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  1. Dragline added a post in a topic Can't wait for these !!   

    Good on us then......
  2. Dragline added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    Currently I am a Manager for a NAPA store here in Mass. I worked the counter for quite a few years when I lived in Baltimore. But my early years were spent as a mechanic for a pretty high end used car lot. I was trained by an old timer on Jaguar/Benz/VW at first and then got the used car gig where I stayed for 17 years till the owner passed. I worked on everything from Audi, Ferrari, Aston, Citroen, but the main focus was Benz. Got Bosch certified in the 80's [Literally tested by a group of German engineers]. That was an ordeal like few I've ever had. I had less anxiety when I got married.
    Highlights were repairing a customer inherited 55 300SL and a 512BB in the late 80's. I worked on quite a few more high end cars but those stand out for me. I did a complete service on a Mondial once and then took it up to Cape Cod for a 90 mile "shake down" run with the top down. That was a blast. But mostly it was a grind getting the cars Mr Corriea got at auction and returning them to an ideal state. He was a stickler for detail and so am I. As a result we always put top quality cars on the lawn and got a rep as being a high end dealer. I can tell you I found MANY items in these cars over the years. Many things I cannot mention here, but suffice it to say it was eye opening. The pressure was never on unless he bought a car specifically with a buyer in mind. And i did everything on those cars. That means whatever needed repair was on me.
    Interiors, engines/trans, if it needed service or replacement I got the gig. But there were days when I got to the garage [I arrived at 7:00 for all 17 years] when a 1/2 day of work was all I had. Those days would find me leaving early to do whatever i wanted to. My paycheck was always the same unless I got a raise, which I got every year.
    The garage was mine to do whatever I wanted to. I did my share of side work and built 5 motorcycles for myself during those years. He always told me I was crazy for riding my bikes as they petrified him. But he was always encouraging. 
    I was very fortunate and count my blessings every day for what Mr Corriea did for me.
  3. Dragline added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    What Irked me today was reading that Harry has cancer and has to go though all sorts of BS to keep his life.
    That and almost losing my father a week ago.
    That's enough for me...
  4. Dragline added a post in a topic Lost a sister yesterday   

    So sorry brother.........
  5. Dragline added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Fight hard Harry. You're the only Harry we got, we need you here always.
    I almost lost my father last week and I was so distraught at the possibility of life without him. 
    The world is more interesting with you in it Harry.
  6. Dragline added a post in a topic Revell Compuware C5R Corvette   

    Outstanding build...
  7. Dragline added a post in a topic Trumpeter 1964 Falcon Sprint Pro Touring   

    Diggin this one. Great choices.
  8. Dragline added a post in a topic Alclad at high psi?   

    That's what I was thinking. I spray Alclad at 8psi in a fairly constant short fanning motion to achieve my results.
  9. Dragline added a post in a topic TONKA #7018 1913 Model T "Four-Alarm Call" 1/24   

    I found the Four Alarm on eBay at a good price but then 57 and change for shipping from Ohio. I inquired about the bloated shipping charge. We shall see as it is MIB and complete.
  10. Dragline added a post in a topic Aoshima Pagani Huayra   

    This is a kit I've been waiting for since it was even whispered.
    Gonna Be Epic.
  11. Dragline added a post in a topic Mclaren gt3   

    As challenging a decal sheet as I've ever seen. And you pulled it off with great skill.
    Most impressive sir.
  12. Dragline added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    My favorite Buick of all time. I'd buy it.
  13. Dragline added a post in a topic Models at the Office?   

    For years at my Baltimore NAPA I had a case in front of where I worked at the counter with a model in it. In the process of doing that at the NAPA I'm at now.
  14. Dragline added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    For me it has been Wheeler Dealers. Not only is it genuinely funny but the two blokes are the real deal.
  15. Dragline added a post in a topic Revell DTM Mercedes - Gary Paffett   

    That is a pretty car. Well done....