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  1. Dragline added a post in a topic Vintage X-Wing for a friend.   

    Couple of in progress shots.

  2. Dragline added a post in a topic Vintage X-Wing for a friend.   

    I am watching that Briz. it's coming along nicely.
  3. Dragline added a post in a topic Vintage X-Wing for a friend.   

    Those SAFS kits are Ma.K. or Maschinen Kreiger. Very cool and are perfect for weathering and other Military techniques. If this was not a cell phone pic you'd see that I went kinda hog wild on the weathering and chipping. I'm just glad Jimmy digs it.
  4. Dragline added a post in a topic Paint gun compressor kits   

    I'll chime in here. I recommend a compressor with a tank. The small type generally pulse a lot and give an uneven finish. If it has a tank then that is what you want. Look on Amazon. I got my Master airbrush kit with compressor and brush and that brush has been great. I have a couple of higher end ones so I can use one for primers and base coats and the others for fine work, But to start out with this kit was great. 3 tips and needles so it could handle all the jobs I was getting it for and the price was excellent.
    If you have 100 or so to spend you will get something decent.
  5. Dragline added a post in a topic Spray clear over rattle can flats and primers?   

    I use acrylics a lot in my own Military and I can say that clear finishes are used on every build. Whether it's to weather and do a wash a flat or stain finish is often laid down to seperate layers as weathering proceeds. I've also used gloss clear over flat black to create the smoothest black paint job I ever laid down. It works.
  6. Dragline added a topic in All the Rest   

    Vintage X-Wing for a friend.
    My old Comic Book shows partner Jimmy is a monster Star Wars fan. So when he showed this old kit in his collection I was intrigued. Every part was off the tree, the decals were iffy at best and the box was shot. I said Hey, why don't I build that for you." He has since bought a nice minty kit for his collection.
    Skip ahead a year and a half and here we are. Jim came to pick it up the other day and he was thrilled. I am too. It was fun and considering its age it still is a decent kit. The pilot figure could be better and there a few other small items, but overall it's a cool kit. I did quite a bit of space junk and chipping. I masked and sprayed all the red marking as not only were the decals shot they are thicker than heck. I sprayed em with clearcoat to see if I could use them but they we just not very good. Since the patterns are all right angles masking was a synch.  It was fun.

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  7. Dragline added a post in a topic Hemi Gremmie!   

    Lotta work turning into A VERY cool ride. Well done.
  8. Dragline added a post in a topic The 1/24 Scale History Story?   

    My limited knowledge is that 1/24 is standard outside of the US, and 1/25 is an American thing. I have no preference and display them together. There are other who feel it is asthetically unpleasent. Then, there are scale bigots who will not buy 1/24 in some sort of protest or solidarity. I see no other reasons why they would boycott the scale. Perhaps they will chime in with their particular reasons. 1/24 offers a wider world in kits so why limit yourself since the size difference [for me] is negligable. Although parts don't usually swap between the scales, it can be done if you are clever.
    Then there is the whole Monogram/Revell thing. Which I'm not sure really is a thing, but there are examples of the dislike here and there.
    Hope this confuses it more.
  9. Dragline added a post in a topic Model Roundup   

    Been buying from them for 2 years now. Always stellar service.
  10. Dragline added a post in a topic Some more tamiya 1/12 kits   

    No worries then. I traded for the JPS so it is probably still available. There was a message problem [my fault] that caused the Matra to be spoken for initially.
    Message Ryan for details.....
  11. Dragline added a post in a topic Tom McMullen`s: AEE- Big Twin -On The Workbench 11-5-16   

  12. Dragline added a post in a topic Schnappy Hemi   

    Very clever and executed particularly well. I'm digging this a LOT.
  13. Dragline added a post in a topic monogram 71 GTX   

    There's another forum?
    Nice build.
  14. Dragline added a post in a topic 10 Annual SCMA Hope it Don't Snow show pics   

    Whomever built that fish market should be very proud. That thing is a masterpiece.
  15. Dragline added a post in a topic painting the grand prix   

    The best matches are Tamiya French Blue and Fourescent red. Over white primer they are a dead ringer for the Petty colors.