle response and listing off their mods like they're reading from a catalog. No extra scenes after the credits either, so you don't gotta wait around. Hope I didn't spoil anything.
  8. Saturnine added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Mettalic Paint
    Is there a brand of paint with small enough flakes that the metallic looks to scale? I don't want every car I paint metallic to look like a low rider with giant metal flakes. Thanks for any help.
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  9. Saturnine added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Carbon Fibre Decal Templates
    I have an Aoshima S15 that I want to give a carbon fibre hood. How do I do it? Do I just cut out a square big enough to cover the hood, and then trim it? Is there a way to make a template? Is there a website with random templates? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  10. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    Subaru Impreza STI S204 orange colour?
    Subaru released a limited edition Imprezza not to long ago with this awesome orange colour. It was kind of mangoey...I guess. I think the car was called S204. I think it had white wheels to. If anybody can posta picture i'd appreciate it. I think it was from the 2005-2007 body style.
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  11. Saturnine added a post in a topic Nissan 300ZX   

    Who makes the kit?...its nice.
  12. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    1/24 aftermatket racing seats.
    Hey i'm looking for 1/24 scale after-market brand name racing seats. I've seen generic ones sold in kits, but i'm really interested in brand name seats. Bride, Recaro, Sparco etc. Does anybody know of a company or website that sells them? Does a company make them, so I can search on ebay for a set? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    I posted this in the wanted section, to....hope thats not a problem.
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  13. Saturnine added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    What's the difference if any between these F50's?
    I was thinking of picking up one ofe these F50's...The white boxed one. What is the difference? The black boxed one looks like a premium version. Are these the exact same kits with different boxes for re-issues? Thanks for any help.

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  14. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    Paints:sets...types...advice, etc
    Ok i've just recently picked up modeling again...well I was never really into it heavily, but that changed when I found out about Tamiya,Aoshima and Fujimi. Anyways....back in the day I had one of those orange rotatable paint stands from Testors...that came with all the tiny bottles of paint. I haven't seen them in stores either. I've recently picked up a few Tamiya/Fujimi kits and wanted some advice on paint. I'm asking for advice specifically on all the parts besides the body and chassis(if you have good advice throw it my way anyway). Is there a current/modern equivalent of that orange spinny paint rack? If I can find one, is it worth picking up? Should I just but the tiny bottles of the colours required for each kit, and just build up my supply that way?Is there one specific brand of paint that stands above the rest? Should I use enamel or acyrlic...or laqeur? What are the pros and cons of each? Should I just use brushes, or is it worth my while even as a beginner to invest in an air brush, or is thta only necessary for bodys and other large parts...once I get more experience. I don't really know where to start paint wise...and I figured this is the best place to ask...some of the painting i've seen in pictures is amazing...and intimidating. I realise this is a big question as well...so if you want to link me to a website no problem. This board is awesome, thanks alot for any help.
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  15. Saturnine added a topic in General   

    Hobby Store master-list/directory?
    Hey, does anybody know of a website with a master list or directory of Hobby Stores in whatever area? I've been trying to find one for Canada, but no luck. Any help is appreciated,thanks.
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