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  1. I know im late but just heard about Paul passing away. My thoughts and prsyers go out to his family.
  2. My name is kevin but i go by the screen name Hemi , I have been a member her for several years but been away for a long while. The last time i was here they had just changed the layout of the site and it was a real pain to get around on here for me any ways.so i just stopped coming here, Any way a friend was telling me about a build he had seen and in the comments it read Harry would have loved this one, so he asked if Harry might have passed away? So i came right to the site to try and find out and i did right away. So Sorry to hear of Harry's passing,he will be missed. I always loved this place and the people here,and have missed it in my absence. But now it seems like its a little more user friendly or it may just be that im on a cell phone and not a computer. Anyway i got to learn how to use the site again and it feels good to be back.
  3. Very nice looking setup kerry i love it
  4. Funny you guys mentioned the recycled sprue as I have often wondered if there was a use for the empty parts trees I know I'd sure like to see the truck Greg posted come back.
  5. One beautiful 55 chevy I love it.
  6. Thanks for posting the pictures again I like it it really looks good
  7. Should be an interesting build , if the valve covers are out there someone on here can tell u were to get them I look forward to seeing progress on this one
  8. hemi

    67 Corvette (2)

    Looks good to me, my best friend bought me that same kit for my birthday years ago I would give anything to find that kit and build it again and do it justice this time
  9. Wow your build is coming out totally beautiful
  10. Jim I had a friend call me tonight and ask if I had heard the name crazyjim over on this board I replied yes he does beautiful work. Then he said you gotta check out his 36 ford it it stunning, man was he right great job Jim.
  11. Nice looking build it looks great that is one of my all time favorite kits
  12. Very nice work it looks great man
  13. I love it you did a great job on it
  14. I lick it it looks great to me
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