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  1. Hi I am looking for Lindberg's 1948 Lincoln front fenders, hopefully not glue together. That is the top of the fender is not glued to the bottom part yet. I have things to trade. Thanks' Tony
  2. Update We got a new date for NNL WEST, June 11th!
  3. Noel Sorry it took so long, I didn't find the hood. Let me if you still need the other parts. Tony
  4. Noel Let look in my part bins for a hood, I think i may have a green hood. Just gave me a couple of days to look for it. Tony
  5. Noel I have most of the parts you want, but need the hood for the resin Anglia pickup. My instructions shows part #73 is the chrome strips for the grill and part #74 is the hood. That why I thought you didn't need the hood, just the chrome strips for the grill. I am sorry for the confusion. Tony
  6. Noel I don't need the Chrome strips for the hood, my proof reading skills suck. Tony
  7. Noel I think i have what you need. I have a Skip Anglia street rod kit. I just need hood and frame to it, for the hood part is the chome strip going into the grill opening. You all said you need the suspension parts, I would do a trade for these parts. I have a resin Anglia pickup I what to build, but not as a drag racer. drag car. Tony
  8. Jim I started a 60 wagon like yours and I found that the parts from the AMT kit wiill work. But the windsheild is to narrow for the wagon. The chassic is also to short, this a wagon and may correct. I cut the hood out and found the underhood fenders are almost their but there is a gap that need to filled. The grill fits which is surprising and I think the custom grills from the AMT 53 Ford pickup will also fit. Tony
  9. I am building a 61 Olds wagon for the NNL, hopefully I will get done. I started with a Joh-Han kit I've had for years. The look I am going for is a old Surf wagon you could see in the 60s or 70s, you know a rusty cheap wagon or truck to get you down the beach and go surfing. But I shooting for today's Patina look with some upgrades with new wheels and maybe a bigger engine. I used the salt paint treatment and pick a two tone paint job. I don't think Olds had a two tone paint job that was stock. But I love the look and with chrome Pegasus low rider rims to fill the wheel wells out it has the old surfing feel. This is my first time using the salt paint treatment, so any suggestion to add to what I have done so far is fine. Tony
  10. Hey Does anyone know, if there are Finned Cal Custom valve covers for the small block Ford 289 or 302. I am hoping to build a Ford in a Ford with a some old school flair, all I can find is the Cobra ones. I have lots of 32 ford kits with a small block ford in them and I found that they fit well into the 61 Ranchero. They also look better then the big block chevy that came in the kit. Tony
  11. Darren The New Mexico state fair still has a model car display, Wow thats where I got the bug to building model cars when I was a kid in the 60's. There must have been over a hundred model cars there behind the glass neat. Tony
  12. It looks like the 60 Corvette from the animated movie Heavy Metal. When the corvette come in from outer space and lands with astronaut at the wheel.
  13. How about a dully, you could use the rear fenders from the 56 ford. Use the wheels and tires from the Monogram dully Truck. I never seen one built, you could be the first. But a nose in the air Gasser would really cool too. Tony
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