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  1. These Tamiya bike kits are such joys to build and they always look like the real deal. You crushed it bro.
  2. Not sure how I missed this one Bob. As usual you crushed it. Like others have said, you have an eye for design and color. Your models alway exhibit that thing that puts them over the top. This is no exception.
  3. As a guitarist and frustrated drummer Peart is my all time drum hero as well. I had the pleasure of seeing them starting in their earliest years and followed them to the tragic end. Your tribute is touching.
  4. I have always wanted this kit but it can be pricey. I think tje decal sheet is an absolute hoot. Well done Bob...
  5. Just watched an HPI video and he highlighted www.rayskits.com/decals As comprehensive a decal line as I have ever seen. You like Rep Stock? This is a treasure trove.
  6. None.... It has taken a back seat to quite a few other things. But it is time to wrap it up. Sometime soon. Thanks for looking in.
  7. Really killer build brother turtle.
  8. I did Joe... Hope yours was good as well. Say Hi over on SPAM for me. Ill get back there soon.
  9. They are a bit plain Ill admit. Perhaps at some point Ill add something as they need some pizazz...
  10. Number 3 of my Silly Surfers set is done. The surfboards are drying and I was heading out so I snapped these without them. No big deal, just two janky boards. The heart of it is the truck and driver. Vallejo acrylics as usual.
  11. Darned good looking truck ya got there. It is a superb kit that goes together well.
  12. Really super resin piece and you crushed the paint. Do you look at eBay and the resin kits offered there? It is a world of possibilities.
  13. That looks very cool. I gotta get me one. I have the Stardust decal sheet from the Digger dragster kit. I figure paint it yellow with a light blue frame. Those decals and some white headers. Hopefully it comes out as nice as yours.
  14. That came out pretty awesome so I would say the rust is either off or never really developed. Congrats to your son and you for the newbie.
  15. Awesome build. I have the AMT kit and the decals seemed OK but silvered. I have the Slixx set of decals and they look like they might work. Will those Slixx decals work?
  16. Very nicely detailed build. I know the paint scheme on this one is tricky. You did a bang up job.
  17. Looks fantastic from here my friend. Perhaps some PE badges from MCG would solve your woes? I know it is dropping extra dough, but nothing beats the look.
  18. Well thanks for the compliment Mike. The key to it is really a no brainer. Tamiya clear red. It's glossy so it looks nice n fresh and nasty. Sprinkle liberally and there you have it. I had no idea they were reissuing it this year. I see them on eBay (overpriced of course) all the time. But if you keep an eye you can snag a deal.
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