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  1. Dragline

    Modelhaus gold

    I bought a handful of motorcycle kits off Gregg about 5 years ago. All behind the scenes. There, I said it. I was asked to not mention it but I have.
  2. Dragline

    Modelhaus gold

    Which is why I am less here all the time Bobby. One day I'll be done altogether. I was a serious contributor some time ago, and for years. We, all of us all not immortal. THIS is the only site I am a member of that does not allow selling between members. Backwards? Heck yeah... Seriously weak...
  3. Dragline

    Modelhaus gold

    What needs to happen here on this site is the allowing of sales between veteran members. E-model cars is a joke [No Offense, but it is]. I trust a great many here to send things and Paypal is always an option. The buying and selling must be allowed if many of us older guys are to thin to people who care about what we have and have plans to build our treasures. Moratorium on "No Selling here"
  4. Your patience and hard work are clearly on display here. What a lovely build.
  5. I'd stay away from downtown LA that's a certainty.
  6. Yessir it was on eBay. Got me one coming.
  7. Excellent display. Kids today need to put down the phone and get involved with creating things. I know it's a tall order but efforts like this can change hearts and minds. Even one kid and it was worth it. Well done.
  8. Stunning weathering my friend. Just really fine.
  9. Rotsa Ruck. I've been looking for a couple of years for a coupon code for MR. Have not found one yet.
  10. That snake kit looks awesome. Now to go see if one is on eBay.
  11. Now THAT'S a scary ride. Well played.
  12. CRAZY and cool. I had no idea those were kits. The head swap is brilliant. "Oh dear boy"...
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