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  1. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    my B&N is at least 35 miles from me. It's hit and miss. Golden Bell has has destroyed far to many copies with their handling procedures. With Greg 's announcement of a new Publisher I home that A digital version becomes available.
  2. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger Dick Landy's Super Stock   

    Thanks for the quick reply can someone answer my questions for the correct colors of the Pro stock car ? Again you did a really nice build!
  3. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger Dick Landy's Super Stock   

    Beautiful; job I always loved the car . Don't get me wrong I'm not questing your building skills but I have questions. The landy car challenger PS of this error looked to have a 71 style a 71 style grille I haven't seen a photo of of one with this grille. The Black painted on the car almost always looked kinda brown was this a phenomenon of the film used in the day. or was it actually black. Thanks for sharing you did a great Job and I'm very impressed.
    Vince Putt 
  4. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic 69 Ford pickup and camper   

    Excellent Job Doug Alot of insite and skill to follow thru to make it fit. I'm very Impressed! 
    Vince Putt 
  5. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic Chat Room   

    Go here  8PM Eastern time is usual start time 
  6. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic MiM Dan Models Cummins Diesel Engine   

    I placed an order through ebay for some of his products. I exchanged a few emails he said my order was shipped yet he couldn't provide a tracking number. He sent resent another. after waiting another 6 weeks and more emails I proviided ebay copies of all his email and paypal refunded my money. Only thing unfair is that I could leave bad feedback on him because it beyond the window to leave feedback. I'm sure his feedback does not reflect his true dealings. I've seen his products I'd like to deal with him but I just can't take the chance of the deal going wrong again and ebay telling me sorry we helped you once but .... 
  7. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic TRD pro stocks   

    I didn't know you were ill Chuck get well wishes to ya. 
  8. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic Lonestar & Featherlite-ish Transporter   

    Another nice project going on. 
  9. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic gooche decal sheets....are they nice quality...   

    how do you contact them directly to go around ebay?
  10. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic Aurora Double Deuce '22 Ford T kit   

    those wheels are not in that kit. your better off going through parts boxes your not going to find anything unique in the big buck t kit.
  11. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic NEW drag related decals   

    The cavalcade of stars was a actual series . Chuck I tried to contact you on facebook do you still offer the Vega wagon I was also interested in Fairmont decals, Flying Dutchman III and the Red alert Chevelle, connie Kalitta 69 mustang
  12. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic MCM subscription-why no digital version?   

    I'd love to have a digital subscription. I Don't get the the haters of of digital digital magazines that never tried it. It's like a PDF File you can pick the pages you want to print. and if you want high quality print use a Photo printer and you will feel like your on the photo shoot. Do you know you can search your entire collection by keyword. Digital magazines are often cheaper than the paper many of my subscriptions are as low as $5.00 quit whining, enjoy your metal axles that goes through the oil plan and have your insurance agent over for a dinner, a walk through and inspection evaluation and ask him what he thinks of a magazine collection from the 60's. Unfortunetaly over the last 13 years I haven't bought more than 20 MC magazines I subscribed for 2 years most arrived torn up in my mail box and I had to get replacement. Change in Golden Bell's policy to replace damaged magazine made me decide to cancel. I live 90 miles (no kidding) from a hobby shop that can or will carry car the magazine so getting a copy is always hit and miss because of my health. Greg does have a game plan for a digital copy of the magazine I beta test it with him. On my end I thought it was very successful maybe he's working on a transmission method. I wish him luck he know's I'll be first subscriber.
  13. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    Danny I cant believe your fast service I placed an order on Wednesday and my parts arrived in PA on Friday. I need to know pricing on the Dually fenders for the Meng fenders and the 4 Hole dually 16 wheels I'm ready to place another order. You are awesome.

    Vince Putt
  14. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    Incredible build and a nice street car to boot. I own a 70 Z28 SS/RS that I've owned since 79. I'm watching your build glad your taking your time and doing an accurate build.
  15. Bowtienutz added a post in a topic 305" Revell W900, AMT chrome tanker.   

    I avoided this tanker kit like the no other trailer kit I figured it would be plagued with problems from Scratched chrome to sink marks, warped parts of the vessel, heavy sprue attachment joints that be hidden. You made it look fantastic. I'll have to look for one now.. Very nice Thanks for sharing.