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  1. Dragline added a post in a topic Revell 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442/FE3-X instruction sheet is up   

    Cool enough car i guess but the oil pan and block one piece? What year are we in?
  2. Dragline added a post in a topic Is a Drag-U-La model hard to build or easy?   

    I might call it fiddly. I'd do a fair amount of test fitting first before a drop of paint went anywhere near plastic. To be honest I've never built one but a main skill as a seasoned model builder has to be test fitting. You assure yourself ZERO problems once paint is applied or at least mitigate them to manageable. For me test fitting came out of aggravation from things not going together over the course of years. Take the advise from someone with many failures under their belt. test fit everything before you crack open a bottle of cement.
    Mock ups are best but even cursory fittings are better than none at all.
    Example: Block halves go together fine. You cement the cylinder heads on where the tabs dictate. You let that harden then slide the intake manifold into place. Large gaps appear where the intake meets the heads. Or the intake rocks in place because the surface is peaked. NOW what do you do? If you have the adjoining pieces sanded and prepped you can test fit them for proper fit and that gap would have been noticed. Sliding the heads up just a tad fills the gap and it all looks tight and right. This is a common weakness in kits. I see it more than half the time when I build. It always pays to check. Oil pans should have a flat surface to cement too. They often do not and you have to sand the area before fit is optimal. Think of yourself as the machine shop. You have to mill surfaces so that parts fit right and tolerances are acceptable.
    My sanding stick selection is outstanding as a result of this.
    Build on Sir.
  3. Dragline added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Sorry to hear about the parts guys there Bill. I think that is the main reason my NAPA does so well. Between me and the two other guys we have 100 years experience. All of us are ASE certified and I am Bosch certified to "99" to boot.. Prime example is yesterday. MS Classic Cars mech Wayne comes in with a convertible top switch out of a 61 Buick. A momentary rotary switch. NO, we didn't have one or could get one. But I fixed there at the counter for him.
    THAT was fun...
  4. Dragline added a post in a topic Delorean - Back to the future   

    I built this a few years ago and this is now my favorite build of this car.  Barring my own of course..
  5. Dragline added a post in a topic Jordan Peterson on "Competence", with passion   

    BIG fan of Peterson and his fight in Canada.
  6. Dragline added a post in a topic 76 Torino tribute to Mom   

    Love me a Plain Jane. Great tribute...
  7. Dragline added a post in a topic 68' Dodge Dart   

    CRICKEY that's pretty. More shots please.
  8. Dragline added a post in a topic Meng World War Toons Sherman   

    I was kinda thinking the same thing Snake. I collect Undergrounds and this was just his speed. Good eyes.
  9. Dragline added a topic in All the Rest   

    Meng World War Toons Sherman
    Just a quick slump buster with all that's going on in my life. The Countach is still on hold but I'll get to it. This was easy and very stress free. And as cute as all get out.

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  10. Dragline added a post in a topic Red Alert   

    Gorgeous paint right there.
  11. Dragline added a post in a topic Mustang GT - Stellar Blue   

  12. Dragline added a post in a topic 69 Dart   

    I'm going to play Devils advocate a bit here. The decal is off the rear deck on the drivers side. Clear coat is a tad gloppy and uneven. And the chrome bits need to be trimmed of their flash before installation. Overall I see a pretty well built machine that is needing some care when parts are prepped. It could use a color sanding to tame the clear coat. 
    I see the bright side to most things and your effort is a good one, not a great one. I too had efforts like this years ago. As a seasoned Veteran kit builder I offer these critiques as an honest assessment.
    Keep building.
  13. Dragline added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    22 degrees here in Mass this AM. Got to work and the sun appeared. Starting to warm but it was brisk when I walked out the door.
  14. Dragline added a post in a topic Explain camshaft specs to me........   

    I always loved those guys. We called em bolt ons around here.
  15. Dragline added a post in a topic Sweeet   

    I see I'm not alone here. I loved my 1980 C10 so much and when it was smashed into oblivion [I wasn't in it, it was parked] I went into a depression for a while. It was the best shop truck ever. The heat sucked and it needed tires but the 350/4spd was perfect for picking up parts and the paint was original and in good nick. The chassis had over 300K on it and it was solid as a rock. I look now and then for one and the prices are out of hand for a decent example.
    Being a Chevy guy has proven to be tricky over the years. I see Fords all over the place and they too are fetching good prices of similar vintage. But it has to be a Chevy for me. 
    The 70's models are getting stupid as far as money goes if you want a solid base to build on.