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  1. 1/25 scale seated Race drivers, and passengers, dogs, 1/35 scale seated passengers for the Roden greyhound bus. 2wd suspension for AMT chevy/blazer,GMC Jimmy
  2. Thanks Mike I remember this kit now has this kit been reissued ?
  3. did this kit have an updated/ chassis pro touring ?
  4. You should never use those scale concrete blocks to hold your car up! They are very dangerous, one can kick out and your car can fall off the bench and break an a pillar or such. Sorry couldn't resist Carry on, I'm sure you will see the wisdom in my post.
  5. What are you doing for decals? I don't know a source but would interested.
  6. What is included with their engine kits? I sent a message and asked some questions but was answered with this previously posted price page. Answers nothing about what scale(s) is available I would be interested in Wheel and engines 1/25 PS small block chevy 1/16 donovan and KB hemi, Can someone post me some pictures Not to be a smart asp but I guess maybe he doesn't want any of my money. I don't have enough of that but I have plenty of models to build that are waiting in the wings.
  7. Judah, please as you go try to include the drawings nd reference material used in scratch building the packer it would be fun to build along. Finding reference material for projects like this is hard to find.
  8. Very ambitious project I sure wish you would have cast it. It's a love it or hate it cabover. I love it.
  9. I'v been a Petty fan and have bad luck doing the striping on the petty chargers of the red vermillion and white pinstripes to look correct on the edge of the red I need help advise to do it right. another issue i what equipment blue no paint manfacturer is called out and I have no idea what shade to use. Ideas how to please. thanks
  10. Chris Martin, Reference photos are always needed. Please start a new topic and post them. New, used, weathered, plumbing of refrigeration all would be appreciated. I'd be glad to host photos for you on my Fotki site. Drop me a private message if you would be interested in that.
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