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  1. Extremely well done and very convincing. The finishes, which are so important are well done. I would be proud to call it my own work.
  2. I have an external SSD drive with 600gb of music on it. I pick a category and let it fly.
  3. I built the Pod racer as the....well, Pod racer. It never occurred to me to make it into a trike. Not even in some fever dream... Well done and very creative..
  4. My Uncle Steve's 1977 Mercury Capri in the Dartmouth Mall parking lot. Manual shift and I only stalled it a couple of times before I got it figured. This is a recent conversation I had with Uncle Steve so it is still fresh. The car was less than a year old. He says it's in the garage and has been since 1981 when he parked it there. I am considering rescuing it since he owns the house [His parents, long gone], and he lives in New Hampshire over 300 miles away. He says it was perfect when he put it away so it may take some doing but it's mine if I can get it going. Olive green with silver I believe.
  5. Seems nice. The panel lines could be improved.
  6. Once I move into my new place I'm going to spend the better part of a year building Ayrton Senna's 1/20 scale Mp4/4 with the Top Studio complete kit, with a carbon fiber decal sheet and proper sponsor logo's and the correct Tamiya paints. Wish me Bona Fortuna...
  7. Serious blasts from the past. Thanks for posting.
  8. I missed it. That's a collectors thing though.
  9. I'm planning on doing a weathered one and an old school box art build. I have Molotov and through the airbrush it looks better than kit chrome. Not only that, the roof is tin and the wheels are steel. I know we will get chrome so it's no biggie I guess. As long as the original decals are also supplied. That new design is not up to snuff.
  10. Sell em to us like that, no need to chrome it. I'm just going to strip it all anyways.
  11. Collect comic book art like I do and then we can talk serious prices.
  12. I see no reason for this to become political unless someone wishes it to. It's about "Pride" in workmanship and accepting responsibly for ones failings. The "trophy" generation is all instant gratification and zero ground work. The digital age has shown them that somehow there are millions of jobs that require ZERO effort or at the very least minimum effort that make above average living wages. They are encouraged to seek paths of least resistance as a way to skirt effort and knowledge as a basis for career paths that will eventually go nowhere. I worked in Auto Parts like at least one other here. I know what the smallest common denominator in knowledge and effort eventually lead too. It's leads to mediorcrity and substandard service and advice. Raising a false RED flag upon this conversation shows me a few things. I dislike the implication that it be shut down when it seems that there is consensus among those involved.
  13. So well done. Such a groundbreaking car. I have two in the stash, gotta build at least one of em.
  14. Dragline

    Do they exist?

    AFAIK there are none with molded in logo's. You must use decals.
  15. In a strange mishap my set was ruined. Anyone out there with a spare? I know not everyone built this kit as that car. HELP!
  16. I love older builds like this. It really shows where you were at the time. You were in a good place that's for sure. Well done Sir.
  17. Never too late to learn. I've only been doing it for two years and have made good strides. Granted, it takes an investment in paints, washes and all that. I guess it's a matter of want.
  18. Got these today. I won't get to them for some time since I am moving but they are going to be fun when I do.
  19. I offered condolences in the Youtube video. he was an excellent builder.
  20. Took my 2000 Cavalier out for it's first drive in quite a while. Not a big deal right? Well it is today as the new supercharger has breathed new life into the little bugger! Nearly snapped my neck with the throttle response. I knew it was going to be a bit quicker but this result has me tickled. I see a disk brake conversion for the rear in the near future as those drums just ain't making it. I went looking for Imports but couldn't find any takers. It's still pretty mild at idle and part throttle, but goose it and it just flips out. Best $1,100.00 I ever spent.
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