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  1. Beautiful replica. I have ONE MFH kit in my stash, the Harley Davidson 1940 FL. It sits mocking me and one day I'll get after it. This is definitely inspiring.
  2. I have this and the Tamiya in my stash and was eyeballing them a few days ago. It came out nice and I expect now that I've seen one done I'll just work on something else as my curiosity has now been sated. Shame about the real car though. Not terribly successful.
  3. I've been thinking of getting a couple of these. This seals the deal. That looks great.
  4. As a mechanic I got to work on two of these over the years. One had so many electrical gremlins the owner finally gave up [I gave up sooner], the others was a friend of mine who thought changing oil was optional and roasted the turbo. Even in 1998 money it was expensive to fix that car. I forget how much but it was turbo, pedestal and oil lines as a package. Over a grand I think. I will say this though. It hauled the mail! Nice build of a model I've had in the stash for years but every time I look at it I'm reminded of trials and tribulations and put it back on the shelf.
  5. Years ago in Baltimore I was outside putting primer on a kit body. My brother is full time military and has to go to the 5th Reg in the city. At the time he had one of those Isuzu VehiCross things. As he is sitting there and we are talking he says "Bobby, can you tell me what this is?" I walk over and the OIL light is blazing on the instrument panel. I say dude, that is your oil light. It means you're low on dead dinosaurs. I ask, "how long has it been on?". He says maybe a couple of weeks. I tell him to shut it off so I can check it. Nothing on the stick. I tell him he cannot drive it until we get some oil. He pouts a bit, makes a call and says OK. We jump in my car and get an oil change since when I looked at the sticker on his windshield it indicated that it had been 15K since the last one. He says synthetic lasts forever right? I explain that no, it does not. He knows perfectly well I am and have been a certified Benz mechanic [and Bosch cert as well] for 20 years. We go get an oil change and I get to work. I put a pan under it and break the drain plug expecting something. Nothing, nada, zip, zero. I pull the plug completely out and here it comes. ONE DRIP! As I go into my diatribe about if nothing else, safety, he gets all pissy and goes into the house. I change it out [filter that is] and fill it with the correct oil. I take it for a spin and the light stays on. I look it up and do the dance to put it out and reset the interval. After that I just kept an eye on it for him. It was either that or a phone call one day. This is a guy who is/was a Ranger/Seal/Spec Ops and he knows everything to know about bombs and weapons, but his vehicles? They are just A to B to him.
  6. What a tremendous amount of work you put into that. Such a great overall vibe too. I built one and it's here on the desk and everyone who sees it has to see it in action. I cannot keep the paint on the hinges stay put though. Great job!
  7. All we can do is strive to get better. I try all the time and see increments now and again. Enjoy your builds and learn something new each time. You are having fun like we all are [well some of us]. Keep on keepin on.
  8. Thanks guys. The Tiger at the top is 4-1/2 L by 3 1/2 W The Panther below is 3 1/2 L by 2 1/2 W Both are about 3 1/2 tall I used Vallejo acrylic paints, washes and pigments. The camo was freehand airbrushed acrylics. They are not expensive at 8.99 at HL.
  9. Could pass for real if you photoshopped the screw heads out. That's how nice it is.
  10. Nice weathering for such a soso kit. I'd look into AMMO by Mig for weathering paints. Vallejo also has excellent weathering paint sets. Weathering is fun.
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