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  1. Dragline added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Like many here it varies. I take breaks between detailed builds to knock out a Dave Deal or Tom Daniel build. Then go right back at a full detail build with all the bells and whistles. For me it's tough to do "Obsessive" detail builds for every kit that comes across the bench. It also depends on the vehicle. A Top Fuel digger or Funny car just begs for ignition, fuel and other goodies. But I don't think I've built anything in quite a while where I didn't scratch build a piece or two or at least add ignition wiring.
    But that's me...
  2. Dragline added a post in a topic wip- K&K Dodge Charger   

  3. Dragline added a post in a topic Opel GT Gasser   

    What a Gass?? Should be called "What a Handful"...
    Very well done.
  4. Dragline added a post in a topic 1970 Cayuse 2+2   

    So well executed. The seamless nature of the mod is so impressive. Well done.  
  5. Dragline added a post in a topic Good year drag tire stencils   

    I've had these for some years.
  6. Dragline added a post in a topic Good year drag tire stencils   

    Replica and Miniatures of maryland. That's where I got mine
  7. Dragline added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    Off Da Hook! Bag full O dead cats kinda crazy!
    you guys are too much!!
  8. Dragline added a post in a topic Cushman Duster   

    I'll have to check on that JC.  As for that i am not certain as I never built the Stewart kit but it sure looks identical.. What I do know is this.
    What is here was very nice. The kit went together like a breeze. Now i'm a Vet so some folks may find this kit tough. But the decals went nice and accepted solvent for the door jambs easily.  I'll post better pics eventually but this is a positively Wonderful kit. it doesn't fall together mind you. But it's one of the greats of our era.
    For a 2 week after work build it went together well and I have to tie up the exhaust [tough] and a few detail items box stockers won't encounter. But i'm pleased and ordered 2 more for the shelf. I may not get to them but I wanted a couple of extras in case decal options came about.
    A winner in my eyes...............
  9. Dragline added a topic in NASCAR   

    Cushman Duster
    Got this kit a couple of weeks ago HOT of the press. I had a week to spare so I plunged in. I want to thank R2 for continuing such a bang up job on these molds. This was such a joy to build and flash free. I never built this new so I was not certain what to expect but this is high water stuff here. I could go on but i digress.
    Duplicolor gloss white over their filler primer. I opened the trunk, wired the plugs, hooked up the battery and there is a photo etched seat belt in there. I made a safety net according to the manual but I used seat belt material and wooden ship rigging instead of a book of matches. I have some weathering to do but i used the R&MofM drag car tire painting set for the GoodYear logo's. I then sanded them down a tad. They look good and the weathering [Vallejo powders] should finish it off nicely. I stripped and re-shot the bumpers in Alclad. I made the hood hold down as per the reference photos but have to make the bungee cord. There's more but the pics speak.

    I shot this on my phone so go easy on me.
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  10. Dragline added a post in a topic 67 Eleanor transkit available?   

    Had to become a member to get on the list. Spotmodel is a great place if you want to spend money that's for certain.
  11. Dragline added a post in a topic Tom Daniel Dragon Wagon   

    Better than my first scale model by leaps and bounds.
    Welcome to scale modeling.
  12. Dragline added a post in a topic Carl Caspers Galloping Ghost II   

    I've never seen accurate cogged belt material in 1/25 scale. The stuff that comes in pulley kits is out of scale.
    Make your own.
  13. Dragline added a post in a topic T.V./Movie Cars (show em')   

    That would be cool. Do it with the cardboard and duct tape.
  14. Dragline added a post in a topic Mercedes 300SL   

    Makes me want to break mine out and get cracking on it.
    Very nicely executed.
  15. Dragline added a post in a topic Fujimi Veneno   

    Beautiful build. You can certainly see the Countach lineage in this car.