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  1. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Don't forget the TT also had a conventional manual transmission as well.
  2. Moebius new stuff

    But will the bumpside F100 4x4 come out before the 64-66 versions?
  3. Escort Pro-Stock

    Interesting fact: The EXP was heavier than the standard 2 dr sedan, despite not having a rear seat!
  4. BB Chevy Engine Question

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this one: http://www.stanceiseverything.com/2014/12/wtf-friday-rick-dobbertins-pontiac-j2000/ It might be able to be squeezed under a Chevelle hood. But you may need to relocate the radiator and lengthen the fenders!
  5. International 9300 SBA

    I'll be in line for one!
  6. We'll be neighbors in a couple years. I got a place in Scottsville, KY. And Bucky, I get to Lawrenceburg a couple times a year on business. Nice truck, BTW. Never understood why Ford didn't offer a dually pickup until 1980.
  7. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    A model kit is pretty simple compared to some of the injected molded parts I deal with. If a cooling fan shroud made from glass fiber reinforced Nylon can be shot in less than 90 second cycle time, I'm sure a kit could be less. How long is 50,000 minutes? 34.7 days.... Injection molding is most consistent when allowed to run uninterrupted. Keep the bin full of resin, and barring a failure, 50k kits could be done in 5 or 6 weeks.
  8. Dan Gurney Tribute Scale Race Cars

    Anyone do a Eagle Westlake Spa winner? Probably his signature win, and car.
  9. Cord Sedan

    This stuff is pure gold. Enthralling history of both the Classic 1:1 hobby, and of the icons of the cottage industry of scale autos. More, Gentlemen... more!
  10. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Well, I'd like to see a reissue of Fidel's Flip Top 1959 Skyliner.
  11. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    Lessee.... Members Only jacket, Levi 501's, Nike Cortez, Lacoste polo shirt, gold chain and bracelet. Where did I park the IROC-Z?
  12. You Ford guys may know the answer to this.

    I only get here on business, but it is several times a year.