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  1. Questions about some old airplane kits.

    Sounds OK. if you have a question ask. Take some pics and I can quickly give you some info. I am quite literally a walking encyclopedia of comics and comic history.
  2. Well Spring is on it's way.

    65 degrees and sunny today. Didn't get out much but there are better days ahead. Welcome Spring. Bout Dang Time!
  3. Bummed out

    Very sorry. I hope she was peaceful and without pain.
  4. BTTF Delorean

    The coolest car ever. Many of us have built this kit and others like it. Search around and see.
  5. Iconic Chevy

    I like them all in pretty equal measure. But if backed into a wall. 55
  6. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    Got my kits today and am very pleased. One of the open kits could have been rearranged properly. But other than that I'm stoked.
  7. "Mini-Me" Verne Troyer dead

    A shame that. He made many people happy with his antics. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be so tiny in a world of tallest is best. R.I.P.
  8. 4" Cowl hood for 1/25 scale 68 Camaro

    I think it was I who bought the last one for a commission build. Good stuff.
  9. Question about me new TCP Master TC-20-T Compressor

    I have this very compressor. It works fantastically, makes little noise and doesn't pulse due to the tank. I bought it off Amazon and mine came with a decent airbrush as well. No concerns at this time and I've used it a lot over the last 2 years.
  10. A Suggestion to discuss...

    For what it's worth it should be allowed. Randy's and many other sites have it. Never had a problem when using PayPal.
  11. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    Looks to me like a bunch of us now have orders in various stages of progress. I say we convene here and compare notes.
  12. Change......

    Thanks Dave. I'm feeling what you're saying.
  13. Welcome New Mods!

    Congrats to both. I'm certain you'll do quite well.
  14. The Candy van

    A dear friend of mine in Maryland raced on-line in a NASCAR league. They has a race with an "Anything goes" type format. You can modify your vehicle in any way you like and appear on the racetrack a few minutes before the race. i think the goal was to whip out some cool skins and be kind of a clown. He skins a car in a van and puts "Free Candy" on the side. Insta ban and never to be seen again. Funny? You decide. He was/is a member here.
  15. R. Lee Ermey Dies

    R.I.P. Gunny