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  1. AMT 71 Plymouth Duster 340 & 440 6-Packs

    With the 440 car, why not make it a "Phantom" A12 car with open steelies, and a lift off 'glass hood?
  2. Do you know Pete Delorenzo personally? Autoextremist is weekly reading for me.
  3. New one off Ferrari P 80C

    More like P3/4 meets 288 GTO. Is this another Glickenhaus car?
  4. Such a deal!

    I remember Pactra 'namel and Testors Pla for less than .25c. I have a couple boxes of various colors of Pactra in the bigger bottles.
  5. Some talk on car movies.

    Grand Prix with Jim Garner captured the European racing scene of the 60's pretty well. And Lemans with McQueen was mostly real race footage, so there's that.
  6. Now I think this is silly

    And, it could carry a 300SLR up to 106mph! https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/classic/museum/mercedes-benz-high-speed-racing-car-transporter/
  7. Here ya go. Should be lots of ideas for you.
  8. Seventies Land Yachts?

    Exactly. The 77-79 'Birds have been requested forever, and the LTD II, Cougar, and MKIV, and MKV could all be done with the same or slightly modified chassis tooling. Dash is almost identical for most versions, and seats and interior tubs have minor variations, but the Mobius F100 kits show how that can be done.
  9. Old Car Meet in 1939

    Not only a Mercer, but at least one Stutz K series Bearcat, and a Jordan Playboy. Several Hudsons, and everyone recognized the Buicks and Model Ts, but did you also catch the Model A Ford (the first model As, not Henry's Lady), a model K Ford, and the International Harvester Motorwagons? Not to mention the Fiat Mephistophole, and the racing Benz. Strangely absent, although they would have been relatively contemporary then, were any Duesenberg, or Cadillac.
  10. GMC Daycab done 10/21

    Kroger used hundreds of these to haul groceries between the Cincinnati and Louisville distribution warehouses. Even had the 2 hole Budds.
  11. Sorry, Not in my book

    Nice stick weld. Bet it wasn't done with a Tombstone Lincoln!
  12. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Well, I have seen them with shift levers, so it must have been this, according to Wikipedia: " It was often equipped with an accessory gearbox, such as the Ruckstell or Jumbo gearboxes, which allowed the truck to have intermediate gears between low and high, useful for hill climbing.
  13. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Don't forget the TT also had a conventional manual transmission as well.
  14. Moebius new stuff

    But will the bumpside F100 4x4 come out before the 64-66 versions?
  15. Escort Pro-Stock

    Interesting fact: The EXP was heavier than the standard 2 dr sedan, despite not having a rear seat!