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  1. You mentioned you got the hood scoop from parts box and you didn't know the source. I think it came from a version of the Monogram "Badman" . some reissues of that kit had clear glass parts.
  2. On my many visit's to Pikes Peak over the years I only once had a chance to stop by the museum. Is this a replica of Toronado in the museum?
  3. Ron you are out of practice the links or Picture imports don't work
  4. Does anyone have close up reference photos of the real car(s)
  5. Steve it might be cool to do a simple diorama by putting the 3 mag wheels on, using a bumper jack and figure, and the 4th mag wheel on the ground.
  6. For the people wishing and wanting one Jeff Ballard @ motor city resin makes an excellent repop of the 67. His stuff is top notch. you won't be disappointed. http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/67Galaxie.htm
  7. I've bought items many times. I wish him well and hope he can return soon.
  8. I can send you a good copy of the Phil Jensen article if you like. The First Gear diecast Holmes is very nice. hard to find now I bet. KFS out of England made a Resin kit of the Holmes 750 both the body and the wrecker parts. PM me I'll try to help you out.
  9. Another fantastic project love the scratchbuilding thanks for sharing with all the how to pictures.
  10. Very nicely done.Great details! I can hear those air lines hissing.
  11. link would be helpful thanks. I thought the SS was only available as a real car 2016&17 is the SS and Impala (NASCAR) versions the same?
  12. I never built a NASCAR model and I was wondering how accurate the new Snap kits (for curbside) and Glue kits (for full detail) are. Are they new bodies on chassis from the 90's or new tools? The Fusion has been used for a number of years and I think the SS since 2016. That being said what other cars could be done using aftermarket decals. Thanks for your help.
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