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  1. Dragline added a post in a topic Alien Abduction lamps   

    That idea is going to get appropriated i think. It's just too good.
  2. Dragline added a post in a topic Pulling tractor   

    That is B@dA55........ You GO Vince.
  3. Dragline added a post in a topic Lindberg Hex Marks the Spot Kit Build   

    I had several of these kits as a lad and when I went to pick up a few on eBay I was sticker shocked. They are prohibitively expensive, so this is great news indeed. I will get a couple of them all and build one of each, but where to put them is another matter entirely.
    Cool build Chris.
  4. Dragline added a post in a topic Moderators - Who are they?   

    As good as you guys are [Mike, Dave], I think there is a sense of loss that some might not quantify, or some might not even notice. For quite a few of us, it's clear who is missing.
    Harry moved threads as needed. He was constantly available and generally here quite a lot. It's Harry's touch that is missing.
    Harry seemed omnipresent at times. Able to calm threads that were going awry. Give a scolding where needed with a firm but honest hand.
    It is Harry's presence we are missing. That I am missing... 
    What Harry did for this site had/has a great deal to do with why it grew and became what it is this very moment I am typing this.
    Harry's honesty and wry humor was a perfect foil to the rest of us who bumble around here posting our opinions and builds for the world to see.
    There is NO example of Harry ever getting flushed or short with anyone in all the time I've been here. His Admin skills were benign yet hands on, on a level I think few will ever match.
    I guess i just miss Harry.
  5. Dragline added a post in a topic Beemax BMW M3 E30 Team BMW #3   

    Looks fantastic from where I'm sitting.
  6. Dragline added a post in a topic First completion of a large project......   

    Looks good Dave. Loooooong way to go Buddy. Keep it on the bench.
  7. Dragline added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    When I think of it, this may be true for ALL of us.
    I come here every day whether I post or not. I have come here every day since Harry left us and I have thought of Harry every time I have visited this site. That means Harry has been on my mind if even briefly, every day since we got the news he had left us.
    That's something significant.
  8. Dragline added a post in a topic Triumph Drag Show Bike   

    THAT is nice.... I hope Revell sees fit to reissue some of them.
  9. Dragline added a post in a topic 1968 Shelby gt500   

    GM paint always makes Fords go faster.  Cool build.
  10. Dragline added a post in a topic Toyota TF102 F1   

    Me Likey a lot...
  11. Dragline added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    The Concept of this thread is exactly NOT that Ron. Firstly, there are no free models here. We pay for our kits [unless you're getting them free] and pay postage to see them get to their PIF destination.
    The idea in Mike D's mind was to foster good will between all of us here on the board after a few scammers had come through and thrown a wet blanket on the whole thing. Everyone here, to a man is upbeat and jovial about how this works and it's success. If you somehow missed that I am here to correct it. I sensed a little tude in your post and wanted to say to everyone else here that that is NOT why we are all here.
    Nothing "Free" here.
  12. Dragline added a post in a topic "Claptrap" - Borderlands   

    That's as cool as anything Sc-Fi I've ever seen.
  13. Dragline added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Vince has shown what Pay It Forward is really all about! Well done Buddy......
  14. Dragline added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I am personally involved a with a great many movements on-line and YouTube and I can tell you all this much. This line of conversation can cause a great deal of trouble. I have my opinions like everyone else and have had my share of ideological differences with the say SJW  and BLM types out there. As a conservative [not in vogue currently] I am constantly barraged with all manner of the "peripherally engaged". They are a vocal sort to be sure and have no shortage of names they use to box you into a corner if you let them. I choose facts and reality in my approach but that only infuriates them since they deal only in "feelings". It's like bashing your head into a stone column.
    The real threats are out there if you care to look.
  15. Dragline added a post in a topic Plan To Repair Harry's Threads   

    Anything I can do is a done deal. Harry was a friend to us all.