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  1. Top shelf work !!! Makes me want to dig the movie out and a couple times again.
  2. I remember seeing something about using craft foam sheets, to do the seats and panal large button tick style, like your monti. Is that what you used?
  3. Out standing Man !!! That looks like its straight from the center pull of Lowrider Hey Martin, I think it may have been you, but I remember seeing a how too on here or that style upholstery? was that you? I really want to try it with a 58 im getting parts together for.
  4. It made sence if you were worried and had to jump ship and sell everything off, I think they feel pretty stable now.
  5. Great build! And great save. I agree, inking in the door will make it stand to proud. Why not give it a wash of a couple shades darker yellow? Just my opinion.
  6. Anyone know of any shows/contests coming up in the Pacific Northwest? Seattle area, maybe Spokane? The tricities?
  7. It's amazing how much people worry about fuel mileage, but flush money down the toilet in almost every other aspect of their life. If you figure it out over say ten years, almost every car out there will cost very very close to the same to own in the long run. Purches price/maintenance/fuel/insurance. It's all sales tactics. I can't even begin to count how many PAID OFF cars have been traded in for the new super efficiant Dart, and it's not even that great on gas really. And that's the first thing they come back and complain about after getting one.
  8. Over seas there is no such thing as the liberty, it's always been the Cherokee. It's really not new. Other then the ability to park it's self, which really is needed right...?
  9. Look at the bid history, its been ran up. but hey, they got atention, so I guess it worked.
  10. There is something about a custom or stock whillys that just looks wrong. I seen a Henry j yesterday at a local car show. Just looks wrong lol
  11. I like the build and stance, but I have to ask, Why the scoop?
  12. Videos like that make me wonder why people argue over nascar and open wheel cars like this, SOOOOO different. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks guys ! Video will come for sure, hoping to get some windless days in the next few weeks to drop her in. Dave, that tube is hooked to a hallow passage in the rudder, that pushes water to the head as the boat is moving forward, it cools the head and exits the boat just behind the left sponson.
  14. Nice coupe! What's it setting on? Piece of tile?
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