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  1. Does anyone have close up reference photos of the real car(s)
  2. Steve it might be cool to do a simple diorama by putting the 3 mag wheels on, using a bumper jack and figure, and the 4th mag wheel on the ground.
  3. For the people wishing and wanting one Jeff Ballard @ motor city resin makes an excellent repop of the 67. His stuff is top notch. you won't be disappointed. http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/67Galaxie.htm
  4. I've bought items many times. I wish him well and hope he can return soon.
  5. I can send you a good copy of the Phil Jensen article if you like. The First Gear diecast Holmes is very nice. hard to find now I bet. KFS out of England made a Resin kit of the Holmes 750 both the body and the wrecker parts. PM me I'll try to help you out.
  6. Another fantastic project love the scratchbuilding thanks for sharing with all the how to pictures.
  7. Very nicely done.Great details! I can hear those air lines hissing.
  8. link would be helpful thanks. I thought the SS was only available as a real car 2016&17 is the SS and Impala (NASCAR) versions the same?
  9. I never built a NASCAR model and I was wondering how accurate the new Snap kits (for curbside) and Glue kits (for full detail) are. Are they new bodies on chassis from the 90's or new tools? The Fusion has been used for a number of years and I think the SS since 2016. That being said what other cars could be done using aftermarket decals. Thanks for your help.
  10. I've gotten rather frustrated on viewing this message board since changes were made to the site in early 2018. I have a question, when I come to the board I use to see all updated topics since my last visit. Messages under that topic would be displayed if I wanted to view that topic by clicking on it. If not I would be able to scroll past it now every message appears making pages and pages of items that I don't care to read. How do I make new content since my last visit appear as by topic not by message? Thanks.
  11. may not be exactly what your looking for but check out my fotki site you'll get lots of ideas.http://public.fotki.com/VincePutt/semi_truck_shows_/ look at Kramer wrecker and the macungie truck show allong with the carlisle photo albums these are trucks that I've see close up and clean.Enjoy
  12. I got a phone call a few hours ago informing me that one of my very closest friends of the past almost 40 years has passed away. Don Farhni He was my mentor, Big brother, drag racing buddy, fellow prankster, gave me npiration and talked me away from the edge when I got disabled and saw no hope. He was wounded badly in Vietnam in the battle of Dau-Tieng in 1969. He never talked about his injuries or what happened. It took me years to get up the balls to ask him what happened. I watched the man take fistful of drugs at a time, crawl across the floor on his belly to get to the bathroom, drink steak shakes while waiting for new teeth. I believe that Greg will he was a fundamental part of getting Model Cars Magazine a big running start. Don left behind a sister and two brothers Keep them in your prayers Battle for Dau-Tieng, Base, 3Bde,25 ID 22-23 Feb. 1969 http://277arty.net/dautiengbattle69_3.html
  13. never aw one myself even in picture form maybe they used the side door. I'm doing a phantom race car hauler.
