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  1. What Are You Building Today?

  2. What Are You Building Today?

    You guys wanna know what I'm building? Ya wanna know what I am excelling at? Ya wanna see what ole Dragline is working on? I nearly quit this place multiple times. I don't post like I used to. I don't care like I used to. I post epic stuff and it got passed in in favor of some 32 Ford derivative. The bickering ad infinatum about kits 42 people care about, and the latest insult to their collective intelligence about something NO ONE gives a $H!t about. This WAS a fun place. There are people who I miss very much who no longer post here. They MADE a difference. They had always offered poignant views and critiques without fail. This is what I'm up to. I build. I build to a standard. That standard has been lost. Lost to some deep place where few decide to tread. I DO NOT praise mediocrity no matter the builders skill set. I have offered direct and profound criticism to new builders that was glossed over in favor of praise, not only unwarranted, but I think damaging in the larger sense. So who am I to judge? This is what Ole Dragline was up to this week. The last 5 months are so killer I won't even post them. If I come off as brash, egotistical or a just plain douchey so be it. Others who were here before me were brash. They were talented. They didn't suffer fools much, if at all. But their binding characteristic was the way they constructed and presented their work. In my work I strive to be excellent. I ALWAYS fall short. But during that portion of my life I learn. I am mad at this entire place selling itself short. For grasping at a straw so close no one could miss, yet missing nonetheless. This may end up being a Swan Song for me as I feel [Like many before me} that just criticism and truth are behind us in favor of participant trophies and false praise. I'll have no truck with any of it. I've been watching and waiting. I wish all the newer members praise and acceptance for what they present. The future is dim indeed without you. But then I notice similar hobbies like Military, Sci Fi and Figural modeling BOOMING beyond all expectations and ask myself where is the drain? Will it hurt? Warhammer, D&D and a whole host of other modeling genres are experiencing Booms the like Automotive could only dream about, most with detailed figures and whole systems that defy description. So I leave you with this. My true LOVE for car modeling is complete. I love it as though it were the food I need. I love to paint and make things real. I do that with some skill as others have noted, and to my delight. But I am hoping for some renaissance. Where not only Bill and a few others care about accuracy. Where honest dialog can be had with companies. And where we get what we ask for the first time instead of waiting while a few pinheads decide it's OK to give us something worthwhile. Meanwhile, I will finish my Warhammer army and some random figures which truly inspire me. I wish for you the same.
  3. R.I.P. Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen

    R.I. P. Mongoose.
  4. AMT super detailed snowspeeder

    Really nice build. I'm on a Star Wars trip myself.
  5. What kind of other nerd are you?

    Vintage comic books for over 35 years. Now I'm into Warhammer 40K and FPS gaming like Battlefield.
  6. 1968 VW Hover Bug

    One word. OUTSTANDING.
  7. Solo

    Horrific is a word to use. Full of third wave Feminist and SJW malarkey. But it might be up someones alley.
  8. What Irked You Today?

    I wish I was close by Bill. It would be MY pleasure to help. Ya see, I lived in Baltimore for 15 years. I had to deal with that quite a lot. But one sunny day my buddy Dave [Who is from Costa Rica and looks like a big round brown guy with a wide nose. He is also a great guitar player and lifelong Metal head] came up with a great idea. We were at the house rehearsing and arranging some music for his upcoming solo thing. I mentored Dave musically and even played in his band for a while. We were playing small combo amps and recording them into my DAW on the computer. Dave looked over at the two 100 watt 1/2 stacks I had at the house. One Marshall and one Mesa Boogie. He thought, "Hey, what if we bring those down to the porch?". Knowing the loud music would return we dragged both amps down to the porch. Each amp is a 100 watt tube head with a 4X12 cabinet on which it sits. When I say they can get LOUD, I mean they get LOUD. We can drown a full drum kit with one of these things. Two is waaaayy over the top. So we set them up and just hung out. We grabbed my two acoustic guitars and were playing a bunch of classic stuff for quite a while. We drank a few beers and went through a lot a cover songs we knew when at around dusk two cars pulled up across the street about 3 doors up. You could hear them when they made the corner 1/8 a mile away up the street they were pounding so hard. We fired up the 1/2 stacks and just waited. They pulled up got out and just hung there with their buddies with one of the cars just shaking the ground with what must have been the genre you alluded to. I had dropped the tuning on both guitars to B to add extra girth to the demonic riffage we planned. Once the amps got up to temp we flicked em both off standby and played some riffs we knew that were certain to entertain and thrill our lucky audience. You could still hear their BOOM BOOM a little but over the top of that was this HELLISH sound of two 100 watt Metal amps be wielded by two very competent players soloing back and forth over each others scorching and brutish downtuned riffs. That went over like a fart in church and they listened for a about 2 minutes before they packed up and left post haste. Once gone I went around and apologized to several of my neighbor's and dragged the amps back upstairs. Of course they would return at later dates and pound again but at least we got a point across. I don't make you listen to my music, why should you subject me to yours? You don't have the right despite what you think you have a right to do. No lesson was learned on their part but the rest of our night was peaceful.
  9. 1/6 Tamiya Harley Davidson FLH Classic with Sidecar

    Looks solid bro. Keep on....... The tops of the heads are in contact with the frame as well. I've owned several 1:1 early 80's Shovelheads and they rattle, they shake, but they don't fall apart. The gals like em too because they shake. Especially if it's a rigid. Looks great from here.
  10. Moebius Death Dealer

    Those are pretty heavy for kids. These days those certainly wouldn't fly. Gotta protect eyes from anything real or a bit disturbing. But back then we could handle things for what they were. It kept us from repeating them in case anyone cares to consider it all. Snowflakes these days cannot handle even the smallest diversity except what they deem acceptable. OK, rant over.
  11. Moebius Death Dealer

    I too have those Blazing Combat mags in my vast collection. They are a pretty penny these days especially the #1. High grade examples are well into the 500 or more mark. Look at those covers will ya! Mood, movement and a true sense of capturing a moment in time. These are prime examples of why Frazetta, Wrightson, Jeffery Jones, Mike Kaluta, Mike Ploog and a great many others are head and shoulders above mere mortals by being able to tell a story with a single image.
  12. Well it has been quite the journey Chris. From day one till now I have been with you hoping you fulfilled your quest to build the ultimate Snake. You have without a doubt achieved that with much to spare and i wanted to congratulate you on what is the finest 1/16 scale AA/FC model of ANY car to run the 1320. There were times it seems you doubted yourself but all of us knew you would do it. And here we are brother, looking at it and wondering how it was achieved even though we all saw it come together lo these few years. A hearty congrats to you Sir and so say all of us! My humble respect. Bob Frias
  13. Moebius Death Dealer

    Nearly complete. The reds on the ax are drying and the sword got a coat of oil to make it pop and is also drying. Tomorrow it will be complete and ready for some lighting if I can find a spot and lighting to make it eerie enough. For now this shot will do. A great kit from Moebius.
  14. Moebius Death Dealer

    You gonna build it soon Vince?
  15. Moebius Death Dealer

    Thanks guys. Please forgive the open seam at the waist and below. Once the arm is attached that area becomes completely blocked with the arm and shield and I didn't feel the need to putty it.