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  1. mech. ret added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    pgh steel city con dec6-7-8
    i set up at show and will be cleaning house so to spk. b4 a poss move in new yr
    besides models [mostly 5yrs old /yngr] but some vintage of cars, trks ,planes and ships , i'll have ho trains and acc.
    and diecast [new/used] in var sizes. sorry i have no pictures but a brief list is the new auto world cars in diecast, HW old/new , M2 haulers ,tow trucks, california showcars pink panther and a orig supervan.
    models are both built [mostly semi trks] and unbuilt still in boxs.
    my booth is on corner of first dbl row to left [a15] soon as u come in
    tell me if see this post as wont be online till after monday.

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  2. mech. ret added a post in a topic mantaray model kit   

    thanx for steve's name. have been in touch with him on other kits and will deal but no good for ray kit. just have to wait and see or get better at fabricating my own.
  3. mech. ret added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    mantaray model kit
    can any tell me if any kits [resin,plastic,etc] were /still made of dean jeffries mantaray show car not dune buggys ? was told of a possible resin kit by acme resin but havenot found the correct link to correct kits.
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  4. mech. ret added a topic in General   

    great site for a lot info guys, but have not spent enough time to fully digest if this site does /not have much to do with show-rat-custom rods or just race-stock- reg cars/trucks.? the shows are my future builds now and don't want to look for nothing kit wise if not here as a rule. tip's , show up-dates and the rest are all great and are always helpfull. also do u sell here or only swap/trade/free all. want to abide the rules. please be kind with response, already hate the big mag site for snobs. also appreciate the mag so far. only have 2 issues so far, only found #135 at thanksgiving by pure luck and the scetch pad section was truely a better section than found in any mag hobby or bigboy toys like rod/cust or pop hotrod. if mag keeps up i'll will subscribe.
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