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  1. I have switched to Mr Hobby. I still love Tamiya acrylics but Mr Hobby is outstanding.
  2. Atlantis is very exciting. I just listened to an interview and they have got it together for certain. Made In America is a big deal for them as it should be to all of us.
  3. Potent little Swede.
  4. There is an old saying "An idiot and their JC Whitney catalog SHOULD soon be parted."
  5. Sounds like a Kittie to me. Enjoy her for as long as you are blessed to have her then.
  6. Big fan of Chick. Jazz fusion owes a debt to him. A great loss to Jazz and music.
  7. What a beautiful cat. Geez... Is it good natured?
  8. I messed up the body of an AMT 67 Camaro. I need a new one. That means just the body itself and the valances, I don't even need the hood. I have everything else. LOTS to trade. Help a brother out if you can. This is the kit. It can be any boxing as long as it's a variant of this.
  9. Same is true for Chunk. She did not like to be picked up at all. What an odd trait to be attached to a type of Kitties. Oh, and Jazzy is a beautiful Kitties BTW. Just stunning.
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