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  1. This stuff is just not for me. As nasty as it gets but the results are amazing. I like my Mr Hobby clear much better and the clean up is easier. Enough thinner for both bottles. Will trade for a cool Funny Car, Top Fuel, Tom Daniel or Dave Deal kit. Retail is $32.00 and it ships from the US. Sorry for the lousy cell pic.
  2. Nice paint on such a simple kit really makes it pop and look real. Well done.
  3. Vinyl is almost no different from resin in how they build up. Use acrylic paints of course and super type glue. Regular filler works well on vinyl as long as it is glued firmly.
  4. Broadening one's horizons has never been easier. It's not as simple as just buying a kit I recognize that. But the world isn't just gears and cogs after all. Build what you like. Love what you build.
  5. On eBay where else? Go to Models & Kits, Character Figures and pick resin kits. There will be THOUSANDS! Not just Anime, but every conceivable Barbarian, Orc, Hot Chick et al... Just watch the sizes. They run from 35th scale all the way to 1/8
  6. I got this as a challenge from my sister in law. She loves Anime and since I build models it follows I could build a garage kit for her. My brother has a cabinet full of my stuff [Mostly Tom Daniel and Dave Deal stuff], but Sonia doesn't have anything I built to call her own and she is a miniature maniac. She is always dropping by my mini studio to see what I'm working on. She loves Warhammer but it's not as cute and cuddly as Anime. I have no idea what the name of this character is called but there are also big billowing cape pieces that need to be attached. They are currently drying after highlights and a matt coat were applied. But suffice it to say it's quite dramatic when it's all together. The paint scheme was left to me as the established character has certain colors but the hair matches the on screen since that was one element I was told not to change. Resin can be tricky to work with but the pieces were very high quality with no parting lines at all. Fitment was a bit different and each piece must be fit in relation to another to make certain it all ends up in the right place. Mostly Vallejo acrylics with a few enamels where acrylics wouldn't cut it. Yes, I painted the eyes. What a learning curve that was, as I watched more than a few Youtube tutorials on painting Anime eyes. It's an art that I'm only scratching the surface of. I liked this project so much I bought one for myself to try out. Should be good fun. Enjoy.
  7. Revell eh? I didn't know they even made such a kit in that scale. Very nice finishes.
  8. This looks great and the wear and tear is looking good. This is one of those they really should dust off but I imagine it's costly to produce. Keep on, the finish line is within sight.
  9. This is a Horus Heresey Primarch from Forge World for Warhammer 40K. Konrad Curze was a despot and ravenous killer who ruled with an iron fist. He sided with Horus against the Emperor of Mankind and was eventually killed for his troubles. Feared like almost no other Primarch since he would go out nights to hunt and slaughter all who came in his path. These resin pieces from Forgeworld are exceedingly expensive but build into great miniatures that are played with Horus Heresey Codex. I play Warhammer a bit but prefer Orcs for their savagery as a group. These pieces are played with more sophistication than I am willing to invest but I love painting them. This will go up for sale on eBay at some point. Many hours and a few brain cells were sacrificed to the altar of this Primarch. Enjoy.
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