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  1. Tony N added a post in a topic Which one is better?   

       You should do a test spray with the clear on something you don't care about. The clear may make the sharpie ink run.
  2. Tony N added a post in a topic Anybody convert a Revell 67 Camaro to a Convertible?   

      The 69 Firebird hardtop comes with a convertible boot, This should fit a Camaro, they are basically the same car. I have one if you want it?
  3. Tony N added a post in a topic Ghostbusters Ecto-1 parts needed, revised   

    I havre the parts you want, if you still need them.
  4. Tony N added a post in a topic 32 Chevy Roadster   

    I miss the preview button , I have not post images for a while.
  5. Tony N added a topic in On The Workbench   

    32 Chevy Roadster
    I started an old MPC Chevy years ago with the goal of building a late 50s Hot Rod, but not a flathead Ford, just to be different.  I Z'd the kit frame and added a model A rear spring cradle to the rear and set up the front with a single leaf for a drop straight axles. I dropped it down to get a low mean look. 
    I chopped the top and raised the drive line tunnel.  I am going to use a Chevy stovebolt six with old speed parts from the 51 Chevy kit.
    http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae70/car-guy/32%20Cheys/e9fcc647-5096-463b-acc9-3292d617de44_zpsz8ycexov.jpg]Any suggestions are welcome.Tony  
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  6. Tony N added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick   

    A 55 nomad kit, maybe . What do you want for it?
  7. Tony N added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick   

    No problem Tom I would keep it too, had to ask. 
  8. Tony N added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick   

    O.K. Tom  do still own the Buick and want to trade, or are just showing off with cars from your stash ? 
  9. Tony N added a post in a topic Ford Falcon Sedan Delivey Update 10/02   

     Great start to a neat build, makes me want to build one also.
    if you do go small block Ford, the 302 in the Revell 32 kit fits very well uder the Falcon hood.
  10. Tony N added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick   

    Oh too bad they didn't, i am still looking for one. Looks like it will cost me more. 
    Thanks Steven for the info.  
  11. Tony N added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick
     I am looking for a 1/32 55 or 56 Buick, in the box or not, a built up is O.K.  I check eBay and they all seem to be going for collector prices.  I thought Revell  re-release them 10 years ago, so I thought that I would find one for less.
    I have stuff to trade, some older stuff too.
    Thanks Tony 
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  12. Tony N added a post in a topic Von Dutch Flying Eyeball   

    Slixx Decals have two on one sheet.
  13. Tony N added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    This my full scale 914 it's about three different colors , I may try to build a copy of it when the kit comes out. I will need lots of tape and skill to match the paint.
  14. Tony N added a post in a topic Resto-Mods & Modern Hot Rods   

    Wow have we all forgotten Stop Light racing ! That;s why cars were modified! I own a 04 WRX Wagon and it can smoke almost every 50's 60's and 70's Muscle car made, just look at the quarter mile time's.
    When you pull up to a light with a old muscle and some kid in a Evo or a new Mustang pulls up next to you, They will just laugh at you and blow your doors off . New cars are just faster and handle better now and the brakes are great.
    That why old guys with money, will bring an old car into the 21st century and don't forget pride in your old car. My brother has a 69 Z28 with factory rear disk brakes which make it 1 of 200. It just sits in his garage because it's to rare to drive. I don't see the fun in owning something you can't drive.
  15. Tony N added a post in a topic name that movie car   

    Aloha Bobby and Rose