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  1. wku88 added a post in a topic Monogram TD Son Of Ford   

    Well, to finish off the trio of the trio, do the Early Iron Versions of each!
  2. wku88 added a post in a topic Which is THE Quintessential "Hot Rod" Song?   

    "The radio plays a forgotten song..."  -- Radar Love  Golden Earring
  3. wku88 added a post in a topic Any Info on the new '28 Dodge kit ?   

    How does a chopped Vicky with a 409 become a Dodge?
  4. wku88 added a post in a topic The engine that rewrote F1 history   

    The Lotus 49 is the most beautiful and pure automobile ever made. Awhile back, someone asked the question if money were no object, what car would you buy--- here's mine!
  5. wku88 added a post in a topic Lil' Cash box , amt   

    OK, now you are just showing off...
  6. wku88 added a post in a topic Auto Quiz #324 -FINISHED   

    The Chromodoros gave it away.
  7. wku88 added a post in a topic White Gas Burner #2   

    Actually, after a bit of searching, I found this:  http://www.gasenginemagazine.com/gas-engines/a-brief-history-of-hercules-engines
    Descendant of Hercules and Hall-Scott it looks like. Later Molines used Hercules Diesel engines. Oliver used the Waukesha.
  8. wku88 added a post in a topic White Gas Burner #2   

    For the I-6 engine, it was most likely a Waukesha like the Oliver and Minneapolis-Moline gassers for the bigger tractors, since White owned those brands in the 60's-early 70's.
    For distributor location on the giesel, I'd suspect it was in the same spot as the injection pump on diesels.
  9. wku88 added a post in a topic White Giesel Engine   

    I know nothing about it, but the concept of using a diesel to start with, then use LP/propane, it would literally last forever. Tractor pullers convert diesel to spark ignition alcohol burners for the same reasons-- high boost pressure longevity!
  10. wku88 added a post in a topic AMT International Transtar Reissue   

    Looks like Sour Kraut carried the Mo'luminum conversion, but it is listed as sold out.
     Thanks for the info, at least I will know what to look for.
  11. wku88 added a post in a topic AMT International Transtar Reissue   

    Does anyone make a conversion kit for a 9300 to fit this?
  12. wku88 added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    I don't know what the deal is. I was at Hobby Lobby, and they had a coupe on the shelf. Went to Michael's, and they had the roadster. I didn't buy either one. Perhaps I should have, and put them on Evil bay to gouge someone?
  13. wku88 added a post in a topic Crate Motor Roundup   

    While we're at it, so was a Cosworth DFV.  I'll take 2!
  14. wku88 added a post in a topic Century Coronado   

    You're welcome, Chris. Thank you for the correction on the steering wheel. The boat belongs to my boss. His father had it, and several years after he passed, my boss restored it. Over 5 figures in chrome on that tub! The kit engine has some V-6 Hemi, but this boat has a 327 AMC (converted to marine use by Gray Marine) that originally had two 2bbl sidedraft Carters. Now has a Holley 4bbl.
  15. wku88 added a topic in All the Rest   

    Century Coronado
    Some 1:1 pics of a Century Coronado. The kit is different in a couple areas-- the prow is different with the "pig nose", the back seat upholstery detail is totally off, and inconsistent with the other seats, and the dash layout needs to be scraped off and sanded. Thankfully, the gauge decals appear to be accurate. This particular boat does not have the hardtop.  Also, the real steering wheel came from a '59 Lincoln. The kit piece is nowhere close. Enjoy!

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