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  1. wku88 added a post in a topic 1400 mile 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire (Sorry, couldn't find the station wagon thread)   

    We had a 73 LTD 2dr. Darker green exterior, but the interior was exactly like this one. It had the 400 as well, but didn't have the oil filter hanging off the air cleaner. Would lay rubber an inch thick and a block long. I think dad traded it for a 78 Tbird around 83 or so.
  2. wku88 added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F-250   

    Saw a F350 posted on another forum, and thought of this build. Can't post the pic though.
    Let's see if it works now. 

  3. wku88 added a post in a topic Auto ID #167 Finished   

    Sorry I gave it away.  Full disclosure: I work for Mercedes, and I've seen many of these in the employee parking lot in Germany.
  4. wku88 added a post in a topic Auto ID #167 Finished   

    Smart Roadster. Brabus edition?
  5. wku88 added a post in a topic Isn't it about time we got a new '34 For kit ?   

    P51 should give you a clue....
  6. wku88 added a post in a topic Clarification: AMT C-series Fords   

    I can tell you for certain that Tower used Ford C cabs, and I think Pierce did as well.
  7. wku88 added a post in a topic ’73 Vega Kammback   

    Great job!
  8. wku88 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Coronet donor.   

    From all the reference photos I found on Google, the 68 Coronet/R/T/ Super Bee is identical to the Satellite/RR/GTX. In 69, it looks like both the 68 dash, and the (Rallye?) dash carried over from the Charger was available. The latter had round gauges, and introduced the famous "Tic-Toc Tach"
    68 RT:

    68 RR:

    69 RT and RR with Rallye(?) dash. This happens to be a Super Bee:

    68 Charger dash appears to be the Rallye(?) dash that was installed in the 69 R?T, Super Bee, GTX, etc.:

    Hope this helps.
  9. wku88 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Coronet donor.   

    I understand. My point is to make a Coronet, another Dodge product would be easier to convert than the Plymouth Roadrunner, as was suggested. But, going back and reading again, the parts you need would work from the newer, and easier to get Road Runner. I guess you have a resin body?
    So, I guess I jumped the shark on that one! Sorry!
  10. wku88 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Coronet donor.   

    The Dodge Super Bee is the performance version of a Coronet. The Road Runner was based on the Plymouth Satellite. Dashes are different, rear quarters are different, front end is different, not to mention the tail light panels between the Coronet, Super Bee, and R/T were all unique. You need to find a 68 Coronet annual (if there ever was one), or start with the '69 Monogram Super Bee to get closest to what you want.
  11. wku88 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Altho technically not a trade, as he didn't accept anything for the wheel covers he sent me!

    I'm sure he will get more of my business soon though!
  12. wku88 added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger   

    Nice, clean build!
  13. wku88 added a post in a topic Tractors   

    Thanks, guys!

    The 1/25 D series was a D14, I beleive. Started out as a mail in premium. I think a company called Yoder bought the molds, and sold built ups, including one in clear styrene. There also was a set in 1/25 with a WD and some implements as well.
  14. wku88 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1   

    Um, no. Material removal from a injection molding tool makes the part larger, or even more out of whack. Although most tools are made to the small side, to allow for tool wear over time(and according to the material), Welding it back up and recutting is not half the deal it might seem to be. Especially in the era of CNC mills. Biggest issue I face is when a supplier sources a tool from China, and then has it sent over on a boat to a NA facility. If it needs rework, you end up getting a local guy to do it, because of the cost and time to send it back to China. In fact, a lot of my suppliers are now sourcing tools in the US or Mexico after getting burnt on the Chinese tools.