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  1. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Hi Guys,

    After a few weeks when absolutly nothing went right I have decided to get rid of the whole lot to a friend, This is supposed to be a hobby and something to enjoy and this got to the stage where it was neither, in the last 3 weeks I have made 4 1/24th scale kits and I am working on the 5th I still have some other 1/12ers which I am planning on doing but don't know when.

    Best wishes
  2. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Hi Guys, And I'm back still steadily plodding along and still the biggest problem has been lack of colour call outs and instructions with the detail set.

    Will be getting more done this weekend but the weather has turned and its now -2 and snowing
    Best wishes
  3. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    It has and Ive only had it 3 years and until you mentioned it I didn't realise how much I use it

  4. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the piccies they have answered loads of questions for me, as stated elsewhere it does not matter to me how accurate the finished model is as it will be on display in my house and I'll have 1/12 GT40.

    Best wishes
  5. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Thanks Pete that is a great photo and a big help

    Best wishes
  6. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Okidoki guys, I have been busy(ish!) and I'm making all the simple things so that they are ready for when the time comes, although we wont get much done this weekend as we are of to Scale Modelworld the biggest model show in the world(according to the IPMS)

    The dechromed kit version is the yellowee bit

    Not glued on yet but I had to make sure it was good
    Thanks for looking
  7. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Hi guys,
    I,m back had to sort out some probs with the business however I have been doing bits and to bring you up to date the seats have now been done and although it did take about 6 hours over 2 days I surprindsly enjoyed it!!!!!!, the gear shifter has now been painted Steel-thanks Cato, I have painted the wheels with Alclad Chrome and painted the centre's Blue however had my first major problem yesterday with the tyre decals heres some pics including tyres.

    Will get some more pics out soon
  8. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Okidoki, After 6 pints of vodka? I have managed to get more work done but I will point out here that the detail set is getting on my nerves there is a lot of stuff on the sheets that does not appear to go anywhere and why didnt they use rubber backing on some of the items -the rings around the dials are connected to the "sprue" in each corner and despite trying not to pull I still did on a couple meaning even more work.

    The other problem and this is one I think is the worse there are no colour call outs on both sets of instructions so we are doing it "blind" heres some pics

    The gear shifter after dechroming but before p/e

    note the flap over the slots it works

    It took me an hour to NOT get this done

    90% of the dash is done a couple more swithches and lights and wires from the fusebox
    Thanks for looking
  9. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic *8 Alan Mann racing GT40   

    Hi Guys,

    I'll be quick as I have a head & toothache body is sprayed but not finished, started work on the dashboard got some done but the vents are not advisable with afore mentioned aches.

    last 2 show the 1st air vent this is not advisable with aches

    More soon but of to dentist now-Oh deep joy!

  10. stevieboy3 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    *8 Alan Mann racing GT40
    Hi Guys, I have decided to do my 1st 1/12er in about 10 years as I am having a good year this year and its Trumpeters GT40 with the goodies-decals to do the Yellow *8 Alan Mann racing car, the KA detail set and the resin spare wheel so far I have been prepping the bodywork and sorting out what needs to be cut off etc I'll post some pics as we go along but to start I'll put up the decals and detail set.

    And it will hopefully end up like this

    Best wishes Stevieboy
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  11. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic GT40 WIP   

    Hi Cato,

    Not a sermon, I always like to hear what has happened to other builders models so I can look out and at the same time if I do something first I dont mind telling people, I was reading Mark Melchiori's reveiw in last Decs issue of Scale Auto and some of the problems he had so I'm thinking of maybe replacing the oil lines with detail Master braided lines I will definetly post up more pics as I go along.

    Not looking forward to the seats but the dash should be fun with the KA bits put in.

    Best wishes
  12. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic GT40 WIP   

    Hi Cato,

    I did read the parts that you mentioned about ride height and the steering shaft and they have been "playing" on my mind all day obviously we cant have the steering wheel that far out so I'll do the same, I also agree with you about some of the KA parts they could have made it cheaper by not doing the exhausts etc.

    When the car is done I intend to display it with everything open in a display cabinet it will also be going to various shows around the UK once done.

    As for references I have a couple of close up shots of the real car practising-which I cannot show as its copyrighted by Flickr and these 2 pics

    I only build cars for my own pleasure so I am not to worrid about whats underneath I have looked at some of your pics and my mind is going overtime but I think I need to get the body painted properly as once that has been done I can relax a bit.

    Best wishes and thanks for the info/pics
  13. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic GT40 WIP   

    Test fitting the rear spoiler

    The detail set

    More later and thanks for looking
  14. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic GT40 WIP   

    Hi Guys,

    Although I have been a member for a couple of years I lost all my passwords and eventually gave up but when I was directed to this thread I just had to restart.

    I started my GT40 a few days ago and I am using the KA detail set a set of decals to do the *8 Alan Mann racing car and the resin spare wheel, I know there is a lot of negativety about this kit but my hat is off to Trumpeter for ""having the guts"" to do it.

    I'm going to be making mine with what is in the boxes and I have no desire to alter/change anything, at the moment I'm prepping the body and have opened up the air intakes at the sides of the car-the *8 is Yellow so I cannot get away with painting the intakes black as I'll almost certainly spoil it, My probs with the kit and detail set are the instructions but i'll do my best It's also the 1st 1/12 kit I have done in a while and I'm looking forward to it.

    Thanks for looking
  15. stevieboy3 added a post in a topic Jean Todt's Ferrari FXX   

    I agree completely I can't wait to get mine but I am a tad worried about clear coating the decals , Dave how long did you leave the decals before you coated them