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  1. Don't forget the "New Monkees" Mustang GT convertible and the ZR1 Corvette variants.
  2. Point taken, Matt. Cheers!
  3. Sir Jack Brabham says hello.
  4. wku88

    '68 Coronet.

    Well, considering Ford didn't come out with the Galaxie until '1959, there's that. As to the topic, I don't get the buzz either. The '69 Coronet grille and taillight panel are much more attractive, especially the R/T and 500 models. Now a '68 Sport Satellite, or GTX.... ;-)
  5. Nice craftsmanship, but that has to be the ugliest Bug I've ever seen. GO BIG BLUE!!!! ;-)
  6. Great build! The kit issues with the inaccurate grille are really evident in these pics. Craftsmanship for an OOB build is exceptional.
  7. Has anyone ever done one of these as a stock Oldsmobile? Great work on the Hillbillies version. I really like Granny's rocking chair!
  8. Actually, the 57 Ranch Wagon would be most accurate. The Skyliners were built on the station wagon/Ranchero frame. That's why the fuel filler is on the left rear fender, instead of above the license plate like the standard cars were.
  9. 69 Super Bee with the Ramcharger hood and optional side scoops in Hemi orange. Second place is a 72 GTX in black with the Air Grabber hood. Both with 4 speeds, of course.
  10. My favorite would be calendar year 1969, which included both '69 and '70 model years. However, there could be a strong case made for 1957: Fuel injected Chevies and Pontiacs, Cadillac Brougham and Eldorado Biarritz, Olds J-2, Supercharged Fords, Fairlane 500 retractables, Chrysler 300C.
  11. With the 440 car, why not make it a "Phantom" A12 car with open steelies, and a lift off 'glass hood?
  12. Do you know Pete Delorenzo personally? Autoextremist is weekly reading for me.
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