  14. The real truck didn't have a vinyl top just a for better way to explain it it looked like trunk paint.
  15. Excellent work great little Ford.
  16. That is pretty cool! A little imagination and some great skills add up to one fine model.
  17. One Thing I can guarantee you will not be listed as a "Donor" my first visit to Roadside America was when I was a little kid in 1964 Mom got me a clear trailer and my older brother got a Ford GT car They sold model cars in the lobby at that time.. it started me in the madness of modeling and I've never looked back. I will come up with something special for people that help us out It's not a mega buck operation All family run with a lot of love and respect
  18. We Are looking for 1/25th scale models preferably curbside. A smaller model like a 1/32 placed in the middle of the display figure 20 feet or more from where you can see it on a mountain Road "forces" the perspective that it's further away. Does that make sense? No one 1/25 scale car near it only trees and a mountain road. We are not a museum or a mega buck operation. We are not a museum or a charity We just can't afford to do that. I work there for minimum wage part time because I need to deal with my disabiities and with my anxiety. It's very low pressure operation and with mostly a part time staff. Museums can give a tax donation receipt. Not businesses Take that up with the FEDS if you like. Sorry Howard and others I just can't help you with Tax donations certificates or payments for your models. I would like friends to participate out of the goodness of their heart. All I can promise you is your work will be recognized and I'm sure you will get a kind thank you from an organization that truly loves bringing smiles to people. I you feel that you need more than that There are plenty of slots available for Pro modelers on ebay Sorry I'm not trying to be a smart ass. Sit down with me at NNL East and I'll buy you a beer and try to explain this I'm sure you'll understand where I'm coming from. OH and don't expect to get a tax donation receipt if you donate to the National model car Museum in Salt lake city either. Rick Somerlot use to live in Salt Lake and was very tight with Mark. Ricks dieing wish was that his car could go to the Museum. He had sold it when he came across hard times. But I was able to procure it and show it to Rick's mom before I left for Salt Lake. I asked Mark for a Tax form for to give to Ricks mother. And he said NO. Rick Somerlot's Candy Red Metallic '39 Chevy had won people's choice award. It was a Model Magazine cover car at the time. I should have taken it home with me and given it back to Rick's mother. What happened next was Mark Gustovson arrange to have all the models that were to be donated or restored to the museum covered under a white cloth for a presentation. Much to our Horror Mark came into the room late and put a big handful of binders right down on top of Rick's model smashing it to bits. Much to the horror of many modelers that had other models they restored or were donating to the museum. Maybe someone that still goes to that show can tell me if Ricks Chevy was ever restored that is if they can get an appointment with Mark's model museum. I never got an apology, Rick's mother never got an apology, from him I sure didn't tell her what happened it would have broken her heart. That was the last time I've ever gone to salt lake and I'll never go again.
  19. Pete you got a firm grasp on what is needed. Not all the cars have to be lighted, but I would like to light up as many as I can especially those used on roadways those in parking lots etc. not necessarily . Using the Smaller scale cars is exactly what we try to do force the perspective. Chris I'm sorry but trades would not be worth your effort most of the cars are either badly warped or broken and nothing that I would feel comfortable trading out. You know the kind of stuff that you just cruise by at a swap meet table. Thinking back to the era of 1934 when Lawrence had started this he had no idea that the display would still be around 50 years after his death. We often ask ourselves what would Lawrence do with today's technology. He was a pure genius. And has inspired model railroad fans all over the world to build layouts. Roadside America has been featured in lots of modeling and railroad magazines over the decades.
  20. I would prefer to install the led lighting myself. If you could drill out behind headlights, parking lights and tailights that would be very helpful I've set up the design I'm using special low heat Led's and fiber optics and I'm using with special connectors so cars can be cleaned without affecting the lighting of the display. They can be moved about the display as we clean and with my hidden connections things will work out well. Making things universal make maintenance issues much simpler. I've found a place on ebay that I was able to bulk purchase seated drivers adding more realism. We only have three guys actually working on the display. I handle electronics and Jeff does painting restoration and preservation of display and Brian works on the trains with help from a guy that really knows lots of stuff about old lionel trains We are a small staff. I'm a disabled Vet I'm only there Tuesdays and Thursdays I wish I could put in more hours I've finally found something rewarding to do. My first visit to the place was 1964 I was about 6 years old. The viewing public can get within a foot or two away from the display but large plexiglass panels prevent anyone from actually being able to touch anything. Someone mentioned odd scale vehicles we have done alot to remove those or putting some of them in an area where you can't really determine the scale because maybe trees would be around it to make them less obvious. Come on by and say hi. It's a wonder way to spend an afternoon.and it won't break the bank.
  21. We are looking for 1/25th scale. Please post a picture here. Let's see your project. Roadside America 109 Roadside Drive, Shartlesville, PA 19554 Phone: (610) 488-6241 Please put attention Brian Hilbert or Vince Putt on your package Also mark it Fragile UPS can be..... Well UPS
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