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  1. GMC Daycab update 5-13

    Kroger used hundreds of these to haul groceries between the Cincinnati and Louisville distribution warehouses. Even had the 2 hole Budds.
  2. Sorry, Not in my book

    Nice stick weld. Bet it wasn't done with a Tombstone Lincoln!
  3. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Well, I have seen them with shift levers, so it must have been this, according to Wikipedia: " It was often equipped with an accessory gearbox, such as the Ruckstell or Jumbo gearboxes, which allowed the truck to have intermediate gears between low and high, useful for hill climbing.
  4. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Don't forget the TT also had a conventional manual transmission as well.
  5. Moebius new stuff

    But will the bumpside F100 4x4 come out before the 64-66 versions?
  6. Escort Pro-Stock

    Interesting fact: The EXP was heavier than the standard 2 dr sedan, despite not having a rear seat!
  7. BB Chevy Engine Question

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this one: http://www.stanceiseverything.com/2014/12/wtf-friday-rick-dobbertins-pontiac-j2000/ It might be able to be squeezed under a Chevelle hood. But you may need to relocate the radiator and lengthen the fenders!
  8. International 9300 SBA

    I'll be in line for one!
  9. We'll be neighbors in a couple years. I got a place in Scottsville, KY. And Bucky, I get to Lawrenceburg a couple times a year on business. Nice truck, BTW. Never understood why Ford didn't offer a dually pickup until 1980.
  10. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    A model kit is pretty simple compared to some of the injected molded parts I deal with. If a cooling fan shroud made from glass fiber reinforced Nylon can be shot in less than 90 second cycle time, I'm sure a kit could be less. How long is 50,000 minutes? 34.7 days.... Injection molding is most consistent when allowed to run uninterrupted. Keep the bin full of resin, and barring a failure, 50k kits could be done in 5 or 6 weeks.
  11. Dan Gurney Tribute Scale Race Cars

    Anyone do a Eagle Westlake Spa winner? Probably his signature win, and car.
  12. Cord Sedan

    This stuff is pure gold. Enthralling history of both the Classic 1:1 hobby, and of the icons of the cottage industry of scale autos. More, Gentlemen... more!
  13. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Well, I'd like to see a reissue of Fidel's Flip Top 1959 Skyliner.
  14. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    Lessee.... Members Only jacket, Levi 501's, Nike Cortez, Lacoste polo shirt, gold chain and bracelet. Where did I park the IROC-Z?